Fortune teller Vanga from Kazakhstan (4 photos)

The Kazakh Vanga, in the world Vera Lyon, as soon as she discovered superpowers in herself, decided that her mission would be to help people. The woman brings up children, has a wonderful family, and shares what she saw. She claims that she works in tandem with higher forces that assist in the interpretation of visions, answer questions. The clairvoyant is open to society, shares her thoughts with people through her personal website, and with the help of social networks. A woman carefully processes the information received in the astral plane. The prophetess tells people what she saw in general phrases, from which people draw conclusions.

What the Kazakh Vanga told the world 

Vera Lyon has long been famous for her ability to look to the future. She is revered all over the world not only for her prophecies, but also for her ability to heal the spiritual wounds of the afflicted. The great seer predicted a lot of things, but only the most important will leave its mark on history.

Volcano in the USA

Despite the confusion in the dates, the predictions of the Kazakh Vanga about the volcano in the United States are very popular, since even seismologists are not able to predict the unfolding of events in the future.

In a certain period of time, nuclear winter will come. Vera Lyon claims that for a whole year the planet Earth will not receive the sun. All plants will die out, people will not get food because of this, the human body will not warm up. The level of oxygen on our planet will drop significantly. The consequences are global if everything gets out of the usual rhythm for just a year. Imagine what would happen if the imbalance lasted ten years.

Volcano Yellowstone will provoke activity in other regions. There will be catastrophic consequences. All living things will perish in the first days. An explosion of unprecedented power will tear apart North America, give rise to monstrous waves that will sweep across the earth. Of the mountain systems, only the Himalayas will survive. The USA is symbolized by the moon. Recently, a woman saw in visions that the moon is not visible, because it is covered with clouds, is in a seething cauldron.

China, latest predictions

The latest forecasts about this country say that the global crisis observed all over the world is not connected with China. A heavy burden falls on the lot of the collective West. According to Vera Lyon, the West is rotten from the inside, playing with the devil, exchanging its souls for a progressive path of development. The Higher Powers do not like this, so the countries will be punished.

Fortune teller Vanga from Kazakhstan (4 photos)

The Chinese people will be at the helm of the entire planet, since they are the strongest. The leadership of the US and the West are for now fabricated. The Chinese economy is developing dynamically. A lot of investment from all over the world is flocking to Hong Kong. And this can guarantee the country:

  • prosperity;
  • financial well-being;
  • strong army;
  • thriving market and much more.

It is not important for Russia to lead the leadership on the planet, therefore, together with China, it will rule the world. The main thing is that over time, the PRC “does not turn its nose up.” With this unfolding of events, the country will decline. Walking for a long time with your head held high, sooner or later you will catch on a stone and fall. This forecast was made for the future.

Then, from the last predictions of the prophetess, large waves will appear that will sweep across the country and reach the China Wall. Almost all life on the territory will die. It will take time to restore the flora and fauna, but part of the population will survive.

Russia, latest predictions

The Kazakh seer writes a lot about Russia. After global catastrophes, part of the surviving population will be drawn to the borders of Russia to seek refuge there. Russians from the bottom of their hearts will help those affected by the elements.

However, in the latest clairvoyances, the new Vanga is sure that humanity will avoid global (at the planetary level) catastrophes. But Russia will also get it: a lot of water will go to the land, which will not resist the elements and turn over, but over time it will return to its original place. Most likely, it was about the continental plate, on which there will be not only floods, but earthquakes. It also talks about strange water that behaves unpredictably. In the end, the sun will dominate.

Fortune teller Vanga from Kazakhstan (4 photos)

The president is in constant danger

Putin, latest predictions

Vera Lyon approached Putin from various angles. She talked about the fact that a lot of unworthy people are spinning around the president, seeking to tear apart the state, to warm their hands near the “throne”. Having no idea how to manage such a powerful, huge state. Only a quarter of those close to you can be called decent people, all the rest are swindlers, charlatans. The seer also claims that the president is constantly in some kind of danger.

The spiritual protection of the head of state is the army of Russians, who stand with their backs to the center. Putin often does not stand on solid ground as black forces lift the ground (there are small setbacks in politics).

Vera Lyon does not yet know who will be the next head of state, but she is confident that Putin will remain president for at least three more terms. It does not matter how it will turn out (they will hold a referendum, someone from the environment will take the reins of power). The whole world is interested in Putin’s personality, so the Kazakh seer promises that in the future she will also predict the future associated with the head of state.

New predictions about Ukraine 

Vera Lisich argued in her prophecies that the people of Ukraine will eventually be zombified by the media, so they will no longer see the truth in the flow of incoming information. The United States is to blame for the zombification. The Bulgarian seer says that Russophobia will flourish among Ukrainians. Youth movements should not be given weapons in their hands. Ukraine will collapse if nationalists come to power, because they will be vengeful.

Fortune teller Vanga from Kazakhstan (4 photos)

Permanent unemployment, a possible default await the population. The country’s authorities will do everything to avoid default. The incumbent president will resort to the help of Russia to eliminate unrest on his territory.

Despite the depressing prognosis, Ukraine will end up with a bright future. People will live happily, without violence, lies. Those who survive the transformation will appreciate what they have.

Sooner or later, a strong leader will appear in the country who will lead the country out of all the vicissitudes. This prophecy is already being interpreted in two ways. Some argue that we are talking about Poroshenko, others are of the opinion that we are talking about another person who did not come to power. The leader with his strong hand will hold Ukraine at the moment when it falls into the abyss. The strong hand of the owner will be felt in everything, the changes will be qualitative, gradual.

For several years now, the Kazakh seer has been giving accurate predictions regarding individual countries and the entire planet as a whole. The woman leads an open lifestyle, shares her clairvoyances on Internet resources and social networks. There is a whole segment of the population in society who believed Vera Lyon. Society in anticipation of new predictions. Vera Lisich doesn’t care what they think of her, she does what she loves: she tells society about the coming changes.

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