Prophecies of Tibetan monks

Time goes forward, and soon it will be a year since the fateful date of December 21, 2012, on which the ancient Mayans appointed us the end of the world. When the doomsday did not happen, all progressive mankind joyfully opened champagne and immediately tried to forget about the terrible prophecy, like a bad dream. In vain!

The translation of the fatal date from the ancient calendar into the modern one could give a significant error, and the frequency of natural disasters growing every year cannot but cause concern. True, no matter how the weather on the globe changes, the apocalypse will not come instantly anyway.

Therefore, the author of the article, like most of the inhabitants of the planet, plunged into his own affairs, recklessly forgetting about the terrible prediction. And suddenly this summer, on one of the analytical sites, I saw scanned photographs of some memo from the first years of Soviet power, compiled somewhere in the depths of the OGPU. True, the number and heading of the document were retouched, so it was impossible to determine whether the document was secret or not, by whom and when it was drawn up. At the same time, the text of the note itself was visible quite clearly and aroused a certain interest, because it said that the monks of Tibet allegedly told the expedition, consisting of employees of the OGPU, about the end of the world, which will really happen, but in 2014.


The memo summed up the famous expedition of ten people led by Yakov Blumkin, which was sent in 1925 to Tibet in search of artifacts of previous civilizations of the Earth and the City of the Gods. Today, many books have been written about this expedition, but for the first time the author of the article came across a document claiming to be authentic, created directly in the bowels of the organization that sent its employees to Tibet.

Today it is no longer a secret to anyone (and this is confirmed by the text of the note) that a rather expensive expedition was organized by order of Dzerzhinsky himself and consisted exclusively of employees of the special department of the OGPU, led by the no less legendary researcher of the sacred secrets of mankind Gleb Boky.

From the note it followed that the main goal of the expedition was not to prove the existence, but to clarify the geographical coordinates of the location of the City of the Gods and obtain technology for a previously unknown weapon of terrible destructive power. It turns out that no one at that time even doubted the existence of the city! Interestingly, the leaders of Nazi Germany also sent secret expeditions to these places more than once – and with the same goals.

The note confirms the information known from a number of publications in the media that initially Blumkin tried to act under the guise of a Mongolian lama, but was exposed in Lhasa. The document says that he was saved from arrest by a mandate signed by Dzerzhinsky and addressed to the 13th Dalai Lama. Surprisingly, the spiritual leader of the Buddhists gladly received Blumkin, considering the appeal to him by one of the leaders of the Soviet Union as a good sign.

Blumkin from an illegal tourist instantly turned into an important guest. However, the security officer did not forget for a minute about the task of the center. And he bargained with the Dalai Lama for a visit to the underground structures under the Potala Palace, in which, according to the monks, the City of the Gods with wonderful mechanisms was located – he bargained in exchange for a promise to supply the government of Tibet with a large batch of weapons on credit and open a credit line in gold.


Having passed a kind of initiation, Blumkin, accompanied by thirteen monks in January 1926, finally descended into a mysterious dungeon. The note describes in detail the path of an OGPU officer through a whole chain of underground labyrinths with a complex system of locks. To open this or that door, the monks each stood in a certain place and, in the process of roll call, pulled metal rings hanging from the ceiling on chains, only after that the door opened with a rattle.

According to the note, Blumkin counted thirteen doors, as well as the monks accompanying him. Of the secret halls with the mechanisms of the gods, he was shown only two. In one of them was a certain machine, which the monks called “vajra”. Outwardly, it was a huge tongs, which, according to the monks, appeared in underground tunnels for 8-10 thousand years BC. e. With the help of this machine, gold was evaporated at a temperature close to the sun – 6-7 thousand degrees. Visually, according to the monks, the process looked like this: gold flashed and turned into powder. The elite of ancient civilizations added this powder to food and drink, thereby extending their lives for hundreds of years. With the help of the same powder, the ancient inhabitants moved huge stone blocks, however, the technology, as it happened, was not preserved.


According to Blumkin, the monks told him that artifacts of all previous civilizations of the Earth, of which there were five, are stored in the underground halls. Each of them perished as a result of a global natural cataclysm caused by the passage of a certain planet near the Sun, three times the size of the Earth and, accordingly, with a large amount of heat and water on its surface. The frequency of the passage of this planet through the solar system was, according to the monks, about 3,600 years. Anyone who is even slightly interested in the alternative history of the Earth, it will immediately become clear that we are talking about a planet that we know as Nibiru.

This planet, as Blumkin was told, rotates, unlike the Earth, clockwise, therefore, when these two celestial bodies approach each other, a powerful electromagnetic flow creates major natural disasters on our planet. The monks noted that every fourth approach to this planet causes a Flood on Earth, destroying all life, including another human civilization. In this case, the wave rises up to seven meters, and its speed is 1,000 km/h. The last, third cycle of the planet’s entry into the solar system was observed in 1586 BC. e., and the fatal fourth, which should destroy our civilization, causing a new world flood, should occur in 2009-2014. Moreover, according to the monks, in 2009 the sinister planet will reappear on the outskirts of the solar system,

The note says that the monks of Tibet knew about the prophetic calendars of the Babylonians, Mayans and Aztecs, which ended with this date. The difference of one or two years may have arisen due to the numerous translations of ancient calendars into modern ones. The gene pool of humanity, as well as its technology, will once again be saved by monks in an underground city in Antarctica and Tibet, which are interconnected by underground passages, as indicated in the note.

Interestingly, the monks also talked about the change of poles during the flood. So, the first, most ancient pole, according to their information, was located on the site of the modern Easter Island, and it is possible that its idols are images of the inhabitants of the legendary Arctida, or Hyperborea. The new North Pole after the apocalypse-2014 should be North America.

