Prophecies of Mitar Tarabicha (6 photos)

Who is Mitar Tarabich? It was just a poor peasant from Serbia who had the gift of divination. He was not a famous person or a politician. Moreover, he was illiterate: he could neither read nor write. In order for his predictions to be preserved for the people, he told the clergyman about his forebodings, who entered everything into a book. This book was kept at the priest’s house, although once it almost burned down in a fire. After the death of Zakharich, the book was inherited by his great-grandson.

Prophecies of Mitar Tarabicha (6 photos)
Left Mitar Tarabich

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Fulfilled predictions of Tarabich:

In 1903, Mitar predicted that the king and queen would be killed, and Serbia, along with other Christian states, would start a war with the Turks. In this war, Mitar predicted the return of Kosovo to Serbia. That is exactly what happened. Shortly after the assassination of the royal family, in 1912, during the Balkan War, Serbia retook Kosovo and expanded its possessions.

After the Balkan War, Mitar prophesied an even more terrible battle. He compared the blood shed during the next war to a mighty river washing away everything in its path. Mitar predicted that the spirit of the Serbian army would fall in that war and she would be ready to surrender. But at the last moment, a man on a white horse will come, who will help his people and not let them fall.

His words began to come true in 1914, when Austria-Hungary attacked Serbia. The enemy army was many times larger than the Serbian one and a lot of blood was shed in that war. General Alexander Misic, who turned out to be the same man on a white horse, was still able to raise the spirit of the army and expel the Austro-Hungarians from the possessions of his country.

Prophecies of Mitar Tarabicha (6 photos)
Mitar Tarabich

But the trials for the Serbian people did not end there either. Tarabich predicted a terrible war with a huge strong army, during which Serbia would be defeated. He also talked about the hard times that would come after that battle, about hunger and disease, which would last for three years.

In 1916, Serbia was indeed attacked by German troops. And in fact, terrible times have come for the Serbs. There was a famine and in those days many people died.

Prophecies of Mitar Tarabicha (6 photos)
Mitar Tarabich and his predictions

Tarabich also predicted the Second World War. He said that Russia was drawn into this war not of its own free will, but in order to fight back. In power in Russia, Tarabich saw a “red tsar”.

In 1941, the USSR was attacked by German troops, and the leader was in power at that time. party of Joseph Stalin.

The seer also spoke about the end of World War II. He predicted that the Russian country would unite with other states and they would defeat the enemy army and liberate the captured peoples.

Prophecies of Mitar Tarabicha (6 photos)
A simple monument on the grave of Tarabich

After the war, Mitar predicted peace in all states and the formation of a common court of all peoples, which would prevent wars between countries. As you know, in 1945 the United Nations or the United Nations was established.

But not only war was predicted by the great clairvoyant. He also talked about progress, about human inventions. The soothsayer told the priest that people would build a picture box that would show everything that was going on in the world. About the extraction of “black gold” (oil), which will soon end, and about the fact that humanity will bring irreparable harm to the planet because of its greed and stupidity. In the end, people will regret what they have done, but it will be too late.

Prophecies of Mitar Tarabicha (6 photos)
Prophecies of Mitar Tarabich

Tarabić’s most dire predictions literally refer to the Third World War. He said that the land would be devastated and a terrible famine would come, from which a huge number of people would die. He said that there is a lot of food in the villages, but it will be poisoned. Anyone who tries it will immediately die. It will be easier to fight on the water and on the ground than in the sky. There will be a new weapon created by scientists, which will not kill people and animals, but will put them to sleep.

And only one country will remain to live peacefully and in harmony. Not a single bomb will explode over her sky. According to the description of this country, the size of Europe and surrounded by seas, the interpreters concluded that this is Australia.

To be saved, according to the prediction of the prophet, it will be possible only in the mountains with three crosses.

Prophecies of Mitar Tarabicha (6 photos)
Prophecies of Mitar Tarabich

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