Predictors named the next President in 2018

This article contains excerpts from various sources of well-known and little-known soothsayers: monks, clairvoyants, astrologers and the media, with a minor commentary by the author.

Vasily Nemchin

About the rulers of Russia, Nemchin writes that 10 Tsars will rise from the troubled kingdom. And after them, another person will begin to rule, different from all the previous rulers. He will be a sage and esoteric, who owns secret knowledge, he will be mortally ill, but he will completely heal himself – the “Great Potter”. He promulgates the concept of the New State, built exclusively on an absolutely independent economy, based solely on self-sufficient principles.

The “Great Potter” will come to the very pinnacle of Russian power when two fives come together personally with him.

Under the “Great Potter” there will be a union of 15 leaders who will create a New Great Power. The state of Russia will be recreated within new borders.


  • I. Ten “kings”:
    1. Ulyanov (Lenin) – 1918 – 1923
    2. Stalin I.V. – 1924 – 1953
    3. Khrushchev N. S. – 1953 – 1964
    4. Brezhnev L.I. – 1964 – 1983
    5. Andropov Yu. – 1983 – 1984
    6. Chernenko K. – 1984 – 1985
    7. Gorbachev M. S. – 1985 – 1991
    8. Yeltsin B. N. – 1991 – 1999
    9. Putin V.V. – 2000 – 2008
    10. Medvedev. YES. – 2008 – 2012
  • II. A person who owns fundamentally new knowledge and technologies.
  • III. A person who survived after, as the people say, after wounds incompatible with life.
  • IV. This person turns 55 in 2011.

With him, Nemchin connects the “new monarchy” and the “golden age” of Russia. He is destined for “a long and blessed reign.” Nemchin sometimes even calls him a “magician”, an esotericist who owns secret knowledge. Judging by the prediction, Russia under his rule will not only be reborn, but will also be, as it were, molded anew. There must also be a union of 15 leaders who will create a new state. And we had 15 republics that were part of the USSR. And the full flowering of Russia will begin after 2025.

Reverend Seraphim of Sarov

“… the Lord has chosen the future Tsar. This will be a man of fiery faith, a brilliant mind and an iron will. He will first of all restore order in the Orthodox Church, remove all false, heretical and lukewarm bishops. And many, very many, with few exceptions, almost all will be eliminated, and new, true, unshakable bishops will take their place.

Michel Nostradamus

Nostradamus, this name has been one of the most popular in the whole world for 400 years. Such a phenomenal interest in the person of Michel Nostradamus is caused by his famous prophecies, many of which, according to some scientists, are still coming true.

The latest decoding of Nostradamus’ predictions suggests that in 2014 Russia’s rapid entry into the Golden Age will begin.

French soothsayer R. Nehru (15th century), teacher of Nostradamus

“Blessed will be the one who is born on the border of two epochs in that nation, for he will already be marked by grace.” And he, according to him, will once again be born “in the northern city, in the northern people, which is the people of poets, prophets and martyrs.”

Astrological forecast of astrologer Sergey Popov

“In 2011-2012, Uranus will leave the sign of Pisces, and Neptune will leave the sign of Aquarius – this will end the period of “prosperity” of the current Russian oligarchic elite, new people will come to power in Russia, patriotically oriented and in mental potential corresponding to the tasks facing Russia. Russia is a global locomotive of development, pulling everyone else along with it, a monopoly on the latest technologies will pass to it, Russia will have a “bright future” and a period of prosperity. It is to Russia that the Center of World Politics will shift.”

Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce

“The 20th century will not have time to end, when the collapse of communism will come in the USSR, but Russia, freed from communism, will not progress, but a very difficult crisis, however, after 2010 the former USSR will be reborn, but will be reborn in a new form. It is Russia that will lead the revived civilization of the Earth, and Siberia will become the center of this revival of the whole world. Through Russia, the hope of a lasting and just peace will come to the rest of the world.

Each person will begin to live for the sake of his neighbor, and this principle of life was born precisely in Russia, but many years will pass before it crystallizes, but it is Russia that will give this hope to the whole world.

The new Leader of Russia will not be known to anyone for many years, but one day, he will suddenly come to power thanks to the power of his new completely unique technologies, which no one else will have to resist him. And then he will take all the supreme power of Russia into his own hands and no one will be able to resist him. Subsequently, he will become the Lord of the World, will become the Law that brings light and prosperity to everything that exists on the planet …

His intellect will allow him to master all the technologies that the entire race of people have dreamed of throughout their existence, he will create unique new machines that will allow him and his associates to become fantastically strong and powerful almost like Gods, and his intellect will allow him and his associates to become practically immortal… God will be with him.

