Helena Blavatsky the soothsayer (8 photos)

The world is endless, bright. The planet is inhabited by people seeking to find a place in life. Everyone wants to find a personal purpose in life, to leave something behind. The task extends to every person, even to those who stand out from the crowd. One can only imagine what responsibility falls on those who came into the world with a special purpose: to signal, notify society of upcoming changes and events. One such person was Elena Petrovna Blavatsky. After herself, she left many works that are relevant today.

Childhood and conscious life of the famous soothsayer

Elena was born into an intelligent family in the first half of the nineteenth century. The family was considered educated. The mother and father loved the girl. Raised in the spirit of justice, respect for the person. On the maternal side there was a famous princess who became famous for writing the most famous works. On the father’s side, the famous Macklenburg count family appears. Unfortunately, the girl did not receive maternal love, because she suddenly died of consumption. The maternal grandparents took care of the child.

So, Elena Petrovna Blavatsky already from childhood got acquainted with the nature of Ukraine, Russia, the Caucasus. The girl simultaneously understood that in some mysterious way she was different from other peers, peers. The child drew, played the piano, had a penchant for foreign languages. Talents were revealed in her in childhood.

adult years

So, Elena Petrovna Blavatsky decided in her life:

  • a writer;
  • occultist;
  • spiritualist;
  • a traveler;
  • philosopher.

She announced that the brotherhood of Tibetan mahatmas guards the “secret knowledge”, the traveler will become a student of this brotherhood.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, together with her associates, Elena Petrovna Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society. It went deep into the teachings in order to reveal in them the supersensible powers of people. Only in this way, according to the woman, are the secrets of nature comprehended. The main goal of the philosopher was to create a society without distinctions in skin color, faith, castes, and so on.

The Theosophical Society was overwhelmingly popular, so branches were opened in the cities of the world. The fortune teller wrote her works in English, which she was fluent in.

Helena Blavatsky the soothsayer (8 photos)

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in India

A man of extraordinary strength

Even Colonel Olcott did not dare to say who Elena Petrovna really was, but everyone around agreed that this woman had extraordinary spiritual strength. Only having excessive strictness towards oneself, the desire to improve oneself gave the fruits of success in the society of that time. Also, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was a truly sincere person, because she had a beautiful soul.

The woman did not care what they thought of her, how they would react to her actions. Sometimes she was overly eloquent in correspondence with many people, but she could not, did not know how to do it differently. The traveler was extremely impatient when it came to serving the idea. The will of the Teacher was fulfilled in any case, no matter how long-suffering life seemed.

Another striking character trait was humor, brilliant, well-aimed, sometimes not to everyone’s liking. Having a sharp tongue, bright charisma, Elena Petrovna Blavatsky immediately stood out from the crowd. She liked to tell some fable to keep the conversation going.

The dark side of the coin

Along with unprecedented fame, the soothsayer made many enemies among atheists and orthodox people. The writer had the imprudence to say that the orthodox people incorrectly interpret the sayings of the Bible.

Those, of course, took up arms against the philosopher for this. Atheists claimed that the founder of the Theosophical Society was excessively fond of mysticism, therefore she was considered a charlatan. Even Roerich himself noted that Elena Petrovna had a hard time, because she often became a victim of slander, lead, ignorance, rudeness. Roerich admired the traveler’s education and believed that over time Russia would appreciate the bright mind of the martyr.

Helena Blavatsky the soothsayer (8 photos)

The soothsayer has made many enemies among atheists, orthodox

Awareness of the soothsayer in many matters

A brilliant woman showed herself in the second half of the nineteenth century. At that time, technology, science developed strongly, man comprehended the external form of life. In turn, the spiritualist was engaged in esotericism. It was important for her to delve into the religious concept of the nation, to study the symbolism, magic, and rituals of the country. Each member of society strived for personal growth, spiritual self-improvement. Mahatma Gandhi himself bowed to the great woman.

So, Blavatsky Elena Petrovna was the strongest writer. Her multi-volume heritage in the form of fantastic stories, literary stories, and notes was published in America. Religious teachings are vividly compared in the two-volume Isis Unveiled. The “Secret Doctrine” summarizes the entire creative path of the seeker of the unknown, the unique. The two-volume book was written in just two years.

Elena the know-it-all was disliked in secular circles, since she, without special preparation, could enter into a debate with a famous philosopher. In order for the words to have weight, she cited facts from ancient scriptures. In her books, such a scope of knowledge hits the eyes that hardly anyone else can compete with this great woman in erudition.

Many experts are now coming to the conclusion that Madame Blavatsky was born too early. She was ahead of her time, therefore she greatly undermined the scientific foundations of that time. Now her works are the property of science. Only a hundred years have passed, many of the predictions have come true. Astronomers, archaeologists, other specialists call it a phenomenon.

Having visited such countries as India, Tibet, the writer got acquainted with ancient texts, communicated with the abbots of temples and monasteries. The ancient manuscripts contained a lot of useful, unique information. Rolls of priceless papers, stored in specially designated, closed to the common man, places. Under all the eastern temples and monasteries there are passages that only knowledgeable people could visit. Elena was one of those people.

