Messengers and Prophets

In different historical times, when it was necessary to raise the consciousness of peoples to a new level, the Great Teachers came to Earth as the founders of various Teachings, from which religions were later created.

They left to people the Divine Commandments, the foundations of those just spiritual and moral Laws on which order is kept in the entire universe. These Laws govern all manifested Life; without them, chaos would reign on Earth.

In many religious cultures, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism, in the religion of the ancient Greeks and Romans and in others, there were prophets, messengers, messiahs who had the presence of Higher Beings within themselves and spoke on behalf of God.

Is there a difference between prophets and messengers?

We are accustomed to the concept of “prophet”, “prophecy” associated with the prediction of the future. However, not all prophecies are predictive. Some of them are simply inspired sayings and praises.

Thus, the prophets are the messengers of God – God sends them to Earth to bring the light of Truth to people. First of all, the Messengers carry the Teaching, the scripture – an updated version of the Ancient Truth – for a certain time, for certain peoples.

God or Higher Beings appeared to the prophets and messengers in different forms.

So, on Mount Sinai, the Lord spoke to Moses from a burning bush. In the Old Testament, many stanzas begin with the words: “And the Lord said …” and then, depending on the books of different prophets, names follow. “And the Lord said … (to Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Job and others).” The Archangel Gabriel spoke with Muhammad, who appeared to him with a silk scroll and ordered him to read what was written.

Prophets and Messengers in Religious Cultures

Let’s look at the prophets of the past to get an idea of ​​how vast the institution of the messenger was. And also, using the example of some of the prophets, we will consider what new they brought, and the timeliness of their arrival.


The founder of Zoroastrianism is the Persian prophet Zarathustra (Zoroaster), who was given the Revelation of Ahura Mazda in the form of the “Avesta” – the Holy Scripture of Zoroastrianism. In antiquity and in the early Middle Ages, Zoroastrianism was spread mainly in the territory of Greater Iran[1].

Before Zarathustra, the Indo-Iranian religion was polytheistic; it had many deities, and different classes of deities patronized different classes of society.

Zarathustra refused all the gods, with the exception of one – Ahuramazda (translated as “The Wise Lord” or “Lord of Wisdom”).

That’s how T.N. Mikushina describes that time.

“At the time when I was in embodiment, I was a prophet of a religion that is not very well known on Earth now. However, at that time it was the most advanced religion of that time. And if we make a comparison with the currently existing religious systems, then in some ways I was far ahead of both my time and all the existing systems of the religious worldview. It was I who laid down the understanding of the basis of human nature as fire, flame. And I approved the cult of fire and the cult of the fiery, solar Deity, to whom humanity owes the gift of reason. I established the cult of Ahura Mazda. This great individuality is known by many names in the history of mankind. Now you know this individual as Sanat Kumara.

Yes, I was the prophet of Sanat Kumara. And I still bow before His greatness, before the greatness of this High Spirit.

T.N. Mikushina “Word of Wisdom”, v.15

As you can see, Zoroastrianism was a progressive faith that introduced new ideas about the world order and contributed a lot to the moral development of the ancient Iranian peoples.

Bible Prophets and Jesus

There are early and late prophets among the biblical ones. Among the early ones are Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, as well as Moses and his brother Aaron. Among the later ones are 4 Great Prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and Ezekiel) and 12 minor prophets (Joel, Jonah, Amos, Hosea, Micah, Nahum, Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Obadiah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi). In addition, the Bible tells that Elijah, Enoch, Ezra, Samuel, John and others also communicated with God.

It is interesting to note that all biblical prophets received a message from God (or an Angel) while in a conscious state and in a normal emotional state of consciousness. This distinguished them from pagan and other soothsayers, who entered into a special ecstatic state and sometimes did not understand the content of what was received by them in a state of trance.

So, the Lord came to Abraham in the form of three men and warned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah about the impending punishment. Abraham asked the Lord for permission for the sake of 10 righteous people to save Sodom, because he wanted to save Lot’s nephew and the inhabitants of the city. But since there were not even two righteous people, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by “brimstone and fire.”

Moses predicted ten disasters if Pharaoh did not let the people of Israel out of Egypt. All ten were completed.