He will revive the Religion of Monotheism and create a culture based on goodness and justice. He himself and his new race will create centers of a new culture and a new technological civilization throughout the world … His home, and the home of his new race will be in the South of Siberia … “

Clairvoyant Vanga

“A new man under the sign of the New Teaching will appear in Russia, and he will rule Russia all his life.

… A new teaching will come from Russia – this is the most ancient and true teaching – will spread throughout the world and the day will come when all religions in the world will disappear and they will be replaced by this new philosophical teaching of the Fiery Bible.

Russia is the progenitor of all Slavic states, and those that separated from it will soon return to it in a new capacity. Socialism will return to Russia in a new form, there will be large collective and cooperative agriculture in Russia, and the former Soviet Union will be restored again, but the union is already new. Russia will grow stronger and grow, no one can stop Russia, there is no force that could break Russia. Russia will sweep away everything in its path, and not only survive, but also become the sole undivided “mistress of the world”, and even America in the 2030s will recognize the complete superiority of Russia. Russia will again become a strong and powerful real empire, and will again be called by the old ancient name Rus.

Predictions of the French clairvoyant and astrologer Marie Duval

“Against the background of the global depression, an exceptionally bright future awaits Russia, and an enviable fate awaits the Russians – it is Russia that will be the first to get out of the crisis, stand firmly on its feet, acquire a strong army, continue its development and even lend money to many European countries.

… By 2014, Russia will become the richest power and the standard of living of an average Russian will already reach the current very high standard of living of an average European, and all citizens of Russia will have approximately the same wealth, but in order to acquire this power, they will have to pay a certain price – Russia will have to then fight. All mankind is on the verge of the birth of a new world, in which new inventions await us, including a cure for old age, which increases life expectancy up to 140 years, and it is Russian scientists and Russian researchers who will play a key role in all these discoveries and inventions.

American clairvoyant Danton Brinky

“Follow Russia – whichever way Russia will go, the rest of the world will follow the same way.”

Astrologer Mikhail Levin

According to Levin, after 2016, serious changes will begin to take place in Russia. In particular, some provisions of the Russian Constitution will change, as a result of which the president will lose some of his powers, while the parliament, on the contrary, will expand them. In addition, according to the astrologer, after 2016 the state-forming class in Russia will be represented by completely different people than now.

In 2018, as the astrologer predicted, power in Russia will pass into the hands of people who have nothing to do with the current state leaders, after which many state structures will undergo a large-scale purge, in particular, this will affect the judiciary and many law enforcement agencies, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

By the 2030s, this process will be completed, at the same time in Russia the basis of a certain new culture will be formed. According to Levin, the consciousness of Russians will change dramatically by this time – they will move away from the patriarchal and traditional perception of the world, replacing it with a desire for change and progress.

Tamara Globa

At the “elections” in the future era, when the forces of darkness will think that they have already corrupted the world and victory is “in their pocket”, the Spirit of Russia will win “with a margin of one vote” … And this will be the voice of Providence …

“The whole world knows that the future belongs to Russia, that the new Saoshiant will rule in Russia (Saoshiant is the ruler of the world), that the light from Russia will go all over the world.

This is one of the reasons why an egregore battle broke out over us and in Russia – everyone wants to own our territory, the minds, souls and destinies of our people. Finally, attempts to realize worldwide brotherhood will return. The slogans “Freedom – Equality – Fraternity” will come to life again.

Prediction of the astrologer and clairvoyant Yuri Ovidin

“Russia will become the birthplace of a completely new religion… There is already a Representative of the Universe on earth, he will create a religion of the future based on the idea of ​​spiritual purity…”

Pavel Khailov, ufologist, Yekaterinburg region.

Cosmic souls are sent to Earth at especially important moments in the development of our civilization with a specific task, for extrasensory correction of people’s consciousness. These are volunteers from the Madar Coalition (mid-level civilization), as well as volunteers and intermediaries from higher Hierarchies. For volunteers from Madar, the memory of past lives can be blocked (like for ordinary people), this is done for more successful adaptation to the earthly conditions of the existence of society, but for volunteers from the Higher Hierarchies, the memory is not blocked, and they remember all their previous incarnations.

Among the second group of cosmic souls (messengers of God) one can name I. Christ, Krishna, Muhammad, Buddha, etc. These high entities had special tasks on earth – the revival and strengthening of faith in the Almighty, the rise of the spiritual and moral state of people. Such souls, having settled into an earthly body, usually become religious figures, saints, righteous men, philosophers, and great ascetics. They usually do not go into politics or business, because. there are usually dirty things going on.

