Astrologer Tamara Globa: “After May 10, we will begin to return to our former life”

Some people, finding themselves in a new situation – in quarantine, in self-isolation, behaved outside the box. Astrologers note an increase in demand for their services: that’s who is now not sitting without work. People who believe in horoscopes order individual calculations from astrologers. It is strange that they are not afraid to spend savings on services without any guarantees. Everyone’s questions in April are about the same: when the situation with the coronavirus will be successfully resolved in our country and the pandemic will subside.

The famous astrologer Tamara Globa advises many of our celebrities, politicians, businessmen. According to her calculations, she prepared forecasts for the duration of the quarantine – from an astrological point of view, answering the now frequent questions in an accessible language, without loading the terms.

“In the forecasts that concerned the winter of late 2019 and early 2020, I spoke of this period as an active manifestation of infections and viral diseases. The same activity occurred in February, in March and will also affect April. This period will last for a year. But I must say that it will take different forms, ”said the astrologer. Globa says that the period that we are experiencing began a few months ago.

Of course, now everyone is interested in when we can return to the usual rhythm of life. How long will the quarantine last? Tamara Globa predicts a return to her former life soon:

“The time that we now call self-isolation will gradually “let go” of us in the regions from the third decade of April. In Moscow , some large regions, a difficult period will last almost until mid-May. After May 10-12, there will be a gradual rollback to the previous (pre-quarantine) situation. I would pay attention to the second half of May, the beginning and end of June.” Globa believes that at this time, active actions will begin that will help get rid of the negative consequences of the period that we are now living through.

According to Globa’s horoscopes, the most difficult period in 2020 in Russia and China is the time before the start of summer. And since June it will concern the USA , Italy , Cuba and Korea .

The quarantine will end, this is obvious even without astrologers. Globa says: “This period is not eternal, the quarantine will end. But the world will not open immediately: many countries will issue visas with caution. I have said before that in the 20th, 21st and 22nd years – the time when many countries will close – there will be entry restrictions.

The astrologer hints that in the next three years there will be outbreaks of various diseases periodically. But this has happened before. Globa promises that we will fully appreciate the favorable prospects for the measures taken in May and June in 2021.

Tamara Mikhailovna walked 7-10 km a day before quarantine, and now she obediently sits at home, and encourages others to follow her example: “It is difficult to stay still. I love communication and constant movement. But I’m trying. Do what is required of us. Try to self-isolate.”

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