Predictions of clairvoyants and psychics for 2021

Many famous psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and astrologers have made detailed predictions for 2021. Let’s try to figure out what changes the population of Russia and other countries of the world will have to face in the year of the White Ox.


The quatrains-quatrains, which were left to the descendants of the famous French alchemist and pharmacist Michel before Notre Dame (Nostradamus), contain a statement that in 2021 heavy rains will fall on the USA, Southern Europe, the European part of Russia and Asia. Heavy rainfall will cause floods that will damage not only the economy and social sphere, but also nature in these regions. At the same time, the population of Siberia will suffer from sweltering heat and fires.

Nostradamus believed that in 2021 Russia would be able to strengthen political and economic ties with India and China. At the same time, the soothsayer argued that the United States and its allies would lose their former influence on the world economy, and China would start building a new Silk Road that would connect Europe and Asia.

Matrona of Moscow

Blessed Matrona of Moscow made disappointing forecasts for 2021:

  1. The Russians will have to face a severe political and economic crisis. The population of the country will be able to overcome it only if they stop cultivating individualism and regain their faith in God.
  2. The population of Belarus and Ukraine will fall under the influence of the West and turn away from fraternal Russia. The result of such actions will be revolutions and wars in the territories of these states.
  3. In European countries, the number of refugees from Islamic states will increase significantly. Conflicts between them and the local population will end in bloodshed.

Matrona did not make any forecasts for 2021 for the United States.


The famous Bulgarian fortuneteller made the following predictions for the year of the White Ox:

  1. The main problems that Russians will face in 2021 will be the rapid decline in the population and the strengthening of Western sanctions.
  2. European countries will suffer from the invasion of Muslims. Conflicts between representatives of different religions will cause wars in the countries of the Old World.

In addition, Vanga suggested that the trade wars unleashed by the United States with most countries in the world will deal a serious blow to the American economy in 2021.

Wolf Messing

The famous medium and telepath Wolf Messing predicted that at the beginning of the 21st century, most countries of the world would make claims to Russia because of some “small piece of land” near the southern border. At the same time, the prophet did not assume that Crimea would be the disputed territory: at that time, the Crimean peninsula was part of the USSR.

In addition, Messing argued that after 2021 a messiah would appear in Russia, who would create a radically new global religion. The Prophet believed that this religious movement could unite humanity and rid the world of the redistribution of spheres of influence, wars and corruption.

Faith Lyon

Kazakh fortuneteller Vera Lyon believes that in 2021 Russia will be able to strengthen its position on the world stage, and the power of its main enemies will weaken. So, for example, US forces will be undermined by “color” revolutions and terrorist attacks.

Kenton Beshore

American pastor Kenton Beshore claims that 2021 will mark the beginning of the Apocalypse. According to the predictor, destructive forces will affect our planet for 7 years, after which Armageddon will come.

Participants of the “Battle of psychics”

Alexey Pokhabov, who won the seventh season of the Battle of Psychics, believes that events will occur in Russia in 2021 that will provoke the start of the Third World War. Another participant in the show, clairvoyant Alipia, also predicts the beginning of an armed conflict in the country. According to this seer, a bloody war will begin because of the remains of a long-dead person, which will be taken out of their burial place. Experts believe that we are talking about Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

Israeli seer Regina Fedorenko believes that in 2021 Russia will experience a serious political and economic crisis. At the same time, the clairvoyant believes that significant changes for the better will take place in the politics and economy of Ukraine.

It is easy to see that the prophecies of the soothsayers concerning the most important areas of life coincide in most cases. This means that even those people who are skeptical about the sayings of the prophets should look at them. It is highly likely that most of them will be true.

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