Prediction of Elder Tikhon about the bright future of Russia

One of the most significant prophets in the whole world is Elder Tikhon from the Holy Trinity Monastery. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that any of its omen became prophetic. According to Tikhon himself, there is no merit in this. The elder always said that it was God who revealed the future to him, so he knows what will happen next.

Tikhon believed that the greatest grace of God is tears. The elder believed that with their help the human soul is cleansed. He always dreamed of eternity.

At the center of one famous prediction of Tikhon was Russia. The elder said that they would try to manipulate the country in every possible way.

But, according to him, whoever it was, he will not succeed. The seer noted that anyone who dared to go to the holy Russian lands would be punished.

Tikhon said that the force “from across the ocean” will make attempts to put pressure on our country, but those people who will stand behind this will lose. After that, Russia will be transformed, Russians will be able to see a brighter future.

Prediction of Elder Tikhon about the bright future of Russia

The elder noted that the country would be respected by everyone in the world. People from all regions will dream of learning the Russian language, as it will be a kind of symbol of unity. Our coin will become the most respected in the world.

Almost all the predictions of the elder actually came true. Some of them can be seen even now. For example, the authority of the Russian people and Russia is really growing stronger in the eyes of the world community.

Russia is a great state that really deserves a happy present and future.

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