Predictions about Vladimir Putin for 2019

The presidential elections in the Russian Federation were held, and it finally became clear that within six years Russia would be in the hands of Vladimir Putin. Interest in the personality of the president has grown greatly, because of his closeness, many rumors have accumulated about his personal and public life. There is an assumption that the president has a certain, unique role on the world stage. Predictions about Putin for 2019, when he leaves, the opinion about his end, and about who will be the next president of Russia – that’s the topic of our article. In it we will give the prophecies of some astrologers and psychics + the opinion of politicians and experts on this issue.

When Putin leaves, who is the next president of Russia: predictions for 2019 from Vanga, psychics, sorcerers, and astrologers.

Not only in Russia, but also in other countries, people always try to find something interesting about their leader. In search of an answer to such a critical question for the future of the country, any sources are suitable, even if they contradict each other. Everyone is haunted by a number of questions: when will he die, when will he leave, who will he appoint as successor, who will be after Vladimir Putin.

Predictions of magicians, astrologers, psychics

A number of well-known astrologers have undertaken to predict the fate of Putin and everything connected with it. This list contains the most interesting prophecies and assumptions in this regard.

Vanga: his glory will thunder!

The predictions of the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga about Putin were recorded from the words of the writer Valentin Sidorov and date back to 1973. Her prophecies, as always, are very vague, and there are no specific dates that could be drawn to 2019-2024. But here’s what stands out:

  • Putin’s mission is to unite all Slavic peoples to confront a common enemy;
  • One of the main factors of unification will be Christianity;
  • It is believed that it was about him that it was said: “His glory will thunder even when the rest melts like ice”
  • During his reign, the country will have to make many sacrifices (it is not clear what kind of human, material or territorial ones).
  • At the decisive moment of confrontation, Russia will not only survive, but also become a world leader.

Interestingly, around the same time, Vangelia predicted the collapse of the USSR and called it the starting point of the new time. It is believed that she loved Russia very much, and dreamed of a better fate for this wonderful country.

Pavel Globa: “Great Potter” will come to power

An astrologer who built a forecast based on the prediction of Vasily Nemchin. In his opinion, in a few years a new person will come to the post of head of the Russian state, who will be called the “Great Potter”. He will be strong, smart, will have certain knowledge in esotericism, will be extremely wise and interesting. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • It is he who will be able to renew the state and strengthen Russian positions within the world arena;
  • When he comes to power, his age will reach 55 years, while he will be able to improve the situation in Russia by 2024;
  • There is an opinion that this person will replace Putin in his post;
  • Pavel Globa warned Putin that his reign could be ended prematurely due to a possible illness;
  • Until a new president appears, there will be a struggle for this post in Russia.

By the way, the astrologer has already prophesied the death of the president in 2016, but this prophecy did not come true. By the way, Nemchin’s prophecies cause serious mistrust among knowledgeable people, because no one except Paul has seen these manuscripts.

Vlad Ross: his time will end only in 2024

An astrologer who predicts not the best time in the life of the President of Russia. He considers the main confirmation of his forecast to be a strong solar eclipse, which took place precisely at the beginning of the reign of the President of Russia.

  • According to Vlad, Putin feels great and will work quite actively, and only at the end of the cycle will he move away from government affairs.
  • The duration of the cycle is 24 years, and judging by it, Putin’s time will end only in 2024. Therefore, everything will be fine in 2019.
  • There is also a prediction according to the Zoroastrian calendar, according to which the Camel now rules. The history of Russia says that it was during the years of the leadership of the Camel that coups took place with the subsequent change of the head of state. It was in such years that Lenin was killed, Stalin died, and cardinal changes took place under Gorbachev.

It should be noted that the astrologer published his forecast after the elections and warned the Russians, pointing out the likelihood of conflict situations in the Caucasus.

Mikhail Levin: the president will not give up power voluntarily

This astrologer believes that the stars unmistakably indicate that a change of power is expected in Russia in 2019-2020. Here are the key points of his prediction:

  • In his opinion, the person who will be the next president does not like to appear in the media.
  • The new head of the country will direct all his strength and financial component to the development of the country’s economy, democracy and the development of social projects, and the importance of law enforcement agencies will be significantly reduced.
  • The astrologer assumes that the current president will resist, not wanting to give up power voluntarily, so he will try to win over as many representatives of law enforcement agencies and political parties as possible to his side.
  • At the same time, there will be no obvious pressure on his part, Putin will simply try to undermine his confidence.

While preparations are underway for the struggle for power, Russia will become unstable, and the ordinary people will suffer the most, the standard of living will greatly decrease.

What will become of V.V. Putin in the new 2019? The opinion of psychics.

Maria Duval: a new young politician will become president in 2024

This is a French astrologer who prophesies the coming to power of a new politician in Russia. Here are some points of her prophecy:

  • In her opinion, this politician will be an active, young man who specializes in economics and finance.
  • He will suddenly appear in the public eye in 2019 and will move quickly in the field of politics.
  • In addition, Maria Duval predicts a disease for the President of Russia at the end of his term of office.

