Psychic predictions about Putin for 2019

After the next elections, when it became clear who would rule the state for the next six years, the interest of Russians in the fate of Vladimir Putin not only did not weaken, but became noticeably stronger! People’s curiosity is understandable – the most unimaginable rumors are circulating around the president’s personality, which concern both his private life and the role he intends to play on the world stage. The president himself, as is known, either evasively answers most questions, or does not comment at all.

It is not surprising that Russians (as well as residents of other countries) try to find information in any sources, resorting to the forecasts of political scientists, economists and even astrologers. Of course, this information is often contradictory and fragmentary, but for everyone who is interested in predictions about the fate of Vladimir Putin, we have prepared a selection of the latest forecasts for 2019!

Predictions about Putin from clairvoyants and astrologers

Find out what will be the fate of Putin according to astrologers and soothsayers!

To begin with, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the forecasts of people representing the field of astrology and extrasensory perception. So…

  • Pavel Globa. The Russian astrologer made his prediction based on the manuscripts, which contained the predictions of Vasily Nemchin. The author of the manuscripts warned the Russians about the appearance of a certain person, called the “Great Potter”. This person will have great strength, knowledge in the field of esotericism, wisdom and charisma, which will allow him to renew the state and strengthen Russia’s position on the world stage. According to Globa, Gonchar will turn 55 when he comes to power, and the heyday of the state under his leadership will be in 2024. It can be assumed that it is this person who will replace Vladimir Putin in office. At the same time, the astrologer warns the head of state that his new presidency may be short-lived. Globa substantiated this forecast by the transition of Saturn to the house of Scorpio, which indicates a possible illness of Vladimir Putin. Shortly before the appearance of Gonchar, Russia will be mired in squabbles, civil strife and the struggle for power. However, Globa has already predicted Putin the possibility of death in 2016, but this prediction did not come true. Yes, and Nemchin’s prophecies cause a certain skepticism among experts, since no one except the astrologer himself has seen these manuscripts with their own eyes.
  • Vlad Ross. The astrologer believes that events in the life of the Russian president will not develop in the most favorable way. In support of his predictions, he cites the fact that Putin’s reign began at the moment of a fatal solar eclipse. Such personalities live and work energetically, and at the end of the saros cycle they leave the arena. This cycle lasts 18 years and 6 months, which means that Putin’s saros expires in 2018. The second factor confirming the calculations of Vlad Ross is the Zoroastrian calendar. Now comes the period of Camel’s reign, and Russian history says that in such years there were often coups and the removal of leaders. For example, the departure of Lenin, the death of Stalin, and drastic changes under Gorbachev took place precisely in the year of the Camel. Ross also predicted the future of Russia after changes in power circles.
  • Mikhail Levin.  Another astrologer believes that the stars clearly indicate a change of power in Russia. So far, it is impossible to say who exactly will rule the country after Putin – this person prefers not to shine in the media. This person, according to the astrologer, will follow the path of reforming law enforcement agencies, the role of which will significantly decrease. Finances will be directed to social projects, development of democracy and economy. Levin believes that Putin will not want to give up power voluntarily – the current president will not make obvious attacks, but will try to discredit the successor. It is possible that a shaky balance will be established in Russia for several years, and the behind-the-scenes game of politicians will lead to a deterioration in the life of ordinary people.
  • Mary Duval.  An astrologer from France predicted that a new politician would appear in Russia very soon. He will be young, energetic and active, and his main specialization is economics and finance. This person can start active actions as early as 2019, and he will come to power because Putin will give up the presidency due to illness.
  • Fatima Khadueva.  A participant in the battle of psychics believes that soon a time of prosperity will come in Russia. Now the state is suffering from the karmic consequences that overtook Russia due to the persecution of Rasputin and the assassination of Nicholas II. It was these events that led to numerous wars, revolutions and crises. Gorbachev, Yeltsin and the current president of the country are three figures who had to pay off their karmic debt. When the intercessor of the country, the Mother of God, considers that all sins are washed away, Vladimir Putin will step down as president, and he will be replaced by a man whose reign will later be called the “golden period of Russia.”
  • Alexander Alexandrov.  A well-known specialist in the field of esotericism and numerology wrote a whole book about the magic of numbers. In it, he paid attention to the personality of Vladimir Putin, calculating the key dates in the life of the president. After that, Alexandrov said that Putin’s rule would end only in 2024.
  • Sergei Loginov.  The astrologer reports Putin’s imminent and very likely illness. According to Loginov, even today all decisions in the country are made not by the president himself, but by his inner circle. In 2019, the situation will worsen so much that a split will begin between the ruling elites, who are trying to nominate their own person as potential leaders. The stars say the regions may demand autonomy and secede from Moscow. The main conflicts will arise in the Caucasus region and Tatarstan. When Putin leaves the presidency, China will begin the expansion of the Far East.

Psychics predict that Putin will relinquish power due to illness

Expert forecasts about Vladimir Putin

Well, forecasts about the possible future of Vladimir Putin are made not only by astrologers! Many political scientists, sociologists and businessmen also speak out on this issue. We present the most interesting opinions of public figures.

  • Mikhail Khodorkovsky.  The former head and co-owner of Yukos believes that in 2019, Russians will become more active in expressing grievances against the Putin regime. It is possible that the indignation will reach such proportions that by 2020 Russia will change power ahead of schedule. Khodorkovsky calls Putin’s behavior and thinking unpredictable and irrational. In addition, he described the president as a person living in a completely different reality.
  • Leonid Sedov.  A well-known sociologist made a forecast based on a long-term study of key dates in the history of the Russian Federation. The mathematical model showed that Russia lives in seventeen-year cycles, and each of them ends with a change of power. For example, after seventeen years of the rule of the “Stalinists”, a thaw came, then perestroika came, and then people who were part of Putin’s inner circle gained power. If this mathematical trend continues, then it is in 2019 that Russia will change its president.
  • Alexander Shokhin.  The person who leads the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs is simply obliged to understand well the current trends in economics and politics! At the same time, Shokhin is also considered a good forecaster. For example, he was able to foresee Yeltsin’s departure from the post of head of state. The expert believes that there are no factors that threaten the power of the current president, since there are simply no other leaders of this magnitude in Russia. Shokhin suggests that Putin will not hand over power until Russia is strong enough. The presidential entourage is already preparing a package of reforms, the implementation of which will be scheduled until 2025. Based on this, Putin does not intend to voluntarily leave the post, and rumors about his illness are extremely exaggerated.

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