Found “Time Capsule” of ancient civilizations

A Russian scientist who claimed that our usual calendar contained a message from a lost civilization has made a new sensational discovery today.

Found “Time Capsule” of ancient civilizations

Found "Time Capsule" of ancient civilizations

The researcher believes that the Earth was visited by fish-people. Such as on this vase (540 BC, Etruria).

Encrypted calendar

Five years ago, in Komsomolskaya Pravda, we published an article entitled “The message of the aliens is hidden in the calendar” (see “KP” of June 28, 29, July 1 and 2, 2005 and on the website). This discovery was made by Vladimir Pakhomov, a mathematician, an officer of the USSR Space Forces, a researcher at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and a former deputy director of the Institute for Physical and Technical Problems in Dubna. The mathematician stunned us with the statement that representatives of another civilization visited the Earth 6 thousand years ago. They left us a calendar. And they included their coded message there. Of course, we doubted the self-confident statement of the author. However, Pakhomov was able to convince us with a scientific approach to the mystery.

1. Why did the aliens hide the secrets in the calendar?

– Where else? Pakhomov was surprised. – Two-thirds of the Earth is occupied by water, the rest is covered with ice (at the poles), deserts and spaces covered with greenery. Any object, large or small, would disappear there without a trace. Therefore, the space visitors decided to leave to the future, technically advanced humanity, evidence of their stay in an unusual, but very reliable “safe” – the calendar. This is indirectly confirmed, for example, by the oaths of the Egyptian pharaohs, who, upon assuming the throne, took a strange oath: “Do not make any changes in the calendar”! Is it not to preserve the information contained in it in its original form? Or many ancient manuscripts that have come down to us tell about the god of wisdom, known by two names – Thoth and Hermes. And before his return to heaven, he allegedly wrote and carefully hid some “books” which “will remain incorruptible through the ages and be invisible and undetectable to all men who walk the plains of this earth until Heaven grows old and produces organisms worthy of you.” That is, people who can decipher them.

And what can be “imperishable through the ages”? After all, even the great pyramids are subject to destruction. Only something not entirely material can be incorruptible. For example, information. What can survive for many millennia? Certainly something that is connected with time and chronology. So with a calendar. And why was the message on the calendar “invisible and undetectable” to us? Because humanity did not have the necessary knowledge and technology to “read” the calendar – the computer.

Found "Time Capsule" of ancient civilizations

Constellation of Orion in the matrix of the Message

2. How can three dozen digits be used to encrypt secret information?

The scientist conducted a mathematical analysis of the strict sequence in accordance with which calendar numbers are distributed over weeks, months and years. And I came to the conclusion that they are grouped into a matrix containing a giant array of digitized information. Then he calculated the matrix algorithm, and began to extract information from it. (The method of “reading” the calendar is open to any enthusiast who knows higher mathematics. And also in his book “The Secret of the Calendar – A Message to the Unborn”.) So, for example, the secret code was hidden in a calendar cycle of 28 years. 

“And it repeats itself,” Pakhomov explained. – This means, for example, that in 2005, in 1977 and in 2033, and so on, the days of the week will fall on the same numbers. And, for example, May 13 in all these calendars will be Friday.

Found "Time Capsule" of ancient civilizations

The scientist obtained such pictures by “reading” a matrix-calendar using a special computer program: from left to right – a fragment of a DNA molecule, a rocket, a “flying saucer” and a symbolic image of the head

The existence of a period of 28 years was no secret to the ancients either. The image of the “eternal” calendar was discovered by scientists on the wall of St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv. It dates from the 13th century and is a matrix table of just 28 cells. All are indicated by letters symbolizing the days of the week – from Monday to Sunday, from which the years of the cycle should sequentially begin – all 28 years. It was from this matrix, consisting of 7 rows and 4 columns, that Pakhomov began to extract information. According to a certain algorithm, he substituted the numbers corresponding to the days of the week from the calendars of different years. One after another, new matrices were obtained. They formed in sequence and made sense.

3. What can be hidden in the calendar?

According to the researcher, the structure of the calendar includes highly developed mathematical and astronomical knowledge, far surpassing anything that can belong to any ancient civilization known to us. Pakhomov, for example, saw a connection between the seven days of the week and celestial bodies.

