Who will win the elections, aliens and World War III – says a guest from the future

Jack Rodson, 64, said he was a former participant in the Spacetime experiment, which aimed to either confirm or disprove the possibility of time travel.

The New York Times journalists interviewed the man and were confused.

As proof of his fantastic story, he shows on his smartphone the footage he allegedly shot in Las Vegas of the future. Futuristic buildings, flying cars, for some reason, scarlet clouds due to global warming and other science fiction romance really takes you to the future, but it really reminds of shots from films by American director Steven Spielberg.

The “time traveler” calls himself Jack .

And about the future, the “alien” tells the following: Donald Trump will be re-elected for a second term, and the seemingly improving peace between North and South Korea will collapse. In addition, in the future, on Earth, aliens already openly coexist shoulder to shoulder with people, especially they have chosen Asia and the USA. And humanity will survive the Third World War, in which almost all countries of the world will be involved.

The video with an alien from the future lasts about 15 minutes. Note that a young man spends most of his time on the phrase “I tell the truth, I can be trusted” in different interpretations and emotional colors.

According to him, his mission in the future “failed” and the brave daredevil, instead of 2030, found himself in our time. It is also known that while traveling to the future, Jack had two partners, but they were lost in time.

In turn, netizens are very violent and even aggressively commenting on this interview with the “alien”. Everyone is only interested in why Jack came from the future with the gadget of 2018 and whether he went bankrupt on roaming.

* Agree, not always a person wonders what will happen the day after tomorrow, not to mention what will happen in 100 years. Perhaps in many years there will be a large-scale colonization of other planets and worlds, or maybe a person will find a way to extend his life or even more – to gain immortality. So, everyone would like to look into the future.*

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