All predictions about meeting with aliens (3 photos)

There have been prophets for a long time. It was believed that they were ways to both predict the future, and communicate with spirits, and heal diseases. Many legends about the all-seeing have survived to this day, and such a seer Vanga generally lived not so long ago.

The first prophet to speak of aliens was Saint Albert (1200-1280)

This man wrote a book called “The Oracle”, in which he left all his predictions. One of them was the cosmic rule of a human and an extraterrestrial being.

Around the 2280s, they themselves will descend from heaven and make contact with us, as they did before on Earth.

Thanks to their help, humanity will learn how to create spaceships like theirs, travel the universe, explore completely new star systems.

There was also Vanga (1911-1996)

All predictions about meeting with aliens (3 photos)

She said it would take about two hundred years before making contact with them. And Hungary will play an important role in this. Someone will pick up the alien signal and send a reply. Then they will fly to us with friendly intentions.

Vanga says that these creatures will come from the third planet from Earth. It turns out that this is Saturn, but skeptics do not believe in this.

Well, you probably heard his last name – Michel Nostradamus (1503-1566)

All predictions about meeting with aliens (3 photos)

Many scientists and researchers consider his predictions to be very accurate. Nostradamus predicted contact with aliens in 2250.

Isn’t it strange? That all three predicted the approximate date of the meeting of people and UFOs.

Perhaps that will be the case? In any case, it will only benefit humanity.

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