“In many languages, the names of the days of the week are somehow connected with celestial bodies,” Pakhomov explained. – In English, for example, Sunday (Sunday) is the day of the sun, Monday (Monday) is the day of the moon. There are seven celestial bodies in total – exactly as many as were known to the ancient astronomers, who “lined up” them in the so-called Chaldean row. That is, they were arranged in ascending order of the apparent speed of movement of these bodies across the sky. The days of the week are arranged in exactly the same order, starting with the “sunny” one.

And this guess was confirmed by the computer. Having made calculations, he “gave out” information about the Chaldean series. But not simple, but with previously unknown details. For example, Pakhomov received data on the precession of all seven celestial bodies, that is, on how their axes move in space, describing peculiar cones. Perhaps, the scientist believes, precession has played or will play some important role for our civilization.

Then Pakhomov replaced the designations of days-planets in the matrix with notes – there are also seven of them. He conducted an additional analysis of the message, using the keys already known to him. And the calendar sounded – a lullaby composed by God knows who.

Then the “matrix” gave Pakhomov two addresses where aliens could come from: the constellation of Orion and Sirius. And even their “portraits”. The calendar matrix, processed by a computer program, produced three-dimensional images of mostly … fish people. Perhaps, Pakhomov assumed, amphibians flew to us.

But the main question then tormented both the KP correspondent and the author of the discovery himself: did the aliens leave us anything more significant than images of their gods and evidence of their knowledge? After all, many myths and legends mention some message hidden from people? Or “Time Capsule”, as it is also called by numerous enthusiasts – from serious scientists to ufologists. In it, according to many researchers, there should be a kind of instruction for further actions for earthlings.

Then, five years ago, from the decoding of a calendar message, Pakhomov learned the coordinates of a cache hidden in several places on Earth. Among them were: Stonehenge (Great Britain), the pyramids in Egypt, the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico, the pyramids of China, the underground labyrinth in Ecuador, Shambhala and the caves of Tibet, Easter Island and Nan Madol in the Pacific Ocean, the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

“When I find out exactly where the “capsule” is, I will inform Komsomolskaya Pravda first about it,” the mathematician promised. And he kept his word! Five years later, the researcher called the editor again.

Problem with many unknowns

“The Calendar Message showed the place of the hidden entrance,” Vladimir Leonidovich said proudly, and told how it “showed” him. – For a long time I could not understand one image obtained from the calendar matrix. I got an image that looks like an island. It consisted of two parts connected by a jumper. It had four mountain peaks located at the corners of a parallelogram. The island is elongated in the direction from southeast to northwest. Most of the island had a bay.

Found "Time Capsule" of ancient civilizations

Island of the Sun.

And one place on the image of the island was marked with a cross – it was also “issued” by the computer using an algorithm. Now it was necessary to find out where the island with such outlines and relief is on Earth. And did he survive? There are probably tens of thousands of islands on our planet. The task seemed impossible. And yet, finally, after five years, I found this very unusual place! The Google Earth program provided me with invaluable help in my search.

To search for the repository of the heritage of an ancient supercivilization, we will have to go to South America. The Matrix pointed to the mysterious portal to Aram Muru. It is located on the Islands of the Sun on Lake Titicaca.

Legends of the Island of the Sun

Every legend in the Andes points to Lake Titicaca as some kind of beginning – the place where humanity reappeared after the Flood. All civilizations that existed in the Andes believed that Lake Titicaca was the site of the original creation. It was on the island of the Sun that the creator of everything appeared – Viracocha, the Sun in the guise of a man who, according to most of the ancient myths of South America, was tall, pale-faced and bearded.

South American legends also speak of the wonderful, blond Oriana, who once descended on a spaceship shining like gold to the island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca to give civilization to people. Oriana had only four fingers connected by a web (footprint of fish-men?). She gave birth to 70 earthly children and returned to the stars.

Found "Time Capsule" of ancient civilizations

Sun Island landscape.

In the translations of the papers of Garcillaso de la Vega, the grandson of the Inca emperor Atahualpa (XVI century), one can read the following: discovered the highest mountain lake on Earth and decided to make their home there.

According to the legends, the first Inca – Manco-Capac and his wife – Mama-Okklo suddenly appeared at sunset on the sacred lake Titicaca in the Andes, and announced to the astonished people that they were the children of the Sun and sent by the Sun God to give people civilization.

The island has the remains of palaces, gardens, temples, labyrinths and underground passages of the Incas. Aymara, the locals, have long told stories of a lost underwater city and a mysterious island in Lake Titicaca with a hidden entrance to the underground labyrinths built by the Incas. Legends persisted for centuries about vast stone structures below the waters of Lake Titicaca.