When Putin weakens and falls from power, which Duval believes will happen before 2024, this young politician will naturally and without any difficulties take the presidency.

Fatima Khadueva: all the troubles of Russia due to the Assassination of Nicholas II

This is a strong seer who participated in one of the seasons in the “Battle of Psychics”. In her opinion, prosperity will come to Russia, but only when someone else finally takes Putin’s place. Here are the key theses of her theory:

  • At the moment, all the suffering of the Russian state is associated with the assassination of Nicholas II.
  • This is what caused crises, wars and revolutions.
  • Three presidents were to be punished for long-standing events – Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin.

Since Putin will return to the presidency after Medvedev, the time for redemption has not yet come. However, after the sins are washed away, Putin will leave his post, and a new personality will come in his place, a wonderful time of prosperity will come, which will be called the “golden period of Russia.”

Alexander Alexandrov: Putin will leave in 2024

Esotericist and numerologist, author of the famous book “Magic of Numbers”. Alexandrov studies numbers very deeply, and in his conclusions he completely relies on his calculations.

  • Paying special attention to President V. Putin, he took into account all the important dates of his life;
  • After all the calculations, he determined that Putin would end up ruling the country in 2024;
  • But 2019, in his opinion, will not be marked by anything special.

However, Alexandrov did not give any comments or details about what reasons would force the president to leave his post ahead of schedule.

Sergey Loginov: serious changes are coming in 2019

An astrologer who, like many others, promises an imminent serious illness to the current president. Loginov believes that decisions made at the highest state level do not come from the president himself, but from people around him.

  • In 2019, major changes are coming that will drastically affect the state.
  • There will be a split in the ruling elite, and on each side there will be attempts to push their man to the position of the next leader of the country after Putin.
  • There will be conflicts in the Caucasus and in Tatarstan. And the regions of Moscow will want to separate from it and become autonomous.
  • After Putin’s departure, the foreign policy situation will deteriorate rapidly. China is about to expand towards the Far East, thus starting expansion into Russian territory.

What do all these predictions have in common?

Here are some highlights:

  1. It is interesting to note that many of the prophecies agree that in the next few years, Putin is threatened with some kind of illness that will force him to retire and give up his post.
  2. And in almost all options, the forecasts agreed that Putin would not sit out as head until the end of the allotted time, but not in 2019, but from 2024 to 2024.
  3. Many astrologers predict the arrival of some new leader who appears to be a powerful and charismatic politician, although at present he does not show himself in any way.
  4. After Vladimir Putin resigns, the country will face shocks that we will have to deal with with the new president.
  5. Regarding the future of the country as a whole, the forecasts are not the most optimistic, but no global cataclysms are foreseen either.

Expert opinion about Vladimir Putin

A large number of experts also make forecasts for the future, making them based on knowledge in their professional field. Political scientists, sociologists, and businessmen give their assumptions. Below are some of the most interesting opinions of other experts.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky: power will change in 2020-2024

Businessman, is a co-owner of the Yukos company. Khodorkovsky believes that the president behaves as if he lives in another world, here are the key points of his forecast:

  • Already in 2019-20, the Russian population will be more active in expressing their claims regarding Putin’s actions;
  • There is a possibility that the indignation of citizens will lead to a change of power by 2021-22;
  • The businessman speaks of Putin as an unpredictable person with not quite reasonable thinking.

It should be noted that Mikhail, due to well-known events, has a somewhat biased attitude towards the president.

Leonid Sedov: history is cyclical

A sociologist who has been studying important dates in the history of the Russian Federation for several years. According to his forecast, the change of the head of the country will take place in 2020.

  • This is based on the cyclical nature of events in the Russian Federation.
  • Every few decades end with a change of power after a change of generation and, accordingly, a change in political moods in society.
  • About 3 decades were given to the rule of the “Stalinists”, followed by perestroika, and then power passed to Putin’s inner circle.
  • In 2020, public opinion will be strong enough to provoke change and Putin’s departure, and the decade of the “Putin era” is also coming to an end.

Alexander Shokhin: there is no reason to overthrow the government

The head of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs, who also predicts the future of Russian politics quite well. Shokhin foresaw Yeltsin’s departure from the presidency. According to Alexander, there are no prerequisites for overthrowing the current president.

  • He considers Putin the best leader, and sees no viable candidates to replace him in Russia.
  • Shokhin suggests that until the incumbent president makes Russia more powerful and stable, he will not leave office.
  • Based on verified data, a large number of implementation reforms are being prepared up to 2025.

Considering the latter fact, the president’s plans do not include the desire to voluntarily leave the post. Prophecies regarding the leader’s illness, according to Shokhin, are exaggerated and unfounded.


So, the experts are more optimistic about the prospects for the president to stay in office until the end of the current term. However, among them there are those who believe that the quiet time in Russia will end faster than the term of Vladimir Putin. Although there are no facts proving this directly yet. Therefore, it remains only to hope for the best, but to prepare for the worst – everyone in our country has long been accustomed to this.

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