Helena Blavatsky the soothsayer (8 photos)

Blavatsky with Henry Olcott – her associate, like-minded, friend

Personal life in a separate line

Passions were in full swing, as contemporaries claimed. Being married, the traveler marries again Betanelli (Georgian by nationality). She was also credited with novels with barons, princes. But at the end of her years, Elena Petrovna was considered a zealous feminist and man-hater. She told everyone that she was proud of her life, proud of the fact that she devoted herself primarily to society, and not to specific people. It suited her that there were no children, our philosopher did not burden herself with caring for them.

How Madame Blavatsky saw America

Arriving by boat from France, she lived in the poorest quarter, making artificial flowers. She did manual labor to support herself. Even the inheritance from his father did not save him. Significant was the meeting with Colonel Olcott. During frequent conversations, good songs, the interlocutors became close.

Madame Blavatsky’s apartment was tastefully furnished. The interweaving of different cultures succinctly fit into the interior of the premises.

The environment contributed to creative manifestations, so the writer decided in 1875 to write messages to the Brotherhood of Teachers and create her own church.

Isis Unveiled was written in a mystical way. Our philosopher claimed that when she approached her desk in the morning, there were about thirty sheets of manuscript on it, which appeared out of nowhere during the night. While writing, Master took over her body, mind. Darwin is criticized in this work. The suggestion is made that occult insight should also be studied as a science. In the second volume there are suggestions that on the basis of Buddhism, science and religion can be united.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky pays special attention to the Dzyan manuscript. The work was written in Senzar. Only the gods understood the language. The seer drew an analogy of “Dzyan” with the Bible and other significant books for society as a whole. Not everyone can understand the deep meaning of books; ancient texts were supplied with special keys that only a select few could decipher. Our spiritualist was one of them. In confirmation of this, the mention of the “Divine breath” in the “Secret Doctrine”.

A hundred years ago, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, who never compromised, suggested that Universes appear and disappear. It is unusual to understand that already in ancient times people had ideas about the Universes, about the Cosmos. Also in her writings, Elena Petrova claimed that initially there was nothing. There was only darkness, from which everything slowly emerged. There was no matter, no time, no space. I would like to give, as an example, the words of Einstein, who claimed the same thing.

Helena Blavatsky the soothsayer (8 photos)

Blavatskaya Elena Petrovna predicted the divisibility of the atom

Blavatsky’s Accurate Predictions

Divisibility of the atom

During the time of Elena Petrovna, the fact of atomic fission was denied. Contemporary scientists argued that everything around consists of solid, impenetrable particles. Only at the beginning of the twentieth century did the world start talking about the electron. Electronics entered everyday life, changed it forever. More recently, it turned out that the so-called bricks are divided. The divisibility of small particles is carried out ad infinitum.

Where did our philosopher have reliable information? There is no secret, there is only a relationship with Nature, the evolution of human thought. Laws, conclusions were based on Cosmic axioms. All this and more is described in The Secret Doctrine, the Book for All Ages.

There is no void in space

The ingenious soothsayer once claimed that there is no emptiness on the planet Earth, there is only a collision of the strongest energies. This revelation is described in The Secret Doctrine.

Physics of the Sun

The Great Messenger of the Light Forces said a century ago that the Sun is able to breathe! By the way, thanks to the sun (rhythmically pulsating organism), Elena Petrovna Blavatskaya systematically received knowledge, expanded her horizons, and was guided by the knowledge of the Living Universe. The sun directs the evolution of mankind in the right direction.

In The Secret Doctrine, the Great Prophetess spoke about the cosmic thinking of man, about those sciences for which human strength is spent most of all. Blavatsky claimed that people had already come from somewhere on the planet Earth. The following example is given to confirm her words. A Peruvian scientist found stone engravings in the second half of the twentieth century, which were about two hundred thousand years old. On the stones-messages are depicted a map of the earth, ancient animals, human health is described.

Helena Blavatsky the soothsayer (8 photos)

Blavatsky claimed that people had already come from somewhere on the planet earth

A hundred years ago, the Great Woman suggested that the Cosmos is expanding and contracting. Her contemporaries even found it difficult to understand the meaning of words, not that they entered into controversy. Confirmation came in the first half of the twentieth century from E. Hubble. The scientist constructed a cosmological prototype of the expansion of the Universe based on the displacement of the galaxy. Over time, another outstanding scientist worked closely with the concepts of compression of the Cosmos.

ultrasonic waves

Waves were only talked about in the twentieth century. In turn, Madame Blavatsky – at the end of the nineteenth century. Dudinsky argued that science, whether it wants it or not, is crawling towards Theosophy, where Cosmic Laws predominate, Divine Wisdom develops. The turns of evolution are very important for humanity, because there are forces to achieve the set goals, there is a vision in which direction to move.

