“Without war, you will all die, there will be many victims”: what Matronushka of Moscow predicted

The great healer Matrona of Moscow had a strong gift of foresight. The prophetic gaze of the blessed old woman extended far and saw the hardships and misfortunes that would befall mankind. Her prophecies were heeded before and are being heeded now. It seems that the seer knew in advance what awaits Russia in 2020.

Matrona’s allegorical phrases are still trying to be interpreted to this day, trying them on, including the situation with the coronavirus. So the statement: “There will be no war, without war you will all die, there will be many victims, all the dead will lie on the ground. In the evening everything will be on the ground, and in the morning you will rise – everything will go to the ground. Without war, there is war! can be attributed to various events, including the latest.

Matrona also predicted significant internal contradictions for Russia, but this is not about military operations, but rather about a moral, ethical and spiritual conflict. It is believed that the blessed one predicted the end of the dark period in 2020. However, this is possible only if the Russians sincerely believe in the Lord, she noted.

By the way, the last prediction of the blessed Matrona was the date of her death. She reported it three days in advance.

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