Will Vanga’s terrible predictions for 2019 come true?

I love all these hoaxes, forecasts, predictions, internal arguments. At the same time, it seems to me that it is best to predict only science fiction writers.

As if they really know a little more than you and I.

Once the fortune teller Vanga doomed 2019 to a third world war.

Here we have the equator and wars. Thank God it’s not yet…

The soothsayer called China the main player and instigator of dangerous battles. According to her, it is the Chinese who will unleash the third world war, from which for some reason they will emerge victorious.

Many experts believe that not the most competent and conscientious people often speak on behalf of Vanga, and therefore their forecasts regarding the future should be treated with a fair amount of skepticism.

At the same time, I still did not understand where exactly it was necessary to look at her real forecasts and whether at least someone wrote them down.

With regard to forecasts, I have more confidence in our Russian, therefore, the writer and “chairman of the globe” Velimir Khlebnikov, who predicted “strange changes” for Russia as early as 2025, and also predicted the Russian revolution of the 17th year and believed in String Theory long before that how she appeared.

Unlike the Bulgarian soothsayer, many of Velimir’s arguments came true long ago.

I have collected Vanga’s unfulfilled predictions for you:

assassination attempt on kings

The seer predicted that in 2008 four rulers would be killed, which would be the beginning of a new World War. The prediction did not come true, but perhaps it will be in another year.

Devastation of the Northern Hemisphere

Vanga predicted that after the World War, during which chemical and nuclear weapons would be used, the Northern Hemisphere would be practically empty, and the surviving Europeans would have to fight the Muslims.

Deserted Europe

After the confrontation with the Muslims, Europe was to become deserted and cold. The year was predicted – 2016. In the truest sense of the word, this did not happen, but the Europeans may have lost the spiritual struggle, allowing the countries to flood with refugees.

New superpower

According to the prediction, by 2018, China was to become a superpower and gain power over the world. China has not become a full-fledged superpower, but many experts believe that China is already a superpower in terms of economy and military strength.

Muslim Rome

Vanga predicted that the Italian capital would become Muslim, and in 2066 the “new” Rome would be attacked by the States with climate weapons.

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