What Vanga predicts about President Donald Trump

Everything was familiar, scheduled and predicted by Vanga about Donald Trump over the decades of these elections. Television debates, streamlined phrases of the politically correct lexicon, and so on and so forth. The online magazine has collected psychic predictions about the new 45th US President.

Vanga’s Prediction about Obama

Vanga in 1978, being in a trance, said: “When the black man wins, America will freeze and fall into the abyss of the biggest crisis. It may even break up into northern and southern states.

Well, who in those distant eighties could seriously believe some kind of blind granny in the USA, by the way, where the Ku Klus Klan still exists, – He will win the elections and become PRESIDENT – a Negro …

Federico Martelli’s prediction of Bologna about the last 44 president

Federico Martelli, a monk-astrologer from Bologna, lived in the 15th century, nicknamed “Ragno Nero”, translated as “Black Spider”.

He wrote down his prophecies in the Eternal Book. 

His prophecy goes like this: 

“A state on the shores of two oceans will be the strongest on earth. It will be ruled by rulers for four years, the 44th of which will be the last.

Wang about the last US President – Obama

So, again, like Vanga: “The 44th of them will be the LAST.” 

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