Jesus, on the Mount of Olives, to the question of the disciples, what is the sign of the new coming of Jesus and the end of the age, uttered a prophecy that can be attributed to our times. “You will also hear about wars and war rumors. Look, do not be horrified, for all this must be, but this is not the end yet: for nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there will be famines, plagues and earthquakes in places; yet it is the beginning of disease. Then they will hand you over to torture and kill you; and you will be hated by all nations because of my name; and then many will be offended, and will betray one another, and will hate one another; and many false prophets will rise up and deceive many; And because of the increase of iniquity, the love of many will grow cold” (Mt 24:6-12).

Biblical prophets were not believed either. Even those close to them who knew them well sometimes questioned the divinity of their revelations. For example, the older brother of Moses Aaron and his sister-prophetress Miriam at some point doubted the words and actions of Moses (after all, they themselves had a connection with God), and then the Lord himself came[3] to them to dispel their doubts, and even punished Miriam with illness.

Jeremiah’s prophecy about the capture of Jerusalem was not only ignored, but the prophet was thrown into prison. He came out of prison only after the prophecy came true.

Paraphrasing other words of Jesus, we can say: “There is no prophet in his own country.” People do not believe in talent, genius or the truth of the words of a person who is next to them and carries the Light of Divine Truth. It is assumed that everything truly wise, correct can be born not here, next to them, but somewhere in the “beautiful far away”. Jesus, too, was persecuted and misunderstood. And even the miracles performed by him did not contribute to the fact that everyone believed. The end was the same as with many other prophets, except that the execution was carried out in a different way.


There are 35 prophets in Islam (many of them are Christian prophets, called by other names); according to other versions, there are 124 thousand Islamic prophets. Muslims distinguish even types of prophets. There are three of them. So, Nabis are prophets, messengers of Allah, bringing orders and prohibitions to their people. Rasul – the messengers of Allah, who were given a new scripture, a new law. And the third type is Ulu-l-azm, or strong in spirit, possessing stamina and steadfastness in the fulfillment of the Divine message, resisting all difficulties and hardships. The latter include Muhammad, who had a higher degree of steadfastness than other prophets. Muhammad is the last in the chain of prophets and messengers of Allah. Through him, a new Sharia was transmitted – a whole complex of moral, religious and legal rules and principles.

Muhammad believed that it was necessary to unite the warring Arab tribes into a single state with a single faith. He made 19 military campaigns and, in the end, entered Mecca as a winner. He declared Mecca the sacred capital of Islam, forbade any bloodshed in it. He destroyed 360 idols of different tribes. He proclaimed Allah – the One God, the Creator of all things and the Supreme Judge. And his mission was to purify the faith. He dedicated his entire life to this mission.

We were convinced that every prophet came at a time when the foundations of faith were distorted, when some nations needed a new teaching that could elevate their consciousness. Hereafter, we will be more brief and only mention the prophets of other cultures (although each of the prophets can be told in detail).


In Hinduism, where the culture of meditation practice dates back thousands of years, hundreds of followers had this connection with God. One of the brightest examples of the 20th century is Heirakhan Babaji, an avatar of Lord Shiva, now an Ascended Master.

In India, with its developed spiritual life, to this day there is a respectful attitude and worship of the Messengers and Avatars of God on earth. For Indians who know the Law of Reincarnation from the cradle, it is as natural as breathing or drinking.

Ancient Greece

In ancient Greece, there were soothsayers Sibyl (they are also called Pythia). “Sibyl” is translated as “God’s will.” Clement of Alexandria in the Stromata says: “Heraclitus claims that the sayings of the Sibyl were not the product of the human mind, but rather divine suggestion” (Wikipedia). The ancient Greeks had nine Sibyls, later the Romans added a tenth to them. These ten were: Delphic, Eritrean, Cumic, Persian, Libyan, Cimmerian, Samean, Hellespontian, Phrygian and Tiburtine. Of these, the first three were the most famous.

Messengers and prophets of the present. Prophecies about Russia

We know the prophets of later times: the 16th century prophets Nostradamus and Paracelsus, the 20th century prophets Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon, Vanga, Dannion Brinkley, who received information from thinner Worlds – from the Akashic chronicles. The prophecies of Fatima are widely known – a place in Portugal, where the Mother of God appeared several times to shepherd children. Each of these names is associated with prophecies about Russia.

