Wolf Messing predicted the prosperity of Russia in 2020 and told how the Third World War will begin (4 photos)

Wolf Messing was the most respected soothsayer during his lifetime, and he still is, so his predictions about Russia and the world for 2020 and the near future are of great concern to many. Media representatives learned that in his messages to future generations, Messing presents 2020 as a special year in which important events will take place.

Wolf Messing’s predictions about Russia

The coming years will not be easy for Russia, but the difficulties will only benefit every person living in the country, and in the end it will result in something positive. In particular, new opportunities will open up before the country, taking advantage of which, the quality of life will be at a higher level.

A new leader will appear in the Russian Federation, who will have significant respect and authority. The country will unite other states, guided by good intentions. And in the minds of the people there will still be a powerful desire to expand the possessions of their native country.

Wolf Messing predicted the prosperity of Russia in 2020 and told how the Third World War will begin (4 photos)

Russia will have to solve serious problems with the economy, and the old methods will no longer be useful here. Leaders are using some reforms, they will be global, but they can be painless and easy for people.

Sanctions from America will continue, and they will affect not only Russia, but also China. However, it will not work to destroy the Russian economy in this way.

In 2020, according to Messing’s predictions, there will be noticeable improvements in Russia in areas such as education, healthcare and culture.

Wolf Messing’s predictions about World War III

Wolf Messing predicted, to the nearest day, many significant events for the whole world, including the date of the end of the Great Patriotic War.

74 years have passed since the end of the bloodiest war in the history of mankind, and all this time the world has been waiting in fear for the outbreak of the Third World War, which, given the nuclear capabilities of many states, may end in an apocalypse. The soothsayer talked about a new global armed conflict.

Messing expected that the Third World War would begin in the second decade of the 21st century, while China should oppose Russia. The war will drag out the whole world, and no one will be able to avoid bloodshed.

Wolf Messing predicted the prosperity of Russia in 2020 and told how the Third World War will begin (4 photos)

The Third World War will begin due to a local conflict in one of the regions of the planet. Messing said that China would launch a nuclear strike on Japan and Taiwan, which would come to the aid of the Russian Federation, becoming an adversary of China. From now on, the military confrontation will acquire more serious proportions and will expand.

The war will negatively affect the US, which in the middle of the 21st century will become a much weaker state in every way than it once was.

After the war, Belarus will become one of the most prosperous countries in the world, where stability and tranquility will reign for many years to come. This state will not come into conflict with anyone, so it will be a very safe and pleasant place to live.

The most famous predictions of Wolf Messing that came true

Wolf Messing predicted the prosperity of Russia in 2020 and told how the Third World War will begin (4 photos)

During his life, Messing made a lot of predictions, but among them the loudest can be distinguished:

  • when Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany in the first half of the 1930s, Messing predicted that the Fuhrer would die during a military campaign in an easterly direction. For these words, Hitler hated Wolf and tried with all his might to catch him;
  • at the height of the Great Patriotic War, the soothsayer told Joseph Stalin that the war with Germany would end on May 8, 1945;
  • Messing predicted that the plane with the Air Force hockey team to Khabarovsk, where Stalin’s son was also supposed to be, would crash. Vasily obeyed and did not fly, thereby saving his life, but all the others died;
  • Wolf saw that Joseph Stalin would die on one of the Jewish holidays. And so it happened, because the leader left this world on March 5, 1953 – on Purim;

Many predictions after the death of  Messing  were classified by the government, so the public will not be able to find out about them very soon.

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