3 main predictions of Nostradamus for 2020

The predictions of the great soothsayer Nostradamus very often come true. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to his forecasts for 2020. What did the great sage see? What secrets of the future did he reveal to people?


In the beginning there is a prediction about wars. And the speech in the predictions will be about the relations between Iran, Egypt and Turkey. The great seer predicted an attempt by the first state to invade the territory of two other countries. Whether this is true, only time will tell, but in the clairvoyant’s prophecies there is one more mention of Iran as a place of military tension. And while Iran is not the only state in the second prediction that will provoke a conflict, the essence of the predictions is the same: we are talking about Muslim attempts to attack Christians, which will end in failure. It is also important that these events will be extended not for one year, but for several. The end of the war will be put by a strong and influential power, which used the water military potential. According to some researchers, this state will be Russia.


The prediction pointing to the possible future of religion does not look as optimistic as one would like. In it, Nostradamus speaks of the fall of the spiritual component of the European Church (most likely, we are talking about the Catholic Church, because the word “abbot” is indicated in the divination) and points to a deep fall into sin of the ministers and heads of the holy institute. Naturally, the fall will not happen instantly, this process will slowly begin to gain momentum in 2020, and will continue over time.


The great soothsayer predicted that Russia would be shaken by a number of important changes in foreign policy. In particular, the state will enter into a profitable alliance with several countries, but Nostradamus does not mention which ones. In addition, these alliances will help Russia in the confrontation with some countries. From the predictions, it is clearly clear that they will be Ukraine and the United States, in which there is a high degree of distrust and hostility towards the Russians. This is not about real conflicts, but rather about intrigues and behind-the-scenes games, as a result of which the states that oppose Russia will be amazed by the powerful force that opposes them.

Thus, it becomes clear that in 2020 Russia will take a stable position and be able to defend it despite the difficulties and hardships that lie before it.

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