What predictors predict for Russia and the World (7 photos)

Humanity has entered a dramatic era. It suddenly became clear to everyone: the future of the planet hangs on a thin thread and it is so easy to break it… Naturally, people look into the future with anxiety and hope. What will it bring with it: disaster or positive change?

For most, the future is an unfathomable mystery. But there are a select few whose unique gift allows them to see upcoming significant events. Some people believe in predictions, some don’t. But strange! Prophecies tend to come true!

Each of us will still have his own opinion. In any case, it is interesting to get acquainted with the thoughts of such celebrities as Nostradamus, Vanga and Pavel Globa.

General leitmotif

We note right away that on the issue of the apocalypse, the predictors agree:

“The end of the world is not foreseen, but the world will never be the same as before”

Well, now about everything in more detail.

Prophecies of Nostradamus

The prophetic quatrains of a 16th-century French physician, astrologer, and alchemist are still a hit today. From the depths of the past, he predicted the global cataclysms of the 20th century: two world wars, the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia.

Picture of the world next year

Rampant elements – water and fire

A colossal disaster will befall Europe – heavy rains. The consequences will be tragic: Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary and part of the UK will go under water. Cataclysms will not bypass Russia either. An abnormal drought will lead to terrible forest fires, which can be extinguished at the cost of gigantic material losses. The Far East will be flooded as a result of the tsunami.

What predictors predict for Russia and the World (7 photos)

New migration of peoples

Refugees from Asia will pour into the “snowy” countries. The cause of mass migration will be “withering rays”: according to one version of the researchers – the rays of the sun, according to another – chemical weapons that will be used by a Muslim country.


“People in turbans” will unleash a bloody massacre among themselves. Many states will be drawn into it. There will be a threat of global conflict. Nostradamus speaks about the danger of the Third World War, but not about the fact that it will happen.

What predictors predict for Russia and the World (7 photos)

A little positive

The development of the seabed will begin on a worldwide scale. People will build the first underwater cities.

Situation in Russia

It does not look so sinister, although Nostradamus mentioned little about the mysterious cold country. Here’s the most important:

  • Russia, in alliance with China, will be the birthplace of a new civilization.
  • The rivalry between the two powers, Russia and the United States, will escalate to an extreme degree.

Vanga’s prophecies

The blind soothsayer saw through the fate of people and states. She spoke about the earthquake in Armenia, the death of the Kursk submarine and the twin towers in New York.

What’s next for the planet

Vanga did not give exact dates. When deciphering her prophecies, the researchers concluded that the Bulgarian seer called 2017 “a turning point” for humanity.

The main focus of tension is the Middle East

Afghanistan, Turkey and Iran will unleash a brutal massacre. But this conflict will not lead to World War III. It will start if “Syria falls”.

What predictors predict for Russia and the World (7 photos)

Confrontation between two great powers

There is a high probability of a war between Russia and the United States. Who will win? Vanga spoke allegorically, but from her words it is clear that the United States will cruelly miscalculate, anticipating victory in advance.

global crisis

The economic downturn will take place in three stages. At the moment, the world has experienced two. In the future, there will be a third, disastrous for the US and Europe. The black president will be the last – the overseas power is waiting for a split. By the way, this prediction did not come true.

Diseases and natural disasters

Unknown viruses will take many lives. Diseases will be joined by “ulcers, ulcers and blindness” – the consequences of a chemical attack by the Muslim state. The flood will destroy part of Europe. The catastrophe will be caused by the fall of a celestial body. The climate will change dramatically. “Cold, empty Europe” will coexist next to Russia. Under the new conditions, only Germany will retain some influence.

Vanga about Russia

Against a dark general background, predictions for Russia are perceived as light at the end of the tunnel.

What predictors predict for Russia and the World (7 photos)

Optimistic forecast

The country will be able to resist, despite all the upheavals. It is waiting for industrial growth, the emergence of new enterprises and jobs.

The name of the head of state is specifically named – Vladimir. The strengthening of presidential power will be accompanied by the restriction of personal freedoms. But in the face of severe trials, the majority of the population will support these measures.

