“Millions of people will rush for help”: the prediction of the “sleeping prophet” from the USA about Russia-2019

Earlier, the US medium Edgar Cayce, who predicted the Kennedy assassination and the Second World War, spoke about the possibility of restoring the Soviet Union.

Researchers of the heritage of the American mystic, medium and self-proclaimed healer of the XIX-XX centuries Edgar Cayce published his prediction for Russia for 2019. The clairvoyant always spoke of Russia as a country that would suffer the least from natural disasters, and Western Siberia could become the center of the state at some point.

According to experts, Casey was confident that in 2019, spiritual changes would become a key development vector for Russians, and people would have to fight for their identity through resistance. At the same time, it is the true strength of the spirit and faith of the people that will restore the deep respect of the world for the country, which then can become one of the main reasons for the reunification of Russia and some other countries.

In his forecasts, Casey spoke several times about the possible revival of the USSR, and the key changes in this direction, according to him, will occur in 2019. Researchers believe that Belarus will be the first to join Russia, the example of which will be followed by some Asian countries.

“There is great hope for the world in the religious development of Russia. The people or groups of peoples that will be closest in relations with Russia will be able to live better, gradually changing the conditions of life around the world, ”Casey is sure.

In 2019-2021, according to Casey, the time of easy money for the ruling elite on ordinary people will come to an end, but to come to this, you will have to go through a difficult path and go through hard times.

It is Russia, according to Edgar Cayce, that will become a refuge for millions of people. The territory located beyond the Urals will practically not suffer from natural disasters and will give shelter and a new home to many people from all continents.

“A huge country in the Center of Eurasia will not suffer from the Great Cataclysm – millions of people will rush there for help and receive it,” the prophet predicted.

Previously, the clairvoyant predicted such global events as the First and Second World Wars, the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, the Great American Depression. He also pointed out the place where, in his opinion, Atlantis is located and announced the earthquake in Japan in 2011.

Also in his “track record” there are unsuccessful predictions, for example, about the unification of all of Europe by Hitler or the rise of the aforementioned Atlantis from the waters, which supposedly should have happened in 1960.

Edgar Cayce was born in the USA in 1877 and died in 1945. His personality is shrouded in mystery and mysticism. It is known from open sources that he appeared in a farmer’s family, and began to show his mystical abilities at the age of 9. According to rumors, when he was at school, it was enough for him to sleep, putting any textbook under his head, and in the morning he fully knew its contents. Because of this, Casey is also called the “sleeping prophet.”

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