Prophecies of the Yorkshire Witch (3 photos)

Predictions and prophecies were known as a phenomenon to people of any era. As in almost any era, there were charlatans who issued false prophecies. It is largely because of this that a number of prophetic texts have been kept and are kept semi-secret, as learned people are often embarrassed to take such creations seriously. At least until a certain point.

A similar story happened with the prophecies of the so-called Mother Shipton – an English witch named Ursula Southail, who, according to legend, lived in Yorkshire in the 15th-16th centuries. She is considered one of the most mysterious characters in medieval history. There are a huge number of various legends about Mother Shipton, most of which were collected by the famous historian Richard Head.

The woman was born and lived in a small village, where she earned her living by predictions. Despite the fact that the locals did not like her and considered her a sorceress, there were many visitors, and Shipton was enough to live on.

At the age of 16, the girl left the village and settled nearby in the forest, in an abandoned gatehouse. She later married a carpenter, from whom she received the surname Shipton. Around that time, the woman began to keep her prophecies in writing. She left 18 prophecies that are considered global predictions. The manuscript with the prophecies has come a long way, has been the subject of legends and tales, but even if you are skeptical and imagine that the prophecies of the Yorkshire witch were not written by her, but at a later time, it is still known for certain that the book based on her semi-legendary manuscripts was widely known in the 19th century.

What are the ancients talking about (or relatively ancient ones, if we imagine that the book is false and appeared from scratch at precisely that point in history when we can confidently speak about the existence of this book)?

Ursula’s prophecies directly speak of modern means of transportation – cars and sea vessels. The text states that carriages will travel without horses, and iron will float on water in the same way as wooden ships float.

Prophecies of the Yorkshire Witch (3 photos)

This prophecy has been fulfilled and will convince many that these predictions should be taken seriously. Some people, however, object, saying that if we take the theory of forgery and date the book of predictions to the 19th century, then such words will not seem very strange, on the contrary, in the century before last, they could at least start talking about these phenomena. .

Then you can find more lines about the progress of mankind, which say that the thoughts of people will fly all over the world in the blink of an eye, people will fly and stop using horses and plows.

Regarding the instantaneous transmission of thoughts, the Internet immediately comes to the mind of a modern person. Last but not least, modern telephony. It is difficult to name other ways of transmitting words, thoughts over vast distances instantly. Some skeptics say that we could talk about the telegraph, they could write about it in the 19th century without any mysticism. It is up to everyone to decide which theory, which interpretation is correct, but the predictions do not end there, then there are prophecies (both those that have already come true, and those that have yet to come true), which seem amazing even if you date the book of prophecies to the century before last .

So, the book says that women will walk in trousers, they will take men’s fashion, they will start building houses from glass (what else would a person of antiquity say when he sees modern skyscrapers?).

Prophecies of the Yorkshire Witch (3 photos)

Shipton didn’t give specific dates, but she predicted many things that have already happened. She also spoke about the military conflict that is currently taking place in the Middle East. Mother predicted that many countries would be drawn into this war, and the conflict itself would develop into a terrible war, the consequences of which would be terrible. As a result of this conflict, a huge number of people will die and great destruction will occur. Many countries will be in ruins, and the weapons that will be used during the war will have a huge impact on the planet.

Then there are more ominous predictions that the world will come to an end, the oceans will burst their banks, and the fiery dragon will cross the skies. Humanity will be in fear to save its life, against the backdrop of global natural and more incomprehensible cataclysms.

After the horrors described, the prophecy speaks of the arrival of a silver serpent, which will begin to spew people and these people will enlighten the minds of new people. What exactly we are talking about is hard to say. Many are convinced that the passage predicts contact with an alien civilization. Whether this is so, only time will tell.

Scientists are still studying the sorceress’s prophecies, and numerous tourists visit the sorceress’s house, the crypt where her body is buried. According to legend, Shipton will return to help people if her services are needed.

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