Vanga’s prediction about coronavirus and salvation from it comes true (4 photos)

The Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga predicted the emergence of the coronavirus and what humanity is waiting for because of it many years before the pandemic broke out on the planet. The meaning of the message left by the blind seer has become clear only now. The year and the place of occurrence of the disease coincide. In addition, Vanga indicated where salvation would come from.

There are many skeptics who are suspicious of such predictions, but, as the practice of past years has shown, Vanga’s predictions come true not for the first time.

Vanga’s prediction about coronavirus is deciphered

The coronavirus has swept the entire planet and has become a real test for its inhabitants in 2020. The disease appeared at the end of 2019 in China and is still gaining strength. Having escaped from the Celestial Empire, the virus began to spread rapidly in other countries.

The world is in global quarantine, and now many people want to know when the pandemic will end and where to expect help in this difficult situation.

Vanga's prediction about coronavirus and salvation from it comes true (4 photos)

At the height of the epidemic, the predictions of the famous Bulgarian seer Vanga were declassified, who, as you know, despite being blind, saw what was inaccessible to the eye of a simple person. In the course of the current situation in the world, the words of the clairvoyant have found meaning. Now it is clear what she wanted to warn posterity about.

Literally, Vanga’s prediction is as follows:

“When there is a year-mirror, the world will turn upside down, and the whole problem will come from yellow.”

Now it’s clear what kind of virus the Bulgarian seer was talking about. Moreover, she also talked about where the problem “from the yellow” will come from – this is a clear indication of China. And everything is clear with the mirror year: 2020 fits this definition perfectly.

In addition, the Bulgarian gymnast Neshka Stepanova Robeva, who was familiar with Vanga, stated that the seer, shortly before her death, claimed that “there will be a crown over all of us.” Now this phrase has made sense.

Vanga told where the salvation from the coronavirus will come from

Vanga also said where to expect help during a pandemic. She claimed that it was Russia that would help get rid of COVID-19. From the lips of the Bulgarian seer came the words:

“Mother Russia, Russia will gather everyone under its wing. Russia will help everyone.”

According to the interpreters of Vanga’s predictions, by this she meant that Russia, which is under the auspices of the Virgin, will be able to help the whole world.

It is noteworthy that Vanga’s predictions about the epidemic were announced at the end of last year on the air of the program “Actually”. Then in the studio of Channel One there were people close to the Bulgarian soothsayer – her godfather Sergey Kostornoy, the translator of the clairvoyant Stoyan Petrov and her friend Todor Todorov. It was they who first began to repeat about the year of five deuces and a dangerous virus that swept the planet.

Vanga's prediction about coronavirus and salvation from it comes true (4 photos)

Kostornoy also said that within three months of the start of this global epidemic, it is Russian scientists who will create a vaccine against a new disease.

It is worth noting that the Prime Minister of the country has already announced that the first 6 samples of the coronavirus vaccine have been created at the State Scientific Center for Virology and Biotechnology, which are still being tested on animals. Thus, it took the specialists just 3 months to create these samples, as stated in Vanga’s predictions.

The gift of predictions of the seer Vanga

The Bulgarian seer Vanga is one of the most mysterious personalities of the 20th century. She was born on January 31, 1911 in the family of Bulgarian peasants Pande and Paraskeva in the territory of modern Macedonia, and was so weak that many thought that the child would not survive.

The girl survived, but her further fate was unhappy. Vanga’s mother died early, and her father went to the front. Upon his return, he remarried another woman. At the age of 12, Vanga’s life changed forever.

Vanga's prediction about coronavirus and salvation from it comes true (4 photos)

Once she got into a terrible hurricane, which lifted her into the air and carried her far into the field. As a result, she became blind, but at the same time the girl gained a special inner vision. Vanga began to interpret dreams and predict the future of fellow villagers, and also treated with herbs.

Her fame spread far beyond the settlement. It was visited by many famous personalities – cultural and political figures from different countries. In gratitude for her prophecies, the seer Vanga accepted pieces of refined sugar.

Among her most famous predictions, several can be noted. For example, she personally told Hitler that he would lose the war to Russia. She predicted the death of Stalin and the assassination attempt on Kennedy, as well as Nixon’s election victory.

She also left a huge number of messages for posterity, which experts are still deciphering to this day. Approximately 80% of them come true, which cannot be called a mere coincidence.

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