D. Andreev’s predictions about the future of mankind

Daniil Andreev left predictions in his books “Iron Mystery”, “Rose of the World”, etc.

Andreev worked during the years of Stalin’s rule. These years became famous for repressions, and they did not bypass the writer. He was put in prison, in which he wrote the book “Rose of the World”, the predictions from which are amazing. Thanks to his mathematical mindset, he was able to predict the future very accurately.

Here are some of them:

  • Mankind will not be able to conquer outer space. In the 20th century, the theme of space was especially relevant. Almost all countries tried to overtake each other in “space” achievements. Andreev wrote that people will try to explore new planets, but after several unsuccessful attempts, humanity will stop trying and take up new goals.
  • The writer described the terrain of Mars before the appearance of photographs of this planet.
  • Public organizations for the protection of animals and demonstrations. After the lifting of the Iron Curtain, the youth breathed in a “breath of freedom.” D. Andreev said that in the future, people will stop eating meat and wearing things made from animal fur. Genuine leather will be replaced with artificial. In a few countries of the world it is already forbidden to wear things made of natural fur and leather.
  • The emergence of healers, psychics, etc.
  • The perfection of the means of transmission of information. Now you can choose a phone for every taste with a variety of functions, which they could not even think about in the middle of the 20th century.

Of course, there are many more predictions than in this list. It is possible that interesting prophecies can be found in other books of the writer.

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