Vanga: “There is no such force that could break Russia. Russia will develop, grow and strengthen. Everything will melt like ice, only one thing will remain incorruptible – the glory of Russia, the glory of Vladimir. Too many sacrifices have been made, too many. No one can stop Russia now. She will sweep away everything in her path and not only survive, but also become the MISTRESS OF THE WORLD.”

With solemnity in her voice, Vanga repeated more than once: “A new man under the sign of the New Teaching will come from Russia.”

Vanga’s prophecy about the New Teaching is also significant: “There is an ancient Indian teaching – the teaching of the White Brotherhood. It will spread throughout the world. New books will be printed about him, and they will be read everywhere on Earth. This will be the Fiery Bible. This is a New Teaching, but built on the foundations of the old. The old here can be compared to the roots, and the new – like a flower that has blossomed in the sun. The day will come when all religions will disappear! Only the teachings of the White Brotherhood will remain. As if with a white color, it will cover the earth, and thanks to it, people will be saved. The new teaching will come from Russia. She is the first to be cleansed. The White Brotherhood will spread throughout Russia and begin its march around the world.

Edgar Cayce: “Out of Russian religious development will come the greatest hope of the world. And then religion, or some group close to it in spirit, will be the leader in the final process of gradually creating conditions for the reorganization of the world.

In 1944, Casey said: “From Russia comes the hope of the world … It will be such a freedom in which every person lives for the good of his neighbor. The principle of this was already born there.

Casey saw Western Siberia as the center of a resurgent civilization.

From the Fatima prophecy. As far back as 1917, Mother Mary spoke of the possibility of a second world war, and in order to prevent this, She made a request: “I have come to ask you for the consecration of Russia to My Heart and redemptive communion every first Saturday of the month. If they listen to My request and Russia will turn to God, peace will come. If they do not heed again, she will spread her mistakes throughout the world, causing wars and persecution of the Church… Wickedness will spread throughout the earth, many nations will be destroyed… However, in the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. Russia will be dedicated to Me, converted to the faith, and a period of peace will come, bestowed by the Sacrifice of the Savior.”

In 1929, appearing again to Sister Lucia, who became a nun, Mother Mary again reminded of the need to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. But the Vatican again did not heed the request. It was only in 1981 that the request was fulfilled by Pope John Paul II in the form that Mother Mary had requested.

Here is another prophecy about Russia.

“You know that this country is destined for a great mission – to lead the nations along the spiritual Path. And now, finally, the path is now open, and Russia has reached that point on its path from where the future mission is already visible, that point on its path that presupposes the disclosure of the mission. Russia is called upon to become a highly spiritual country. Right now, with all the seeming lack of spirituality, the foundations of the future spiritual country are being laid.”
T.N. Mikushina “Word of Wisdom”, v.6

We can say that the prophecies of Vanga and Casey have begun to come true. Vanga’s prophecies were given in 1978. They were recorded by Valentin Sidorov, then printed in his book “Lyudmila and Vangelia”. The foundations of the Teachings of the Great White Brotherhood, which Vanga reported, were laid in the works of E.P. Blavatsky (“The Secret Doctrine”) and H.I. Roerich (Teaching of Agni Yogi). Through the accepted T.N. Mikushina’s Teachings of the Masters of Wisdom, there is an even wider spread of the Teachings of the Great White Brotherhood in Russia.

Name T.N. Mikushina is among the Messengers of the time closest to us. These are Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Nicholas Roerich and Helena Ivanovna Roerich, Mark and Elizabeth Claire Prophets.

Let us note that of the above names there are three Russian women: E.P. Blavatsky, E.I. Roerich and T.N. Mikushin. Two of them, Russian by origin, were forced to receive messages outside their homeland, and only Tatyana Nikolaevna was able to live and receive messages in Russia (although, unfortunately, the situation changed at some point, and the Messenger did not could receive Messages on the territory of Russia).

E.P. Blavatsky received knowledge from the Masters on the eve of the First World War, H.I. Roerich – on the eve of World War II. What awaits the world and Russia now?

Many prophecies of the past and the present speak of the spiritual mission of Russia – to become a leading power in terms of an example to the peoples of the world of high morality, aspiration to God, self-sacrifice, awareness of life, when everyone will live for the good of their neighbor and make choices that help draw closer to God. This is truly an evolutionary path of development for all countries and peoples, regardless of their religious beliefs. 

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