Predictions of Nikola Tesla, what came true and what to expect next (5 photos)

The predictions of Nikola Tesla are frightening with their veracity. The brilliant scientist did not reveal even half of his talent. In 1942, Tesla predicted the active spread of electric motors and internal combustion engines, but no one took him seriously. Another interesting fact that the scientist foresaw: all people will have a personal radio and use it to talk at a distance.

A miracle of technology that can be carried in a suitcase

Nikola Tesla said that mankind would invent an electronic computer of compact size. You can carry it with you. In addition, they will create a unified information system that will be designed to transfer information. Wireless technologies will allow transmitting energy at a distance, artificial intelligence will appear. He will help a person in life and work.

Tesla predicted the danger that the invention of the electronic brain might pose. He will be able to manipulate people. Electric waves will be able to disable equipment, military vehicles . On a planetary scale, molecular research and discoveries can change the atmosphere and influence natural phenomena.

Predictions of Nikola Tesla, what came true and what to expect next (5 photos)
“Scientific and technological progress is able to control the laws of nature,” said Tesla

The idea of ​​”free electricity” – fact or fiction?

Nikola Tesla was obsessed with this idea. He dreamed of making energy flows endless, free for people. The genius actively tried to prove that electricity can be obtained from the nature around us: from water, earth, air. Then the resource became inexhaustible, all people could be provided with heat, light and hot food.

According to the latest sources with whom Tesla spoke, he was on the verge of discovery just before his death. And it is likely that these events may be related. The richest people on the planet strongly opposed his teachings, hindered the latest discoveries . On the verge of death, Tesla publicly announced that he had developed a method for transmitting electricity at a distance. It became real only half a century after the death of the scientist.

“When scientists, instead of studying physical phenomena, take up natural phenomena, then progress will begin. Non-physical phenomena can lead to the latest discoveries in 10 years.

Those who want to unravel the secrets of the Universe need to think in terms of vibrations, criteria of energy. Brilliant ideas come only when a person is alone. During this period, there is no time to be distracted by external circumstances. It is then that we are ready to dive inside ourselves and find inspiration in our inner being. Knowledge comes to us from the Universe, it is not the brain that gives birth to them, it simply receives them, like a gift from God. At this point, we become harmonious.”

Nikola Tesla

Predictions of Nikola Tesla, what came true and what to expect next (5 photos)
Nikola Tesla dreamed of creating free electricity

A look into the future of Nikola Tesla

We all know (at least partially) the structure of a submarine. Its part with helical blades is called the “butterfly”. It is attached to the bottom of the boat with steel cables, under the influence of the flow of water it rotates and generates energy.

The power of one such device is enough to supply electricity to a sparsely populated area. Based on this invention, an electric submarine was developed.

Another interesting invention that is gradually being introduced into modern life only now is an electric car with induction charging, which allows you to get rid of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, save natural resources and much more. The original version could not be recharged on the way, but Tesla’s invention was improved. If you cover the road with a special layer, the electric car will work on the principle of an induction cooker . The “smart road” is already being tested in the USA, England, China – its widespread distribution is not far off.

According to statistical forecasts, the resources of the planet are inexorably exhausted. We will soon need alternative sources of food beyond gas, oil and wood. That is why power generation developments are becoming so popular.

Predictions of Nikola Tesla, what came true and what to expect next (5 photos)
Tesla was the first to come up with the idea for an electric car

Has the genius scientist died? Or was it hidden?

The official cause of death for Nikola Tesla is heart failure. However, the death of this man was rather sudden, although he did not differ in fragile health. On January 7, 1943, his body was found in the hotel room where the scientist lived. There is a version that in fact Tesla was recruited by the special services and he was isolated by slipping a double.

Simultaneously with the death of the scientist, all the archives of his research were seized. The police announced to journalists and curious spectators that they contained the personal diary of Nikola Tesla. After, all documents were encrypted, after which they simply disappeared.

We can only guess what the genius came up with, what developments he did not have time to bring to life. After all, if he had been given the opportunity to freely create and think, the world around him would have changed beyond recognition long ago.

Predictions of Nikola Tesla, what came true and what to expect next (5 photos)
It is still unknown whether Nikola Tesla really died

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