End of the World 2021: Richard Boylan Prediction

In 1997, writer Richard Boylan, who studied Native American prophecy, made a prediction about the coming end of the world. According to Boylan, the apocalypse will happen in 2021. The reason for it will be a change in the Earth’s magnetic field.

Magnetic anomalies do occur on the planet – scientists say that the rate of pole shift has increased significantly recently. If the inversion predicted by Boylan occurs, the existence of civilization will be threatened.

It was not only Richard Boylan who warned of the dangers of the pole shift. The famous mystic Edgar Cayce said that changes would soon take place in the magnetic field of the planet. But he named other dates – 2000 or 2001. According to the esotericist, global cataclysms are expected at the beginning of the 21st century; a new era will come.

The first years of the second millennium passed quietly. However, in 2004 the tsunami in the Indian Ocean contributed to a change in the speed of the Earth’s rotation and caused a shift in the magnetic pole. Isn’t E. Casey warning about this, and could it be that the monstrous wave was only the beginning of the upcoming apocalypse?

What is the danger of changing the magnetic poles?

A sharp reversal of the poles will cause a series of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. Hurricanes and floods will begin everywhere. As a result of natural disasters, the appearance of the continents will change. E. Casey predicted that the Atlantic coast of the United States and Europe would be significantly affected.

Although official science does not recognize the possibility of a rapid (from several hours to several days) pole shift, a number of researchers believe that such an event could cause the end of the world. Even if life is not destroyed, technogenic civilization will suffer enormous damage. The Internet will disappear, measuring devices will fail. Those who survive will have to live in a world without electricity.

Earth’s magnetic field reversal: what do scientists say?

According to scientists, a smooth shift of the poles will not bring such consequences. During its history, the Earth has repeatedly experienced a reversal of the magnetic field. The last time it happened was about 700,000 years ago. The event did not destroy life, so scientists reassure: the end of the world described by R. Boylan and E. Casey does not threaten our civilization.

In addition, the researchers say that in the coming years, this cannot be. Even taking into account the fact that the speed of the pole shift is increasing, the consequences of this will be felt in tens or even hundreds of thousands of years. Changes in the magnetic field are associated with tectonic processes on the planet and are not something anomalous.

However, among scientists there are also supporters of a different point of view. They believe that it was the pole shift that could cause the mass extinctions of animals. As you know, in prehistoric times, life on Earth was already on the verge of extinction 5 times, and at the end of the Permian period, 70% of all land animals and 96% of marine animals died out.

Self-inversion of the magnetic field is unlikely, although it is often mentioned in the works of science fiction. Such abrupt changes can be caused, for example, by the fall of a meteorite. However, Richard Boylan called the reversal of the poles the cause of the apocalypse. He has previously warned of a coming natural disaster in Japan. His prediction came true – in 2011 the Land of the Rising Sun experienced a devastating earthquake.

There is very little left before the “fatal” 2021. It is quite possible that the next apocalypse will pass as calmly as all the previous ones. But who knows, what if a catastrophic magnetic inversion really awaits our planet?

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