Predictions of famous clairvoyants about climate in 2020

What will happen to the planet in 2020? Is it true that “the sun will cool down” and the ice age will begin?

In 2019, even skeptics stopped denying the climate change taking place on the planet. An abnormally cold winter in the USA, fires in Australia, a frightening rise in temperature in Russia… But it turns out that the cataclysms were long ago predicted by clairvoyants and soothsayers. Nostradamus and Vanga, Edgar Cayce and participants in the “Battle of the Psychics” – they all reported on climate change.

Many of them believed that it was in 2020 that natural disasters would occur. But the opinions of the seers differ. Some say that you need to be afraid of the onset of the ice age, while others call for a fight against global warming. There are also disagreements among scientists – astrophysicists talk about cooling, and climatologists are sounding the alarm because of record high temperatures.

How will the climate change in 2020?

Vanga’s prediction about the “cooled sun” was recently made public. The great Bulgarian soothsayer warned mankind about the possible onset of a long winter in the second half of 2020. “The sun will shine, but it will not warm” – this is Vanga’s frightening prediction.

It is interesting that astrophysicists made a similar statement. According to their forecasts, in the coming year there will be a “solar minimum” – the Sun enters a new 25-year cycle, during which there will be a sharp decrease in total radiation. On Earth, this will lead to cooling, increased volcanic activity and other natural disasters.

Other clairvoyants also talked about the coming cold. Thus, Kazhetta Akhmedzhanova predicts a catastrophic decrease in temperature on the planet. There is reason to believe that a new ice age may soon begin.

British visionary Nicholas Aujula, who predicted the fire at Notre Dame, also made a prediction for 2020. The clairvoyant warns that the world will suffer from strong winds, and severe weather will set in many regions.

But global cooling will not be due to human activity. But what about the warming caused by the greenhouse effect and the growth of industry? Psychic Svetlana Dragan reports that people need to join forces in the fight against global warming. If the destruction of the planet’s ecological system is not stopped, the consequences of climate change will be catastrophic.

A warning about the warming that will occur in the coming years is also in the texts of Nostradamus. But, according to the visionary, the climate situation will be the impetus for new agreements between governments.

Psychic Vera Lyon also calls on humanity to fight for the environment. Due to warming, the rate of glacier melting will increase. It is possible to stop dangerous processes on Earth only together. Global warming could lead to the eruption of Yellowstone, a supervolcano located in the United States. If this happens, the consequences of the eruption will be felt by all of humanity. By the way, a similar prediction was made by “Serbian Vanga” – Veritsa Obrinovich.

The famous Edgar Cayce also talked about the coming warming and increased volcanic activity. He believed that volcanoes would wake up in Hawaii, which would lead to a tsunami. As a result of natural disasters, the United States will suffer greatly, new islands will appear, the outlines of the continents will change.

While the prophecies of climate change sound daunting, humanity has the power to make a difference. More and more people began to pay attention to environmental change, more and more often the solution of climate problems is discussed at the international level. And if we do not forget that the Earth is our home, we can still prevent natural disasters, whether it be warming or cooling.

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