Signs of the End of the World – revelations of the Prophet Muhammad

Mankind has always thought about the essence of the universe, believing that the universe is eternal and has no end. Such an understanding formed the basis of materialistic philosophy. However, today science has undeniably proven that life on earth had an exact moment of beginning and our Universe is finite, as well as all people and living beings are mortal. Sooner or later the End of the World will come and there is no doubt about the truth of this command sent down by Allah Almighty in Quran 1400 years ago.

People have always been worried about the question of when the inevitable end will come, but only Allah knows the time of the Hour of Judgment, knowledge about the moment of its beginning is hidden from people.

The Prophet Muhammad (S) gave us the secret knowledge about the signs of the approach of the Day of Judgment, as well as descriptions of the period preceding it. The time when the signs of the day of the End of the World will come true and become visible is called the “Last Time” in Islamic sources. After the Prophet Muhammad, a number of great theologians of Islam also deeply studied this problem and gave their comments, and they all indicate that the approach of the End Times will be marked by a series of events that will happen one after another in the predicted sequence.

“The signs of the End of the World will come one after another, like beads falling from a necklace.”

The first period of the End Time will become an arena for the militant domination of godless ideologies and philosophical teachings, humanity will be on the verge of moral degradation. People will forget about the purpose of their creation, their souls will be enveloped by a great spiritual emptiness and moral decline. Mankind, going through a series of great, most difficult cataclysms, wars and upheavals, will seek an answer to the only question: “Where is salvation?”

It is during this period of complete hopelessness and despair in the souls of people that the Almighty Lord will assign the mission of calling people to the true path on His chosen blessed personality: “Mahdi” will appear.

“The End of the World will approach when high-rise buildings will be built…”

“The hour will not come until these hadeeth come true… People will compete with each other in the construction of high-rise buildings.”

The End of the World will not come until these events happen… Time will be reduced and space will be reduced.

“The Prophet Muhammad, sas, said: “The End of the World will not come until time accelerates. It will accelerate so that the year will become as fast as a month, a month like a week, a week like a day, and a day like one hour, while an hour will pass as quickly as a flash of a torch.

The message in the final part of the above hadith is clear. It is reported that in the End Time long distances will be shortened by new means of communication and transport. Nowadays, thanks to supersonic aircraft, trains and other advanced vehicles, journeys that in the past could take months are now completed in a few hours and, moreover, in an incomparably safer, cozy and comfortable environment. Thus, the sign, reported to us in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (S), was fulfilled.

For example, if many centuries ago, communication and communication between the continents took weeks, or even months, now it is possible to contact another continent via the Internet and means of communication in just a few seconds. Goods that in the past could only be obtained after months of waiting for the caravan to return can now be delivered instantly. Not so long ago, just a few centuries ago, writing one book took a period of time, during which millions of books can be printed today. Daily chores such as cleaning, cooking, childcare almost do not take time thanks to the devices of the “miracle of technology”.

Many more such examples could be cited. But the main thing that should be paid special attention here is the exact implementation in our days of the signs of the Day of Judgment, reported by the Prophet back in the 7th century.

The Hour will not come until the end of the kamcha (whip) speaks to a person.

If you carefully study this hadith, the truth hidden in it becomes clear. As you know, kamcha (lash) is a tool widely used in ancient times, mainly for driving riding animals, horses, camels, but let’s ask our contemporaries the following question: What of our everyday life can be likened to kamcha and what is this talking object?

Telephones, wireless mobile phones and similar means of communication are the most logical answer to this question.

Considering that wireless means of communication, such as a mobile or satellite phone, appeared quite recently, it becomes clear how significant was the description of the Prophet Muhammad (S), made by him 1400 years ago

The End of the World will not come until (his) own voice speaks to a person.

The message in the hadith is quite obvious: it is noted that if a person hears his own voice, this is one of the signs of the End Times. Undoubtedly, in order for a person to hear his voice, it is necessary to first record the voice and then hear it. Sound recording and sound reproducing technologies are the invention of the 20th century; this event was a turning point in science, served as the birth of the information and mass media sector. Sound recording has reached perfection with the latest improvements in computer and laser technology.

