Predictions of the elder Seraphim of Chudsky about Russia and the world (2 photos)

Seraphim was born in Tobolsk in 1884. At baptism he received the name Sergius. Father and mother are merchants in several generations.

Sergei’s childhood was difficult. However, all these years, along with the boy was his own grandfather, the Old Believer Mikhail Eliseevich. He helped his grandson overcome adversity, taught him to live in the wild taiga and shared ancient sacred knowledge with him.

Then the revolution came, and in 1927 Sergei was sent to a camp because of a denunciation by a fellow villager.

Hard work and impossible conditions turned a strong middle-aged man into an old man. However, unlike the body, Sergei’s spirit was not broken.

The sacred knowledge passed down by his grandfather and a lot of inner work helped Sergei. He learned to communicate with spirits and subsequently took the name of his spiritual patron – Seraphim of Chudsky.

Eyewitnesses claimed that from time to time Seraphim allowed himself to be possessed by highly spiritual beings. Through the elder, they told people about the foundations and truths of being and about the structure of the world.

Seraphim had several followers-disciples. They memorized and preserved everything they heard, passed on to people the predictions of the elder about the future.

Here are some of those prophecies.

About the revolution, Stalin and the war between whites and reds

There will be an impenetrable abyss between heat and cold. But the people will be tempered in troubles, and all misfortunes will pass them by.

About Victory in WWII

“A dark cloud will come and burst into a mighty thunderstorm. Blue clouds will turn into darkness and evil. But the bright truth will rise from behind the Mountains of the Ural Mountains and drive away that darkness. And the great martyrs will all be resurrected, and peace will come until the end of time.”

Presumably for the near future:

“And the center of the peaks will be filled with hornets. And they will sting all those who show their true faith. And all those who are afraid will flee from the center of faiths, leaving the stones of their ancestors without protection. And impenetrable darkness will come. But the north wind will disperse the hornets. And he will bring peace and knowledge with him. (A. Protopopov also believes that we can talk about the events in Syria).

Seraphim calls some events “pre-Flood”. Many researchers believe that they will come true before the end of this decade:

“The firmament of heaven will break. And no one can hide. Only people who believe and the righteous will be able to find their salvation. And their Path will be enlightened and filled.” (According to A. Protopopov, this prediction may concern serious cataclysms. The latter may appear due to an arms race in outer space. As a result of human activity, an electromagnetic pulse will negatively affect the planet’s noosphere and cause a pole shift, which, in turn, will give rise to large-scale cataclysms).

Predictions of the elder Seraphim of Chudsky about Russia and the world (2 photos)

Some of the elder’s predictions have already come true, and you can see that they were amazingly accurate. It scares and makes you wary, waiting for upcoming events. However, at the same time, it gives rise to the belief that something higher really exists.

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