Astrologer’s prediction: What will happen after the pandemic

The famous astrologer Pavel Andreev shared with our channel All For You his opinion about what will change in the world after the coronavirus pandemic.

Could this situation have been foreseen?

Yes, and some astrologers have tried to warn humanity of the coming trials. It was clearly visible that changes were coming that would affect both deep structural changes in consciousness, institutions of power, and problems in the economy.

Has anything like this happened before?

Yes, and more than once. It was at the beginning of the last century, during the First World War, the revolution, before the Second World War, in the second half of the 20th century, when the leaders of the USSR died one after another, during the collapse of the state, etc.

How long will this state of affairs last?

The epicenter of these events passed at the end of March. By June, social tension will begin to subside. But in December we will again feel the echo of the past days.

What can you expect in December?

In my personal opinion, there will be no second round of the pandemic, but its echoes will be heard for a long time to come. We should expect political and economic crises, which are a consequence of the experience.

– What are the consequences of the events experienced?

It will be possible to answer something exactly to this question only at the end of December. But we will feel the second wave of the economic crisis in February 2021. Then the oxen will go one after another on the rise. The first in early summer 2021 and the second in December 2021. The whole next year will pass under the auspices of the planet Uranus, which brings to life something new, a technological revival, the destruction of a unipolar dictatorship, the flourishing of democracy, both within individual countries and on the whole planet.

What can we expect in June?

This question is easy to answer. Wait for the new information campaign:

  • Trials of the new vaccine were successful;
  • We defeated the coronavirus;
  • Treatment of patients with coronavirus infection was carried out incorrectly, mechanical ventilation was used in vain;
  • It was impossible to lock people at home. Fresh air, long walks, sunlight and, most importantly, a positive attitude are needed;
  • The first patients with coronavirus were discovered in the fall of 2019, and now we have developed strong immunity.

What do you think about this topic? We will be interested to know your opinion. But please, be more restrained in your statements. After all, children can read it.

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