Prophecies of the Child Vyacheslav about the White Tsar

I don’t want to “bump together” all the prophecies about the White Tsar, and put them on the same level, but it would be wrong to bypass the rather voluminous prophecies about the White Tsar (from whatever source they come from). Let’s introduce them slowly – and then we will think, analyze. In this article, I will not speak on my own, since I have nothing to add. Let me just say that while reading and rereading these and other words of the youth , I do not find any contradictions with other prophecies at our disposal about the White Tsar. Write to me if you find.

And given the fact that the little boy did not read our numerous articles at the Open Seminary and was not familiar (in the Soviet period, this is quite understandable) with those prophecies that we know today – and at the same time spoke in complete harmony with them, makes us to think about his words seriously. But, without further ado, let’s turn to the legacy left by this little Russian boy – let’s pass the word to his mother:

Young Vyacheslav about the coming king

Slavochka said that “the last Christians have hope, because by the will of God the last Ruler will appear in Russia.” Slava was a very intelligent, very sensitive boy, and I remember how affectionately and tenderly, in his clear childish voice, he told me about this last Ruler in Russia. Slavochka told me a lot about him. Now I already understand that in fact Slavochka told me about the last Orthodox Tsar, but then I did not understand this, and could not understand it. We then lived under socialism and the word “Tsar” I certainly would not have accepted. What kind of “Tsar” – when is socialism in the yard? And therefore, Slavochka did not call him the word “Tsar” – he said: “By the will of God, the last Ruler will appear in Russia.”

Slavochka said that “he will be seen on television, and on television he will tell the people the whole truth about what has been done to Russia at all times.” Slava said that “this Ruler will be the one and only person who will tell the people the whole truth about what has been done to Russia throughout its history and especially the last centuries.” This truth will surprise people so much that – according to Slavochka – “all the people will wake up, they will really rise from this.” When we hear the truth, our people will wake up. The truth about what was done to Russia during the times of Gorbachev and Yeltsin will especially surprise and anger the people, and the people, according to the youth, “will be ready to tear these two rulers to pieces.”

Prophecies of the Child Vyacheslav about the White Tsar

Slavochka said that the last Ruler would be endowed by God with such gifts that it would be impossible to deceive him. Slava said that “he will be 100 percent controlled by God in state affairs, and it will be impossible to deceive and outwit him.” He will know everyone and everything. Those Christians who did not betray God – he will gather to himself. I did not ask Slavochka about how he would gather all Christians to himself, but Slavochka said: “He will gather all Christians who have not betrayed God. This will be the Ruler for these people. He will gather everyone from all over Russia, from everywhere!”

Slava said that “when this Ruler assumes power, the first thing he will do is purge the government, and along with this, he will purge the Church from those people who betrayed God.” There will be a big purge. Slavochka said that this Ruler would have such willpower that in some cases, when he needed to do this, he would even show extreme severity. It’s just that the situation will develop in such a way that he will have no choice. Therefore, he will be a very determined and stern King. It will be very difficult for him as a person, and he will be very worried. But he will be forced to take harsh measures because he must do the will of God. Slavochka said that “God will guide him in everything, and he will unmistakably fulfill all the commands of God.” And therefore, – the lad said – he will put things in order.

Prophecies of the Child Vyacheslav about the White Tsar

The reign of this last Ruler in Russia, according to Slavochka, will coincide with the time of the worldwide reign of the Antichrist, i.e. – The last Orthodox Tsar will be given to Russia as if in opposition to the Antichrist. Another youth said that the World Ruler would suddenly come to power, and the last Orthodox Ruler in Russia would also come suddenly. So – according to the lad – they will rule almost at the same time. And a very difficult time will come – all sorts of signs will begin in the sky, and UFOs will land all over the Earth, in which demons, under the guise of “aliens”, will massively zombify people. And people will voluntarily go to them. Slava said: “Mommy, they will go mainly for “healing”.

The demons will set up for them, as it were, such booths, and people will go into these booths for health, and there will already be “zombies” coming out of there. Then these words surprised me so much and I asked: “Slavochka, how is it? Even when there will be a Ruler who will tell the people the whole truth, will people still go somewhere else? Will they listen to some other “aliens”?! And this is after they have been told the whole truth with such grief and suffering! And after this grief and horror, will they go to listen to someone else?!” I think – wow! It struck me as a person. How crazy can people go? Very many, it turns out, are waiting – they will not wait for these UFOs. And they will run there for “healing” and even line up for them. Slavochka said that demonic tricks in the sky and UFOs that landed will captivate people so much that many people will forget about everything: “about Gorbachev, and about Yeltsin, and about everything that the Orthodox Ruler told them about. They won’t care about the truth anymore. This is where the madness starts.

Prophecies of the Child Vyacheslav about the White Tsar

Slavochka said that the last Ruler in Russia would take power at a very difficult time. The country will be practically destroyed and he will get complete devastation. Slavochka was very worried about this Ruler, who would get it all. Strong earthquakes will occur all over the world, and in Russia, and due to the collapse of the ground, trains will not run everywhere. It will be very difficult to travel in the Urals, where, according to the youth, only small fragments of the surviving railway will remain. Then the trains would stop running altogether. Slavochka said that trains would be the last to be canceled. There will be no kerosene in the country and therefore, aircraft and all equipment will stand. Starting from the Far East, a gradual power outage will begin and Moscow will be the last to be turned off. The connection will be broken, the electronics will not work,

Prophecies of the Child Vyacheslav about the White Tsar

Therefore, Slavochka was very worried about this last Ruler, who would get a ruined country, in which there would be practically nothing. And in such a difficult time, the remnants of those people who did not accept the seal of the Antichrist and did not betray God will somehow gather around this Ruler – they, according to Slavochka, will be the first in the New Age, with the Tsar-Father. That is, as I understand Slavochka, this will be a holy Ruler for the last Christians. “After him,” Slavochka said, “the Lord will come.” And as soon as the Lord sets foot on Red Square – according to the boy – the top of the Kremlin with a star will finally fail. And the last Ruler with the remnant of believers will meet the Lord and – as I understood the lad – will move with them into the New Age. And therefore, Slavochka said, the last Christians have hope!”


In my opinion, everything said here is consistent with the main “corpus” of prophecies about the White Tsar. Maybe something was added by Slavik’s mamla – I don’t know. But one thing is certain: the last Christians have hope!

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