Predictions of the elders for 2016-2020

The Holy Fathers are always the main teachers and sages for us, before whom we bow our heads and carefully listen to their instructions, sermons and predictions.

We are people of the Orthodox faith, and our hearts are open to the whole world, which is both sinful and beautiful, and we live here and thank the Creator for his care for us and the miracles that he has done for us.

Our teachers talked a lot about the future – especially about faith, about people, about wars, about sin and good that await us and our children in the future.

Predictions of Orthodox elders

Many of the holy fathers predicted the revival of the monarchy in Russia , in particular, John of Kronstadt reported about this. He said that there would be a New Russia, and it would be according to the old traditions – Orthodox and believing in Christ the Savior. Seraphim of Sarov and Theophan of Poltava unanimously echoed that a grandiose series of events was coming in Russian history, which would lead to the unification of the Slavic nations into a single country headed by Holy Russia.

In 2016, Lavrenty Chernigovskiy reported, there will be even more churches and monasteries in Russia, and sects and unrighteous teachings will go away like melted snow in spring. However, further, according to the holy father, bad times await us, if not terrible. Christians will be persecuted, war will come…

Christopher of Tula foreshadowed unimaginable troubles for Russia after the Yeltsin era. He spoke especially clearly about craftiness and cunning. In the coming years, according to Christopher of Tula, we will have to go through such confusion, which only the Lord God will understand. We can no longer fix anything. Civilization will collapse. We will work, and only labor will help us.

Vasily Nemchin on the future of Russia

Vasily Nemchin left a truly grandiose prophecy about the era of Vladimir Putin . In 2016, he will remain in power, thanks to the rallying of a great force around him, although not every force and authority can be loved by the Russian people – and in this case, judging by the prophecy, this is exactly what happens.

Around the 2020s, the President of Russia “will be thrown into the abyss,” as Vasily Nemchin literally said. What does all of this mean? If Putin has a high rating among the people and enormous power in the country, this means that everything must change overnight. The elder did not give exact dates.

Predictions of the elders about the end of the world

Monk Joseph predicted that the people would soon be greatly blinded by hatred, and people would start a fratricidal war, in which not only Russia, Ukraine, but also many other countries would participate. The total number of victims will be kept at hundreds of millions of people …

In the 2020s, there will be a great famine in Russia. Schemamonk John Nikolsky spoke about this. Civilization will perish. People will have no water or electricity. Only a few will survive. Japan and China will seize the chance and seize the Far East and Siberia. Holy Russia will shrink to a piece of land, as at the beginning of the reign of Ivan the Terrible.

Similar things were said by Pelagia of Ryazan. There will be famine, suicide, and even cannibalism… After Putin, the Antichrist will come to power, and the persecution of Vera will begin… However, this will not last long, and soon the Tsar will come, who will be accepted by all the people, all people will be happy with him.

Matrona of Moscow predicted the death of the world in 2017 . Hunger and suffering, a huge number of victims that will lie on the ground. There will be no limit to human sorrow.

Schema-Archimandrite Seraphim spoke of a split within Russia. The regions will become at enmity, the authorities will not be able to maintain unity, and very quickly parts will fall away from the country – first the republics, then the regions and territories.

One of the most shocking forebodings was left to us by the Monk Theodosius of Jerusalem. According to him, the Second World War is not even a war at all, if we compare it with the future – the Third World War. Like locusts, enemies will crawl in from everywhere, and everything will begin in the East … As we can see, it has already begun.

Elder Anthony spoke about atrocities and atrocities in our cities, where there would be neither light nor food, which would become similar to stone coffins … The Kyiv old woman Alipia said that the dead would lie like mountains, and there would even be no one to bury them …

Optina Elders

As for the Optina elders, who very accurately predicted many events in Russian history, including the October Revolution of 1917, here we are in for disappointment: they did not name the exact dates and years of the events … But all their foreshadowings were about the same thing that is written about above.

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