On the topographic map of the island, the place where the hidden entrance is located is indicated by the word KUNA, which in the Aymara language means a thing. What item is there? Speaking of language, according to experts, the Aymara language is so pure that it seems that not only did it not develop like other languages, but it was artificially created from scratch. This made it possible to use the Aymara language to create a computer translation program in 26 languages ​​for the UN.

“So, the outlines and relief of the Island of the Sun coincided with what was in the figure from the Message,” Pakhomov said. “There were four mountains located at the corners of the parallelogram. All the features that were in the image from the Message are displayed!

On the photo of the island of the Sun from space, I drew a circle in the place that was marked with a cross on the image from the Message. Then, looking closer, I noticed that in this place in the photo of the island there is already a faintly visible circle. She was lighter against the background of the earth. In this circle is the portal of Aramu Muru.

Portal of Aram Muru

In the early 1990s, climber-guide Jose Luis Delgado Mamani, exploring the Peruvian landscapes of Peru and Bolivia, came across an ancient huge stone slab 7 meters high on Lake Titicaca. It has a hollowed out niche resembling a keyhole about 2 meters high. What it was used for is unknown. But the locals call this stone “Aramu Muru”, and the niche in it is “Puerta de Hayu Marka” or “Gate of the Gods”. There are legends about people who supposedly “fell” into this opening, or about strange creatures, for example, about “a tall man passing through the opening and surrounded by flaming balls of light.” The locals have no doubts – these are the gods.

Found "Time Capsule" of ancient civilizations

Portal of Aram Mur.

Most of these stories come from those who consider the opening to be some kind of portal. These include the writer Jerry Willis, who describes the paranormal – he claims to have gone through it himself.

And there is another legend that says that at the time when Lemuria was sinking into the ocean, one of the seven Great Masters, Aram Moore, was instructed to transfer the sacred Golden Sun Disc and the scrolls to Lake Titicaca for safe keeping. Aramu Muru built the monastery of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays to store relics. During the time of the Incas, the Sun Disc was moved to Cuzco, and was located in the main Temple of the Sun, where it remained until the arrival of the Spaniards. Then, he was returned to Lake Titicaca and placed in the Eternal City under the lake. The Sun Disc gave an answer to any question. He received information directly from the Universal Source of Knowledge. In modern terms, it was an artificial intelligence with the knowledge base of a supercivilization. Perhaps the best that could be left to future humanity. Currently, which is called by the locals the era of the tenth Pachacuti, the sacred Sun Disc must be revived, gaining access to cosmic wisdom. In other words, the time to extract the Time Capsule has come.

Now the fifth part of the book “The Secret of the Calendar – A Message to the Unborn” is being prepared for release. It describes in detail how the place of storage of the Legacy of an ancient supercivilization was found.

Checking the skeptic mathematician

Fascinating story! The possibility of owning a Time Capsule is mind boggling. After all, the information hidden in it can turn the world upside down. I was already packing my bags, planning to fly to South America, when all of a sudden (the worm of a skeptic still lives in the soul of every journalist!) I decided to call a mathematician I know. This is a very respectable person – Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Chief Researcher of the Mathematical Institute. V. A. Steklov RAS. Moreover, he heads the Moscow Mathematical Society. His name is Viktor Vasiliev. How could he not be able to understand Pakhomov’s “mathematical analysis” – is there a mistake there? And then I miss the island of the Sun? And the “capsule” will be on a completely different continent. Although the publisher that released the book assures readers: “The opening of the Calendar Message and the method of its decoding received positive feedback from mathematicians and computer scientists of the universities to which we sent the book. We have confidence in this book.”

– Viktor Anatolyevich, are you sure? – I asked the academician, telling and showing everything related to the Calendar Message.

– I looked at Pakhomov’s texts – it’s all nonsense, – Viktor Anatolyevich stated bluntly. – Everything there is adjusted to entertaining answers: and the image of Orion can be seen only with a strong desire. And if it didn’t work out with Orion at all, then another constellation would be found – there is plenty to choose from, or you had to look not at sixes, but, for example, at ones or pacifiers (Pakhomov, when explaining his theory, used a demonstration of dominoes for clarity. – S.K.). And the melody there is no better and no worse than any other, given by a not completely random code. And the fact that this table was built by the author is not very random, no doubt. But what does the aliens have to do with it, or who allegedly left this “message” there? But here is the main argument.