Thus, the electronic devices of our day, microphones and loudspeakers, allow us to record and listen to the sound of any voice and prove to us the evidence of the message given in the hadith.

Sign of that Day: A hand will be stretched out from heaven, and people will look at it and see.

The sign of that Day is a hand stretched out in the sky and people looking at it.

Obviously, the word “hand” in the hadeeth has a figurative meaning. The word “hand” (ar. “yed”), used in the hadith, in Arabic has another meaning – “power, strength, energy, means.”

the object that people are looking at did not have any semantic meaning for past times. However, devices such as TV, camera and computer, which are an integral part of the modern world, fully reveal the event described in the hadith. The word “hand” in the hadith is given in the meaning of “power, strength.” It becomes obvious that the image sent down from heaven in the form of ethereal waves points to television.

“When people sow one measure of wheat, and receive a harvest of 700 measures of grain… A person will throw several handfuls of grain into the ground, and receive 700 handfuls of harvest… There will be a lot of rain, but not a single drop of rain will be wasted.”

The Prophet Muhammad (S) reported in many hadiths about the technological advances that will be celebrated in the End Times. The hadiths point to the development of farming technologies, new land cultivation techniques, dams and land irrigation systems, genetic engineering and the improvement of grain quality, and other achievements of agriculture. Today, technologies are developing extremely rapidly, we can observe a colossal quantitative and qualitative growth in the yield. Great progress has been made in the field of genetics, which has revolutionized the technology of farming and agriculture.

Life will be lengthened during his period.

Fourteen centuries have passed since this message of our Prophet Muhammad (S). Historical chronicles and documents show that in our time, life expectancy is much longer compared to all other periods of history. There is a big difference in life expectancy even between the beginning and the end of the 20th century. For example, a child born in 1995 is expected to live an average of 35 years longer than someone born in 1900. Another clear example confirming this verse is that if in the past it was quite rare to meet people who lived more than 100 years, then today their number has increased significantly.

If the signs that we have spoken about were performed separately and at different periods of time, then perhaps they would seem to be ordinary phenomena that do not have any continuation. However, the events described many centuries ago happened exactly and in the same sequence as they were described by the Prophet Muhammad (S), which strengthens us in faith in the imminent coming of the Mahdi, reports

Allah hid the exact time of the end of the world. People who predict it for a certain date are simply lying. The wisdom of hiding this time by the Almighty lies in the constant readiness of people for it. Many nations have asked their prophets about the coming of this Day. The Qur’an says this about it: “They ask you, but only I know the true time, and you must constantly remind people of this.”

Small signs

Small signs come up all the time, but people don’t pay attention to them. They happen over a certain period of time, while the big ones appear overnight and entail significant events. Minor features include:

THE FIRST SIGN is the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (S). Each of the previous prophets claimed that the End of the World would not come until the last Prophet (S) appeared.

The Prophet Muhammad (S) himself said that “between him and the End of the World is a distance similar to the difference in the length of the index and middle fingers.” This means that after him there will be no other prophets.

The SECOND SIGN is a war (clash) between two great Islamic powers.

THE THIRD SIGN – “A slave will give birth to a mistress.” Muslim scholars interpreted this as if the master marries a slave. But perhaps there is a different meaning here: children, as is happening now, will not obey their parents, but will command them. There is also such an interpretation: the former poor man, who could not buy shoes for himself, will build tall houses, i.e. the poor get rich quick.

FOURTH SIGN — people will begin to commit great sins: adultery, drinking alcohol en masse, etc., which will cause the wrath of the Almighty. When Umm Salama asked the Prophet (S): “Will the wrath of Allah overtake everyone if there are good people among them?” “Yes,” he replied.

THE FIFTH SIGN is the disappearance of knowledge and scientists, the spread of ignorance. Society will be led by uneducated people. Many will begin to consider themselves scientists and give advice to others, personally make Sharia decisions. People will generally follow these pseudo-scientists, reliability and devotion will disappear in the society. When one person asked the Prophet (S): “When will the End of the World come?”, he replied: “When hope and faith in people disappear.” – “When it will be?” “When ignorant people lead, and betrayal and meanness reign in society.”