The final part of the note says that, according to Blumkin, Japanese and German intelligence also became the owners of the information transmitted to him by the monks. Therefore, it was urgently necessary to organize a new expedition to Tibet, emphasizing the need of his government for weapons and gold. Such an expedition was organized, but it was not Blumkin who led it: after an attempt to escape abroad in 1929, he was arrested and disappeared in the dungeons of the Lubyanka. A certain Savelyev led the next expedition. This theory fits perfectly with the construction of the mythical New Berlin by the Nazis in Antarctica at the end of the war. Perhaps the members of their expedition to Tibet really managed to get the same information as Blumkin.

The final part of the note tells about the plans for the preparation of Savelyev’s expedition to Tibet. True, nothing is known for certain about her. However, today, on the eve of 2014, this is not so important. If the note is reliable, and the monks of Tibet were not mistaken, then now it is much more important to understand whether Nibiru really exists, and if so, where is it at the moment.


Unfortunately, the monks were not far from the truth. Back in 1982, numerous scientific publications in the West announced that NASA had recognized the existence of another planet in the solar system. A year later, NASA’s infrared artificial satellite discovered a huge object near the solar system. The object was so huge that it exceeded even Jupiter in size. The cosmic body moved from the direction of the constellation Orion, which, as is known, appears in the mythology of many ancient civilizations of the Earth as the homeland of the gods. Since that moment, NASA employees, having retired, have often told the press that the governments of the largest powers in the world know about Nibiru and are even preparing for evacuation to underground shelters, however, in order not to cause panic, they do not spread about it. However, these words are not confirmed, but not refuted officially.

Otherwise, it is assumed that Nibiru is a wanderer planet that revolves around the so-called dark star or brown dwarf. Periodically, this planet, as evidenced by the mythological texts of ancient civilizations, as well as modern astronomers, passes through the solar system in the vicinity of Jupiter. Modern research confirms that the rotation of Nibiru is carried out in the opposite direction, unlike the bulk of the planets of the solar system, which periodically changes the trajectory of Nibiru, and at the same time brings destruction to our planetary system.

At the same time, modern researchers argue that the fiery red Nibiru with its satellites passes through the solar system quite quickly – it takes her from several weeks to several months. It is assumed that the planet, of which today only the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars remains, died due to a collision with Nibiru. The red alien caused a change in the tilt of the axis of rotation of some planets, and a number of the largest craters arose due to a collision with Nibiru’s satellites.

Astronomers assumed that it would be possible to observe Nibiru from Earth through a telescope starting from mid-May 2009, but only in the Southern Hemisphere, as the monks of Tibet said. From mid-summer 2011, it should have been visible to people on all continents. Armageddon was scheduled for December 2012, as predicted by the ancient Mayans. At this time, Nibiru was supposed to be equal in size to the Sun in the sky and cause a number of major natural disasters on Earth. However, as we know, this did not happen.

In February 2013, researchers predicted the passage of the Earth between Nibiru and the Sun – it was then that the geographic poles of the Earth should have changed and the Flood occurred. However, this did not happen either. Scientists expected that from the summer of 2014, Nibiru would begin to leave the solar system, and the troubles would begin to fade away.

So what do we have in the bottom line? Information of the ancients was only half confirmed? An unknown planet was discovered, its path was traced to the entrance to the solar system, photos and videos of Nibiru even walked on the Internet, but only until the moment when it should have become visible from Earth to the naked eye. Then – silence. Since Nibiru did not appear in the sky, then only one conclusion suggests itself – the trajectory of its movement has changed, and it has gone away from the solar system. So, there is a chance to happily survive 2014 as well.



When we showed the note to a number of experts related to the Russian special services, they issued a rather contradictory conclusion. Here it is:

– The document looks like a reliable one, but there are several subtle points that may indicate that it was compiled by some forces with unclear goals much later than the expected date and is a high-quality fake.

The document was printed as a carbon copy, that is, it is a copy, and not the first copy, which was always presented to the addressee for reading. However, on it (on a copy!) Personal notes of the addressee, for example, “I agree.” It can, of course, be assumed that the first copy was lost due to sloppiness, and an archive copy was slipped to Merkulov, but this is unlikely.

Judging by the indicated positions of Merkulov and Dekanozov, the document may refer to 1939-1941.

In the list of the composition and means of the expedition of 29 people, there is one doctor, one veterinarian, nine cars, of which three are ambulance buses, but not a single auto mechanic and no auto repair shop, which is more than strange. For 29 people, three ambulance buses are clearly too much, but an auto mechanic, or even better two, and a car repair shop in the conditions of bad roads and low reliability of cars of those years would be just right.

The biggest blunder in the “financial part” section.

It is not clear why exactly the tsarist gold rubles became the currency for the official Soviet expedition. Indeed, since the 1920s, the USSR minted its own gold coins – chervonets. It would be more logical and easier to send them to Tibet. It is also completely unclear from the document how much money is proposed to be given to the expedition members – it is said about 1,000 gold coins, but how much is this in gold rubles?

After all, the gold ruble is the monetary unit of the Russian Empire, introduced by the monetary reform of 1897, and in the monetary circulation of Russia there were gold coins in denominations: 5; 7.5; 10 and 15 rubles … That is, 1000 coins is from 5,000 to 15,000 gold rubles! It turns out that Dekanozov asks himself he doesn’t know what, and Merkulov, a very educated person who in tsarist times held these same golden rubles in his hands, agrees to what it is not clear. Nothing is said about the possible timing of the new expedition, which is strange.

“Secrets and Mysteries” September 2013

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