Vanga’s predictions about the death of the United States. What will happen?

The blind Bulgarian seer Vangelia Geshterova made many predictions on the subject of the apocalypse. However, the most terrible predictions were made in the direction of America, because, according to her assumption, the end of human history will begin directly from this state.

In addition, she assured that it would hardly be possible to avoid trouble, because at that time a “black man” would rule the States. Her prophecies about America are alarming right now, when the whole world is witnessing the first episodes of prediction.

The beginning of the seventies was a period of rapid development of the United States and the acquisition of the title of a superpower. People began to feel a better life, therefore, many states are equal to the States, which in their eyes is the standard of well-being, confidence in the future and stability. However, it was at this time that Vanga’s most terrible prophecy was voiced regarding the inevitable fall of the country, entailing the death of the world, and after 2017, the beginning of a new era.

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