THE SIXTH SIGN is an increase in the number of women in relation to men. In some countries, this ratio will be 7 to 3, 7 to 1 and even 50 to 1.

THE SEVENTH SIGN is the appearance of false prophets, who, according to the hadith, will be about 30.

EIGHTH SIGN – The number of earthquakes and natural disasters will increase.

NINTH SIGN – time will accelerate. This will happen because the goodness of time will disappear. Then people will be surprised how it is possible to do something in one day or comprehend science in a year. Another interpretation: with the advent of high-speed modes of transport, people will move quickly in space.

SIGN 10 – The number of murders will increase.

THE ELEVENTH SIGN – There will be many rich people, so that if you wish, there will be no one to give zakat to. People, especially believers, will lose their desire to live because there will be a lot of sin around. Even one bow to God for them will be more important than all wealth, because everything will be in abundance, all problems will be solved, and people will want to get closer to Allah.

TWELVETH SIGN – The prophecy will end. First there will be a caliphate, then a kingdom, and then an empire. Various ideologists will appear, as if they will stand at the gates of Hell and invite them into it. There will also be righteous people who will call people to the path of Islam.

The appearance of such people is divided into periods:

  • The first period is the life of the Prophet (S).
  • The second period is the Arab caliphate: Abu Bakr, Umar, Ali, Usman, Hasan, Hussein, Muawiyah.
  • The third period – power in the states will be inherited.
  • Fourth period – leaders will confer with their parliaments.
  • The fifth period is dictatorship, i.e. rulers will decide everything individually. People will appear – ideologists, leading people with their calls to Hell (Marx, Engels, Lenin).

Then the caliphate will be revived and the flourishing of Islam will begin.

All these are small signs. They can appear either simultaneously or sequentially.

big signs

Large signs can appear along with small ones. This can happen suddenly and be accompanied by cataclysms. These include:

THE FIRST SIGN is the appearance of the Mahdi, the just leader of the Muslims.

THE SECOND SIGN is the sunrise and sunset in the West in the afternoon. After this sign, Allah will not accept the repentance of either disbelievers or apostate Muslims. On this day, many will want to convert to Islam, many will deny this sign, explaining it as a physical phenomenon. But in history this day will become significant and will be celebrated. By this sign Allah shows His omnipotence. Everyone from young to old knows about the sunrise and sunset, therefore, Allah chose this to assert His omnipotence.

THE THIRD SIGN is the appearance of a talking animal that will address people, dividing them: you are a Muslim, you are an unbeliever. It will appear on the same day that the sign with the sun occurs, and will also appear in the west.

THE FOURTH SIGN is a great smoke that will cover all the people of the earth. He will contribute to their torment. The Great Allah says in the Quran that all people will turn to Him with a request to release them from this torment, to which He will answer: “I will free you, but even greater torment awaits you.”

FIFTH SIGN– the appearance of ad-Dajjal, who will declare that he is God. But this is a liar. All the prophets mentioned it. The Prophet Muhammad (S), in addition, described him in detail: “He will look with one eye, while the other will be covered with two eyelids and see badly. He will say: “I am God.” But God cannot be half-sighted. His hair will be coarse, twisted and tangled. Between the eyes will be written “kafir”. Every Muslim will be able to read this and determine that before him is an unbeliever. He will come to people and call them to believe in him, promising a rich harvest, etc. His promises will come true, and some will follow him. Others will not follow, however, their cattle, which he commands, will follow him. By his order, gold and jewels will come out of the earth. He will cut a person into two parts so that there will be a distance between the halves of his body.

d-Dajjal will have two rivers. One is fiery and the other is white. You go to that river where the fire is, and, closing your eyes, drink water from it, it will be cold. And in the white river, on the contrary, there is fire. It `s Magic”. The Companions asked the Prophet (S): “How will he move?” “Like the wind. And people will not be able to understand who he is. It will appear between Sham (Syria) and Iraq. Having gathered an army, he will go to Mecca and Medina. At his approach, the earth will tremble. A believer from Medina will come to him and say: “You are ad-Dajjal, about whom the Prophet (S) spoke.” Ad-Dajjal will cut him in half and then revive him. The revived one will again say that ad-Dajjal is in front of him. The second time, ad-Dajjal will not be able to kill him, since all his strength will dry up. After that, he will rush towards Jerusalem, where he will be killed by the prophet Isa (peace be upon him).