Age of planets

Our philosopher knew the approximate age of the Earth, the Moon, and indicated it in her Secret Doctrine. Thanks to the radiocarbon method, American astronauts were able to determine the age of the moon, brought some soil with them to earth. Based on the study, the Moon is older than the Earth.


Our Elena Ivanovna touched upon the holy of holies of biology, suggested the existence of DNA. At that time, her awareness of this issue was so great that the woman was freely oriented in the mechanism of gene connection. The difficulty was only the origin of the first DNA. The Great Seer believed that genetics, as a science, would develop over time to incredible heights.

Watson and Crick excellently deciphered the genetic code by depicting DNA as a double helix. Both received the Nobel Prize. As the Thin Plan of a person expands, his evolution and acquaintance with the environment are evenly carried out. In theosophical teaching, many find answers to their questions of interest. Blavatsky warned her contemporaries that you would not be fed up with science alone. Along with scientific theses, discoveries, one should take care of the boundless energy of the Spirit. The latter is a strong source of creativity.

Helena Blavatsky the soothsayer (8 photos)

The Great Seer believed that genetics would develop over time to incredible heights.

Don’t put up with misinformation

In The Secret Doctrine, the soothsayer strongly criticized Darwin’s theory, since it did not have a sufficient evidence base. One famous professor said on this occasion that lies were taken at face value. The human body, the body of an animal for centuries, for thousands of years, went different ways, developed. To create a human form of life, a unique building material is needed. Under no circumstances, under any upbringing, will an animal become a man, it will not take on human facial features and character. There can be no compromises.


Our writer in his writings argued that earlier the Moon (large size) was at a smaller distance from the Earth. For many years the planet gave its life force to the Earth. Now the Moon is called a dead planet and sends dead biofields to us, which is harmful. White tissue (ozone layer) protects from harmful radiation, in its full phase the Moon is most harmful to humanity.

Time will pass, the neighbor-planet will disappear altogether, will transfer the reins of government to the planet standing behind it. The soothsayer also in her books argued that the continuation of the family in the future would be carried out without conception. This applies to plants, animals and humans. The air will be saturated with ether. The woman believed that many years would pass, and people would become more receptive on a mental level, spiritual.

What Blavatsky knew

  • About quantum theory, which was confirmed at the beginning of the twentieth century. On the relativity of time.
  • The wave nature of matter, in turn, de Broglie picked up this idea. On the possibility of vibrations of matter, which after a while were discovered in quantum mechanics by scientists.
  • She was probably calculating the swing formula. She assumed that science had not fully studied gravitational processes. Claimed that the occult, Eastern religions have a lot in common.
  • She knew that the concept of ether would either pass or leave science. On the attachment of consciousness to the concepts of matter, energy.
  • That the human mind is a high step in nature. Claimed that the Cosmos is emptiness and unlimited vacuum at the same time. Many physicists are now inclined to this thesis.
  • That individual atoms have consciousness, as experimental physics now confirms. She assumed that the Universe consists of separate parts that interact with each other. At the moment, many scientists are inclined to the same idea. She proved at one time that the Sun does not “burn”, as many believed.
  • The great woman knew that the Earth used to rotate on a different axis, foresaw significant temperature fluctuations on the planet. From some sources I received information that the earth previously had a completely different flora and fauna. For example, Australia was an endless oasis.Helena Blavatsky the soothsayer (8 photos)

    Blavatsky knew that the Earth used to rotate on a different axis

  • Claimed that the planet has a special Spirit. Gaia’s followers agree with her. She admitted that the earth is endowed with “reason, consciousness”, if we start from the theology of her behavior. Blavatsky knew about the equation for the speed of light multiplied by two.
  • She foresaw the appearance of a photon, which Einstein later discovered (photoelectric effect). She assumed that everything that surrounds us is in a struggle (Brownian motion).
  • Blavatsky was sure that space and time are closely related. Einstein later proved this theory. She indicated the exact time when the secrets of nature would be revealed, the end of the nineteenth beginning of the twentieth century.

The main discoveries that the soothsayer foresaw were the appearance of the X-ray, the concept of radioactivity. At the same time, scientists discovered the electron, the atom (fission). Scientists have discovered alpha, beta particles.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’s predictions, since all thoughts are pure, frank, truthful. For the allotted period of her life, the Inspirer led a cultural public life, was the founder of many ideas. One fragile woman, as if with powerful threads, connected the past, present, future. She called for a person not to choose easy paths in life, to improve himself, to find hidden sources of strength in himself, scoop them up with a big spoon. The future is behind a bright mind, great forces are behind love for each other, behind human wisdom.

Thus, Elena Petrovna Blavatsky was the brightest personality of her time. Not a single volume of fundamental works was written by the Enlightener. Traveling a lot around the world, a woman, like a sponge, absorbed new, useful information for society. Many did not like her, some were afraid, but there were no indifferent ones.

More than a hundred years have passed, the name of the writer was spoken with renewed vigor. For those wishing to get acquainted with the activities of the famous writer, there are specialized Internet pages. Any information about Elena Petrovna Blavatsky is recognized in the Internet resource.

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