Knowing and understanding the achievements of their native civilization, the envoys have to endure and get used to earthly wild customs and customs, listen to abuse, get used to ignorance and tyranny.

Tatyana Samofalova

Once every 2000 years, according to the planetary dial, a person comes to Earth with a level of vibrations, the so-called level of Aquarius. They are born in a transitional sign that opens the circle of Scorpio-Aries, in a place and country that has the same sign. They are born in the zone of transition of one level of vibrations to another level.

They are placed in incredibly difficult conditions to temper their spirit, and begin to gradually move to the place where the sign of the Guide system coincides with the sign of the system in which he was born … Only two or three people on Earth know about the birth of such a person, no more. And for a certain period they begin to search. And they find.

Media, Aquarius, No. 16 (61)

In the years of unrest, everyone looks at Aries as a savior. Russia has always gravitated toward Aries, the sign of Christ himself.

Bishop Feofan

Vladyka Theophan was asked: “Will the last Russian Tsar be Romanov?” To which the archbishop already answered on his own: “He will not be Romanov, but by his mother he will be from the Romanovs …”

Media, “New Aquarius”, No. 11 (85), 1996

Eagle – in the Slavic language Ar. The crown over the eagle is a sign of the country of the Aryans.

… The country of the Aryans, the country of the Light, the country of the Bears, as it was called on Earth, because people who came from the constellation Ursa Major lived in it.

Ursa Major is a cluster of medium-sized stars. Among them is the Big Tungana – the mistress of the constellation.

The second name of Tungana is the Polar Star. From here, the settlers were called polarians – Aryans.

Another name for Tungana is Vesta. West in the mirror of the Cosmos – East – ascending current. And so, the country of the Aryans is also translated as the country of the ascending current of Light, the country that gives birth to Light, the Sun.

The name of the person capable of revitalizing the country must match the name of the country of the ascending current. Then and only then the pyramid of Light will come to life and great transformations will begin on the Planet.

The appearance of such a person will cause a storm of indignation among all those who cannot withstand his Stream of Light, therefore this person is away from business until the time determined by the Cosmos. His rapid ascent up the hierarchical ladder will be due to the help of light energy.

Predictions of the monk Ragno Nero in the 14th century.

“In the Northern Land of the Hyperboreans, in Russia, a new universal religion of Fire and Light will appear … The religion of the Sun (Fire and Light) in the 21st century will know the victorious procession and it will find support for itself in the northern Land of the Hyperboreans, where it will be revealed in its new quality” .

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hyperborea (ancient Greek “beyond Boreas”, “beyond the north”) – in ancient Greek mythology and the tradition that inherits it, this is a legendary northern country, the habitat of the blessed people of the Hyperboreans.

The Free Encyclopedia Wiktionary

“Hyper-“. Meaning: when added to nouns, forms nouns with the meaning “exceeding any norm.” Analogues: super-, super-.

Media, Aquarius. No. 15(60)

After all sorts of cataclysms, the collapsed state will be reborn and united by its former leader, the Bear.

Site “Slavic culture”

“The most dangerous animal is the bear. His original true name is Ber. But it is not necessary to pronounce it aloud in the forest. The Ber will hear that they are calling him, and he will appear. Therefore, they came up with the idea of ​​taking a klikuhu-drive – a bear. He does not know honey, as many people think, he is not a honey supply manager, but he knows how to collect honey and what to do with it. You can call a bear whatever you like – a master, a toptygin, a bear, a clubfoot, but not a beret! Beru must be treated with respect! Ber is not dangerous only when he lies, sleeps. Lying ber – lair.

Media, Aquarius. No. 15(60)

The field of all kinds of cataclysms, the collapsed state will be reborn and united by its former leader, the Bear.

Ancient prophecy of the monk Abel.

“In the distant future, Russia will be ruled by the Chosen One of God and his name is destined three times in the history of Orthodox Russia, and on his head is the Blessing of God, … But his name will be hidden until the time … Russia will become great under him, she will return to the origins of her ancient life, a great fate is destined for Russia…”


“… his name is destined three times in the history of Orthodox Russia”:

1. Boris Fedorovich Godunov.

2. Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin.


Once Vanga said that Russia would be reborn during the reign of two brothers who were not brothers.


They were brothers with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in one of their previous incarnations.

From the above, we can assume the following:

  • Name: Boris
  • Surname: synonymous with the word “Hyper” (large).
  • Year of birth: 1956
  • Zodiac sign: Aries.
  • Place of birth: south of Siberia.
  • Place of residence: the city under the sign of Aries – (Samara).
  • On the mother’s side: from the Romanov family.
  • Sage and esoteric.
  • Was ill.
  • All this time he was on the sidelines.

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