This hadeeth is considered more than authentic. Every Muslim is obliged to know the qualities of al-Dajjal and everything connected with him.

The Prophet (S) said that ad-Dajjal will be on earth for 40 days, when the 1st day will be equal to a year, the 2nd to a month, the 3rd to a week, the rest are like ordinary days. The Companions asked the Prophet (S): “How to pray on such days?” “Divide this day into regular days and pray at regular intervals.”

The evil of ad-Dajjal is so great that our Prophet (S) asked Allah to have mercy on this day.

THE SIXTH SIGN is the resurrection of Isa (peace be upon him). The Prophet Muhammad (S) said that he would descend from heaven to Damascus, resting on the wings of an angel. He will appear in Arabic clothes. First he will defeat ad-Dajjal, then he will break the cross and kill the pig. Prophet Isa (peace be upon him) will spread Islam and live on earth for 40 years. After his death, he will be buried as a Muslim.

This will be the golden age of Islam, and there will not be a single non-believer left. All people under Isa (peace be upon him) will accept the Muslim religion.

THE SEVENTH SIGN is the appearance of the people of Yajuj and Majuj. These will be people who are strong in physique, sowing debauchery and all that is bad. Between Syria and Palestine there is a lake, passing by which this people will drink all the water from it. And when the last one passes, he will say that there was once a lake here. This testifies to their power and strength.

Their whereabouts are not reported anywhere. Some Muslim scholars believe that they are near the Derbent wall, others are near the Chinese wall, but the truth is known only to Allah.

Great Allah will destroy this mighty people with an insignificant thing. He will create such worms that, having penetrated into their body, will kill them.

EIGHTH SIGN – three major earthquakes: 1st – in the West, 2nd – in the East, 3rd – in the Arabian Peninsula.

THE NINTH SIGN is the raising of the Qur’an, i.e. Allah will take away all the Holy Scriptures when there is not a single believer left on earth.

THE TENTH SIGN – there will be no believing people.

THE ELEVENTH SIGN – A light, pleasant breeze will blow, through which Allah will kill all the believers. The Kaaba will disappear. Islamic scholars say that people from Ethiopia will break into Mecca and desecrate the Kaaba. Allah will take it away the moment the Ethiopians start destroying it.

SIGN TWELVE – the emergence of a large fire in Yemen near the city of Aden. All the people of the earth will run away from him and eventually gather in one place, and the fire will spread everywhere and surround people.

Description of the end of the world

The onset of the End of the World will be as unexpected as the manifestation of its signs. The Prophet (S) said: “Its attack will be so sudden that you will not have time to eat a piece of bread, make a bargain, deal or drink milked camel milk.”

The end of the world is so terrible that by that time Allah will take all the believers to Himself, and they will not see it.

Much is said about the End of the World in the surahs of the Koran and in the hadiths of the Prophet (S). For example, the Prophet (S) said: “Great Allah will destroy the Universe on the Day of Judgment, just as a minaret is destroyed …”, “The earth will begin to shake with everything on it”, “There will be such a high temperature, and everything, even water, will burn, the Sun will approach the Earth”, “Everything in the Universe will be mixed up, including the planets”, “At the command of Allah, Israfil will start blowing the horn, and all living things will die, except for the One God.”

How much time will pass after that, only Allah knows. Then, at His command, the revived angel Israfil will blow the horn a second time, and each body will find its soul. By the command of Allah, the earth will uproot everything that is buried in it. First of all, unbelievers, who, being naked, will start crying and shouting: “Who woke us up, who revived us?” The believers will answer: “Allah.” Our Prophet (S) will also be the first to come to life. He told Aisha about it. She asked him, “Are people going to be naked?” – “Yes, only no one will care about this and no one will notice this from great grief.” Many philosophers ask: “How will the souls find the exact bodies in which they were, because these bodies have already lost their appearance?” Allah answers in the Qur’an: “Allah knows best what is in the earth, and it is all written down.” Each body will find its own, even if during life it was deprived of any organ.

