Modern confirmation of the prophecies of Vanga, Edgar Cayce, Paisius Svyatogorets about the special role of Russia in the 21st century (4 photos)

For many Russians, the prophecies of the Bulgarian Vanga, the American Edgar Cayce and the Reverend Paisius Svyatogorets became known in the 90s of the last century, when Russia lay in economic and social ruins.

All three visionaries predicted that Russia would play a huge role in world history in the 21st century. It was hard to believe in this, because in the 90s devastation reigned in the country and Russia itself was hanging by a thread from death. But the country did not perish, and in this one can see the providence of God, it is not for nothing that we call our country God-saved.

What has changed in a quarter of a century?

Let us turn to “Christian” geography. Historically, the Russian Empire had the following borders:

  • in the west it bordered on Christian countries, Europe;
  • in the south – with Muslim countries, the Ottoman Empire, Persia, Afghanistan;
  • in the southeast – with the pagans, China, Mongolia, Japan.

The depth of the territories of Christian states stretched from the Atlantic to the western borders of the empire, and it could never have occurred to anyone that in the 21st century this territory would greatly decrease due to the rapid growth of the Territories of the Rejection of Christian Morality ( TOCHRIM ) .

In many European countries, since the 21st century, legal norms have been adopted regarding the family and marriage, which are in irreconcilable contradictions with traditional Christian morality and moral standards.

The process began with a small but proud country, Holland (Netherlands), where in 2001 same-sex marriage was legalized for the first time in the world and Europe. (Map #1)

In 2005, the once unshakable stronghold of Catholicism, the Kingdom of Spain, fell.

In 2017, democratic Germany and Finland fell into the clutches of tolerance and a correct gender policy.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the TOHRIM area in Europe has been continuously expanding due to states that allowed same-sex unions and partnerships. (Map #2, center)

Modern confirmation of the prophecies of Vanga, Edgar Cayce, Paisius Svyatogorets about the special role of Russia in the 21st century (4 photos)
Map number 2. The spread of TOKHRIM across Europe at the expense of same-sex unions and partnerships.

To a great surprise, Orthodox Greece, where the church is not separated from the state, also fell into the number of these states.

As a result, by the middle of 2019, only a few states separate Russia from TOKHRIM (Map No. 2, right side), among which there are several countries that already raise doubts about their Christian stamina: these are Latvia and Lithuania (Estonia has already surrendered) and Ukraine, which ready to pay any price to wake up one fine morning in the European Union.

It is difficult to say how the rest of the countries that still reject the main achievement of the European civilization of the 21st century will behave, but following the course of common European values ​​steadily leads them to TOKHRIM . When this happens is a matter of time and the speed of the moral decay of the peoples inhabiting these countries.

What’s next?

Once upon a time, Russia was part of a pan-European civilization. Today we see that Russia, as it follows from the predictions of Vanga, Casey and Rev. Paisius, is moving towards a certain civilizational isolation, trying to maintain adherence to traditional human values ​​and fight off the ideals of modern times imposed on it, seeing in this its historical mission as the savior of the world, entrusted to her by the Lord.

Modern confirmation of the prophecies of Vanga, Edgar Cayce, Paisius Svyatogorets about the special role of Russia in the 21st century (4 photos)

The time is not far off when TOKHRIM will come into contact with the borders of Russia and it will become the only island of Christian civilization in the ocean of anti-Christian cultures and will inevitably take on several functions of universal significance:

  • the preservation of true uncorrupted Christianity;
  • preservation of the traditional form of the family, natural methods of childbearing and healthy upbringing of children;
  • will give refuge to Christians tired of the horrors of tolerance, gender politics, juvenile justice, the dominance of the ideology of LGBT communities, encouraged and imposed by state structures;
  • will repulse the attacks of demonic forces at all levels from the spiritual to the physical.

The invasion of TOKHRIM is a historical drama in which Russia, as usual, is assigned the role of the savior of civilization. But not all, as it was earlier in world history, but only that part of it that does not want to live according to satanic laws.

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