The policy of the leadership will create the prerequisites for the unification of the Slavic peoples into a single nation. The union will take shape after a few years.

“Dark Spots”

  • Along with economic prosperity, a decline in morality and the development of vices, especially betrayal, will begin.
  • Russians will suffer more from cancer and skin ailments.

Prospects for Ukraine

They sound alarming.

  • Power will remain in the hands of vindictive, selfish people prone to violence.
  • The population will suffer from poverty, unemployment and lawlessness.
  • Weak law enforcement agencies will not be able to withstand riots, pogroms, and robberies.

Pavel Globa’s predictions

The popular astrologer has gained mass recognition for his accurate predictions. In 1986, he predicted the Chernobyl disaster, in 2011 – a civil war in Ukraine.

Fear of the future encourages people to at least slightly open the door to tomorrow. It is not surprising that the statements of Pavel Globa are relevant for many.

What awaits humanity?

What predictors predict for Russia and the World (7 photos)

Probable redistribution of the world

  • Under the influence of a large-scale crisis, the European Community will disintegrate. The United Kingdom will be the first to leave the EU, followed by other countries. Italy and Portugal are waiting for bankruptcy. The US position will also worsen.
  • Europe will return to national currencies. Visa-free travel will be cancelled.
  • In Africa, the problem of hunger will worsen. A new stream of refugees will pour into Europe.
  • In France, Spain and Italy, violent protests will begin. The US government will resign due to irreconcilable internal political conflicts.
  • State borders will move; some countries may cease to exist. The risk of the collapse of the American superpower is great. All this will change the map of the world.

The East is the epicenter of the war

Iran and Turkey will start an armed conflict. Many countries will be drawn into it. Russia will act as a peacekeeper. Her mission is to save humanity from World War III.

Nature versus man

Europe will suffer from a huge flood. Part of its territory will be hidden under water. The tsunami will cause enormous damage to India and the Philippines. The Russians will have to wage a desperate fight against fires. A powerful tornado will hit the American continent.
What predictors predict for Russia and the World (7 photos)Russia in the near future

Pavel Globa outlined the situation of our country with bright colors.

New world leader

  • The most striking event is the creation of the Eurasian Union, which will become a worthy counterweight to NATO. The unipolar world will be finished.
  • Economic and financial difficulties will not bypass Russia, but the country will emerge from trials with honor.
  • Russia’s success against the backdrop of the decline of previously prosperous countries seems incredible. Pavel Globa explains this phenomenon with natural resources, vast territories, and, most importantly, with the unique Russian mentality. In the future, the country will finally acquire a national idea. Rallying around it, the people will overcome all difficulties.

What will happen to Ukraine?

Most likely, Ukraine will fall apart. Its eastern part will join Russia. A new revolution is not ruled out, as a result of which politicians who are ready to restore relations with our country will come to power.

How to deal with predictions?

Not all prophecies come true, for many you can pick up different interpretations. But at the same time, one cannot ignore the surprising coincidences in the forecasts of three famous soothsayers:

  • The Middle East is the powder keg of modernity.
  • The US and Europe are entering a period of decline.
  • The role of the main player on the world stage is transferred to Russia.
  • The main natural disaster is flooding of territories.

Something has already been confirmed by reality. The global economic crisis is a fait accompli. We are all witnesses of the dramatic events in Syria. James Hansen, a world-famous scientist, declares the threat of flooding. He believes that in the future, the melting of the ice of the Arctic and Antarctica may begin; a significant part of the land will go under water. The reason is global warming, which is spoken about with concern all over the world.

What to do? Fall into pessimism and meekly wait for disasters? In no case! The same soothsayers give hope. According to Pavel Globa, 2017 will be much more successful for earthlings. The global crisis will end. The revival will begin. The main thing is to be patient. Vanga has repeatedly said that someday lies and violence will disappear from the face of the earth, there will be no wars, people will learn to appreciate and protect life.

Predictions give a chance to change the situation, save the planet from irreparable disasters. This applies to both heads of state and ordinary citizens. Wisdom will help to avoid war. Protective measures will reduce the risk of natural disasters. Ultimately, it depends on us whether the most ominous of the prophecies will come true or not.

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