On the Day of Judgment, the angels will gather everyone in the Al-Mahshar Valley, this will be the gathering place for all people. This is stated in the Koran. Then the angels will give the believers clothes. Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) will be the first to receive it. Whoever helped the needy with clothes during his lifetime, Allah will give clothes to him on this Day. Sweat will pour from the people so that some sinners will drown in it. People will be in such torment that they will wish for death, cry, scream, run away, etc. But at the same time there will be people who will be under the shadow of the Heavenly Throne. The Prophet (S) divided them into 7 categories: a just leader; imam, a believer from childhood to death; a person who constantly worships in a mosque; two people loving each other for the sake of Allah; a man who gives alms in such a way that the left hand does not know what the right gives; a man who is seduced by a beautiful woman, but he refuses it for the sake of Allah; a person who is in solitude and sheds tears in fear of Allah. There is a hadith: “The people who protected Muslims from enemies will not see the fire of Hell.”

People who are in torment will pray to Allah to free them from them, but Allah does not heed them. Then they will turn to the prophets, but they will refer them to one another. Then they will turn to their parents, relatives, etc. As a result, they will turn to our Prophet (S) and he will say: “I will help.” Having fallen on his face, he will turn to Allah, and He, having accepted his request, will give instructions to start the Judgment. And the Great Interrogation begins. The help of our Prophet (S) is nothing but intercession for all.

Then the angels will come with scrolls, in which all our deeds are taken into account. The faithful will take them with their right hand, and the hypocrites and unbelievers from behind with their left. Then, by the command of Allah, everyone will read their notes. The Qur’an says: “Read your book and you will know where you will go.” There will not be a single slave with whom Allah does not speak. Among the believers there will be people who read only good things in their scrolls. Allah will rejoice at them and say: “You hid your bad deeds, asked for forgiveness, and I hid your sins in this world.” This conversation will only take place between them. From among the believers there will be 70 thousand people who will go to Paradise without interrogation, the Prophet (S) said so.

Believers who have more bad deeds will be interrogated by Allah harshly, and they will be punished.

On this Day, believers who have suffered in this world (if they were robbed, humiliated, etc.) will receive good things from offenders, thieves, murderers, etc. for their grievances. This will be a tough interrogation, therefore, the Prophet (S) said: “In this world, it is necessary to resolve your mutual grievances and ask for forgiveness from each other.”

Some of the sinners will deny their bad deeds, but the angels, the earth, the believers, and even their own organs will testify against them. A person will ask his organs: “Why are you testifying against me, because I want to save you from torment?” But they will answer that Allah forced them. Every place where we have prayed will testify in our favor.

After the interrogation is completed, Allah will command that all our good and bad deeds be weighed, and each of them will gain weight. This is stated in the Qur’an: “The scales on this Day are true, and the deeds of the prophets, angels and the faithful will not be weighed.”

For example, martyrs, everything else is forgiven, except for debts to other people.

Allah will ask a scholar how he used his knowledge, and he will answer: “I taught others.” “No,” Allah will say, “you taught only in order to become famous.” Therefore, on the Day of Judgment, everyone will seek their good deeds. “They will all run away from each other,” says the Koran, “to solve their problems.”

The Hadith of the Prophet (S) says: “And on the Day of Judgment you will see all your good deeds, on the left – all your bad deeds, and in front – the fire of Hell.”

On the Day of Judgment, even the smallest deed can be huge. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity provided by the Almighty in this world.

When our deeds are weighed on the scales and Allah asks about sins, the believers will be ashamed of this. For example, Allah will ask: “Why didn’t you repay the debt?” The slave will begin to explain that he did not have time, died, etc. Then Allah will say that He is the best repayer, and that He will repay his debt. Then Allah will ask: “Why did you not visit Me when I was sick, when I was hungry?” He will answer: “You are the Lord of all the worlds, all good things come from You.” “When someone was sick or hungry or in need of something, you would have found Me, My grace, My reward in his place,” Allah will say. And the person will regret the missed opportunities.

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