Elder Vladislav Shumov’s predictions about the global war and the collapse of the United States

Predictions have been published on the Internet regarding the future of the entire planet and, in particular, the United States. The prophecies were made by Archpriest Vladislav Shumov, who was the rector of the Assumption Church in the village of Obukhovo. The elder left our world in 1996, however, he left behind curious prophecies that were recently voiced on the network.

The predictions attributed to the elder were first published in the book by A.A. Smirnov under the title “Prophetic power of the Bible or legends of the last days”.

According to the sources, the priest predicted a global flood that would cause Japan to disappear. In addition, Australia and the United States will not be able to avoid the flood. The last country will disappear almost completely – only Alaska will remain, which will again become part of the Russian Federation.

According to Vladislav Shumov, the world is in for a global war that will start in Afghanistan and then spread to all other parts of the planet. The conflict will be long and hard, as a result of which humanity may choose the Antichrist as a common ruler.

He said that the world is waiting for great sorrows, but Russia will survive them. Belarus will suffer greatly, but after that it will join Russia. Ukraine, on the other hand, will not agree to unite and “will cry a lot,” the prophet said.

Turkey will again unleash a war with Greece, and Russia in this conflict will be on the side of Greece and will help her.

The purpose of Russia, according to the prophet, is to prevent the accession of the Antichrist. According to the priest, this is the main task of our country.

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