Vanga’s prophecies: people will fall in the streets for no apparent reason, they will become seriously ill. What to expect next for Russia?

Everyone determines how much he believes in the future. But the future starts today. It is worth reading Vanga’s predictions today for you and me. Perhaps at least some definite conclusions will be drawn. What will happen next with Russia? It’s hard to say. Perhaps we will persevere and get out of the current situation …

After the death of the Bulgarian soothsayer, a chest was found with manuscripts that really belonged to her pen. This was later confirmed by the examination. Some of them are being brought to our time – the end of 2019-2020. For an unknown reason, Vanga ordered to hide these letters, written directly from her words, and not to open the box until a certain time. Looks like they came – who knows. But that box was opened… Certain predictions were found there, which turn out to be relevant.

“In 2019, a war will break out, where two great powers will meet in a fatal battle.”

The type of war was not specified. Like the type of weapon used in this war. As many experts now say, Vanga meant just a biological weapon that does not directly strike at the current time, but infects water, soil and air, and spreads the epidemic throughout the planet.

A natural disaster will break out, a huge volcano will explode on the territory of the United States and wipe half of the continent off the face of the Earth.

Everything really is. Unless the word “volcano” can mean the volcano of the epidemic. The United States is by far the most powerful distributor of it! Nature cleans itself and takes away everything old, sparing the young and children.

People will fall in the streets for no apparent reason, no apparent disease. Even those who have never been sick will become seriously ill.

It remains only to hope to believe and hope in God that this will not happen in our Russian reality. Although some experts are already talking about such prerequisites … But it is worth remembering that …

Nobody can stop Russia. She will sweep everything out of her way and not only survive, but also become the ruler of the world. Russia will once again become a great empire, above all an empire of the spirit!

Each of us, the inhabitants of this mighty and great power , remains to believe in these words – after all, other of them are already slowly coming true. They say a cure will be found soon! The main thing is to hope in God and try not to forget Him! And also to believe in the best, observing the recommended beliefs! After all, according to Jesus, according to our faith, let it be to us!

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