Kazakh Vanga’s prediction for 2019: the whole world will shudder, Yellowstone will make itself felt

A prophecy of the famous seer from Kazakhstan, Vera Lyon, popularly referred to as the Kazakh Vanga, appeared on the network.

The prediction for 2019 says that during this period the planet will literally shudder. Nothing fatal for Russia will happen, but the United States will have an extremely difficult time. The thing is that the awakening Yellowstone supervolcano will become the cause of massive problems in America and other countries of the world.

According to the soothsayer, in 2019 the supervolcano will begin to live its own life, which will lead to a large-scale cataclysm on the mainland where it is located.

The clairvoyant also pointed out that in the coming year there will be many environmental problems in the world, the situation will continue to worsen. Another problem that will be actively discussed by scientists will be the melting of ice near the North Pole.

As for politics, here Vera Lyon paid special attention to the United States. The authority of this state in 2019 will significantly “sag”. The reason will be the numerous natural disasters that will hit the country. However, there will be other conditions as well.

With regards to relations between Russia and Ukraine, the clairvoyant did not see any new aggravation between the countries.

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