Predictions for 2021 from Pavel Globa

Pavel Globa is one of the most famous Russian predictors and astrologers. People listen to his words, and for good reason: it has been proven that the reliability of his forecasts exceeds 80%. Let’s try to figure out what predictions this seer made for 2021.

Pavel Globa was born in Moscow in July 1953. The boy’s parents, who came from noble families, had quite ordinary professions: his father was an artist, and his mother was a doctor. At the same time, the grandfather of the future soothsayer was seriously interested in astrology, and his grandmother was a Zoroastrian, descended from an ancient family of Gebrs. The family library kept many old books on astrology. Thanks to them, Pavel successfully mastered the basics of this science in early childhood.

In 1982, Globa graduated from the Moscow Institute of History and Archives with a degree in historian-archivist. In the future, he changed several jobs and professions (he worked as a watchman, presenter on a TV channel, served in the city archive), but he never found his calling in them. During this time, Paul continued to study astrology. Therefore, in 1989, he easily managed to take the post of rector of the Astrological Institute. After 3 years, the astrologer created and headed the Pavel Globa Center, in which he continues to work to this day. For help and support, both ordinary people and famous people turn to this institution.

Fulfilled predictions

The vast majority of the prophecies expressed by Pavel Globa in different years have come true. So, for example, the famous astrologer predicted:

  • • the collapse of the USSR that occurred in 1991;
  • • resignation of Boris Yeltsin;
  • • election of Vladimir Putin as president;
  • • the departure from office of Fidel Castro.

In addition, Pavel Globa’s prediction about a series of terrorist attacks in the United States in September 2001 came true.

Pavel Globa’s forecast for Russia for 2021

The famous astrologer suggests that the following changes will take place in Russia in 2021:

  1. The country’s leadership initiates a whole range of reforms. Changes will affect the education system, the industrial sector, agriculture and economic policy. In addition, the structure of power will change significantly.
  2. After 2021, the president will change in Russia. The new leader will be brought to power by Vladimir Putin himself. With a high degree of probability, this person will be a military man.

In general, according to Pavel Globa, 2021 will be favorable for Russians. Any changes, even the most dubious ones, will positively affect the well-being of the population of the Russian Federation.

Predictions for 2021 for Ukraine

Pavel Globa believes that the population of Ukraine has already overcome the most difficult trials. According to the famous astrologer, in 2021 Ukrainians will be able to overcome the crisis and take measures aimed at improving the quality of life in the country. At the same time, Globa believes that the Luhansk and Donetsk regions will continue to “move away” from Ukraine and, ultimately, will be transformed into small autonomous states. At the same time, armed conflicts in the east of the country will stop, and will not develop into a large-scale clash.

Pavel Globa’s forecast for 2021 for the European Union

The famous predictor has long foreshadowed the collapse of the European Union. He made the first such forecast long before Brexit was discussed at the official level. At first, no one believed him. However, after the UK left the EU, Globa’s forecasts began to pay increased attention. According to the latest predictions of the astrologer, in 2021 several events will occur at once that will contribute to the disintegration of the EU and the formation of new coalitions on the European continent.

Predictions for 2021 for the USA

According to the astrologer, in 2021 the policy of the American authorities towards Russia will be significantly softened. Donald Trump, who wins the 2020 presidential election, will contribute to the US entering into an alliance with the world’s major powers (including China, Russia, India, etc.). The main goal of creating such an alliance will be the joint solution of problems created directly by America.

Whether the predictions made by Pavel Globa will come true, time will tell. Only one thing can be said: the predictions of the oldest of the currently practicing Russian astrologers deserve the closest attention, and they should be listened to by all those for whom concern for the future is not an empty phrase.

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