Monk Abel predicted the future of Russia and named the date of the end of the world (2 photos)

Monk Abel was a well-known Russian Orthodox figure who became famous for his predictions of many events, including the exact dates and circumstances of the death of Russian leaders.

Predictions close enough to the truth Abel made in relation to such famous historical figures as Catherine II, Paul I, Nicholas I, Nicholas II and many others. More than 100 years before the outbreak of World War II, the monk predicted the causes and consequences of its outbreak. He argued that a new Batu would appear in the West, who would raise his hand to the Russian land, but she would endure everything, rise up and win.

Abel made several predictions about the future of Russia. An Orthodox monk who lived in the 18th and first half of the 19th century declared that after a few centuries Russia would be shaken by a variety of hardships, which would eventually stop. The Russian state, according to his predictions, expects a calm time, which will become possible thanks to one just leader. This leader, as Abel believed, would stand at the head of the Russian state and be able to choose the right course of development. The opinion of this leader, as the monk said, will also be a priority for the heads of other states.

But, as Abel added, if the Russians choose the wrong person, then Russia’s relations with other countries will seriously deteriorate. In the future, this, as the monk assured, would lead to extremely unpleasant consequences and even a large-scale conflict comparable to a world war. With this scenario, the predictor saw a sad future for Russia.

Monk Abel predicted the future of Russia and named the date of the end of the world (2 photos)

The interpretation of such predictions by Abel, as correspondents of the Express-Novosti news agency found out, still causes a lot of controversy among experts. Some believe that the just leader that the monk spoke of has not yet come to power. Others are sure that the soothsayer might have been referring to someone we already know, like Vladimir Lenin or even Vladimir Putin.

As for the end of the world, Abel assumed that it would not come soon. The monk in his predictions called such a date – 2829. The Orthodox figure called the coming of the Antichrist the cause of the world apocalypse.

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