A clear prophetic prediction of the future of Russia by a prophet from the Kirov region

Most people are absolutely skeptical about predictions and all sorts of prophecies, but many of these moments have repeatedly proved the truth.

What is meant by the word prophecy? In fact, it is more than just a prediction. A prophet, as a rule, is able to see more than an ordinary person. Opportunities are realized in the form of periodically coming visions. Every prophet considers his gift a curse. Often telepaths suffer from what they see.

Soothsayers are often found in the outback of our country. The other day I came across an article about the Kirov prophets, but for some reason without names. The emphasis there is placed especially on the predictions of one, and I want to talk about them today. In general, it seems to me that this is all far-fetched by some cunning storyteller. But, be that as it may, many still believe and perhaps this person really has some kind of gift …

So, not many people know about the existence of such a person in the Kirov region. The man is said to have predicted today’s virus, the victory of the Russian ice hockey team at the 2018 Olympics without a flag, and even the rise to power of Donald Trump.


The image of this person differs sharply from the standardized portrait of the prophet. This is not some gray-haired old man or a blind old woman. The predictor looks like an ordinary middle-aged man. His work is interesting in that he often receives visions related to Russia. It is possible that he sees much more than he tells, but information about our country is the only thing he shared.

So, what did the local researcher manage to find out about the future of Russia? The dialogue with the prophet looked as simple as possible. The village house is cleaned like any modern person. The decoration is not distinguished by magical elements or anything like that. However, there are still some differences from a person who is not endowed with superpowers. The predictor literally freezes during the conversation, and this happens only when he is listening. During the dialogue, trances happened three times.

The untalkative prophet told about what he saw about the raging infection today. According to his descriptions, the image of a man in a mask appeared before his eyes. This man was dressed in the uniform of a policeman, and a phonendoscope hung around his neck. According to the assumptions of experts in this field, such an image could be a reference to the increased workload of government workers, that is, doctors and the police.

Indeed, today the employees of these structures have the hardest time of all. While the country is sitting at home on self-isolation, the police and doctors are in daily contact with the sick. The police have to make rounds and go to places where the likelihood of infection is very high.

The second vision associated with the infection is a huge queue of people standing at a great distance from each other, and therefore the queue seems strange and unthinkably large. If you go out of the house to the store, you can see just such a picture. As you know, the distance and interval between people should be at least one and a half meters.

About future

I was pleased that the predictor did not see in the disease a threat like the plague or cholera. According to him, the quarantine will end by mid-May.

As for Russia, the prophet commented as follows: “The last war will end in Altai. After victory, Russia will become the greatest power in the world.” And that is all. The interlocutor could not extract another word from the taciturn prophet.

With whom our country will fight and whom it must defeat is unknown. But the forecasts, if you do not take into account the victims, are quite optimistic. It remains only to believe in the words of the predictor and hope for their truth.

To believe or not in all this, everyone decides for himself. Personally, I do not want to deny everything completely, but for the most part, I still consider all these prophecies to be fiction and fitting to events. Well, we cannot know about the future before it happens.

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