Obviously, it is IMPOSSIBLE TO ENCODE A LARGE AMOUNT of information – and the author claims to have revealed a complex message – WITH THE HELP OF INCOMPARALLIBLY LESS INFORMATION. At first glance, it may seem that the calendar system (which we were allegedly bequeathed and “forbidden to change”) is a large information array in which a lot of things can be encoded. But in fact, almost none of this information is involved in the construction of tables built and “solved” by the author. Everything on the basis of which these tables are built and what, according to the wildest fantasy, these aliens or whoever could encode in the calendar is the ONE AND ONLY NUMBER “7”, that is, the fact that our ancestors once chose a seven-day week.

Of course, for the construction of this table, the fact that the day fits in the year is not an integer number of times, but an integer number plus about one quarter. (By the way, if the year were not equal to 365 and a quarter days, but, for example, 372 and a quarter, 379 and a quarter, etc., then the tablet would turn out exactly the same, and if the year were equal to any other integer number of days with a quarter, then the original tablet would have turned out a little different, but with the help of the author’s arbitrary transformations, leading to exactly the same final one).

But this remarkable fact cannot in any way be an element of a mysterious message: after all, the mysterious testators, no matter how powerful they were, could hardly change the speed of the Earth’s rotation around the Sun or around its axis! All other interesting information contained in the calendar (such as: the number of months, their names, the number of days in each of them, the origin, reference to mythology, etc.) is in fact exactly nothing in the arithmetic constructions of the author does not affect.

So, the author’s theory leads us to the fact that all earthly wisdom, transmitted to us in this mysterious way, is contained in the magic number 7 – and nothing else. Moreover, I have no doubt that if instead of the seven we substitute any other not too small odd number N, then from the tablet obtained in exactly the same way (and, by the way, taken quite randomly) of the size N by 4, it will be possible to suck out no less than various rubbish, with a large desire reminiscent of some constellation or who knows what else.


Associate Professor of the Department of Higher and Applied Mathematics, Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology named after V.I. M. V. Lomonosov Alexander SAZANOV:

– Ancient information can really be stored in the calendar, as well as in Tarot cards. The ancient book “Tarot Arcana” tells that when the sages of Atlantis predicted a planetary catastrophe, they began to think: in what monuments to store their rich information? And we came to the conclusion that it will best of all reach the descendants in the form of a game. And they created tarot cards. So the deck in your hands is a peculiar and not yet deciphered monument from the Atlanteans. And these were people who knew mathematics well. They could process information related to the new calendar, which has 365 days, in their own way into some kind of images. Therefore, from the table that we call a calendar, it is quite possible to extract both pictures and music. That is, the calendar is an artificial creation. But not the cosmic mind, namely the earthly sages.

The calendar itself seems to me an intellectual megalith. It reflects the desire to preserve for a very long period the message that intelligence on Earth once reached a high level. In general, to come up with such a “safe” is an amazing thing, because millennia bring their own distortions to everything. It would be possible to wall up the “safe” in the pyramids. But there is no guarantee that one day they will not collapse. It seems to me that the information that Vladimir Leonidovich extracted from the calendar was indeed put in by someone.

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Secretary of the ONTSKM, Senior Researcher of the State Astronomical Institute named after V.I. P. K. Sternberg, Academician of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics. K. E. Tsiolkovsky Lev GINDILIS:

– In the calendar, which is a matrix, amazing patterns really appear. They lead to the idea that only a highly developed civilization could create such a product. Whether they flew to us from outer space or the earthlings themselves contacted the aliens – this question remains open. But there are many examples when reflections reach us, evidence of very high scientific knowledge that exists both in the material and in the spiritual culture of mankind. Take, for example, the “astronomy” of the allegedly primitive African Dogon tribe, who, even before the invention of telescopes, knew that Sirius was a double star. Many historical facts show that for many centuries our earthly civilization has been in contact with some more advanced civilization. Soon I think we must gather a wider circle of specialists in calendars, astronomy, and above all in the field of mythology. Because it is in myths that a lot of information about the history of our planet is hidden.


Vladimir Leonidovich Pakhomov was born in 1943 in Yaroslavl. Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. Professional mathematician. Worked at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Published more than 50 scientific articles. Specialist in the field of automation of design and production of electronic circuits. Created several automatic design systems. He served as an officer in the Space Forces of the USSR. He worked as deputy director of the Institute of Physical and Technical Problems. Since 1996, he has been researching the calendar cryptogram, writing articles and books, and creating a website.

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