The media published a terrible prophecy of Nostradamus about the end of the world on August 30

According to researchers who carefully study the legacy of the French prophet Michel Nostradamus, an apocalypse awaits our planet in the near future.

Researchers believe that in his quatrains, the predictor speaks quite clearly about the devastating cataclysms on Earth, which portend the imminent decline of human civilization and the death of all life.

Researchers believe that Nostadamus said that our planet would be destroyed after the Leopard and Boar met on the Field of Mars during the third month of the Sun. Directing his gaze to the sky, the leopard will see an Eagle soaring near the Sun. According to the seer, on August 30, 2019, the Sun will stop.

Independent researchers believe that the interpretation of this prediction is as follows: the boar and leopard are symbols of catastrophes and natural disasters. When the Sun is in the constellation Leo, terrible natural disasters will fall upon our planet.

Ultimately, due to catastrophic changes on Earth, there will be a change in the poles of the planet and the disappearance of the magnetic field. The rapid rise in temperature on the planet will lead to the evaporation of water, and volcanoes will erupt on Earth, hurricanes and swords will rage. All living things will perish on the planet.

If we calculate how many such “ends of the world” humanity had to “experience” in recent years, it becomes quite clear that this “prophecy” will also go into oblivion after a set period of time.

Some researchers recommend paying attention to one pattern: the frequency of apocalypse predictions flooding the Internet is constantly increasing. Almost every week we get another “horror story” from some homegrown “oracle”, after which a wave of panic and fear shakes the Network, but in fact nothing happens. There is something to think about here.

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