What Prophet Salman Salehigudarza predicted for Russia and the world in 2020

Last year, the NTV channel showed a report about the Iranian elder Salman Salehigudarza. This is a dervish, an ascetic living in a mountainous area in Iran. For many years he has been helping people with his wise advice and can look into the future thanks to his connection with the souls of deceased spiritual mentors. And it is he who is the teacher of the well-known psychic in Russia Mohsen Noruzi, a clairvoyant who won one of the “Battles of psychics”.

Let me remind you that last year Salman Salehigudarza predicted the growth of spirituality in Russia, the continued flow of refugees to Europe and its gradual impoverishment, volcanic eruptions and dishonest elections in Ukraine, in which Poroshenko will win…

As you can see, not all the predictions of the prophet came true. So, Zelensky won the election, not Poroshenko. In Europe, everything is relatively good so far. I don’t know how with the growth of spirituality – it’s hard to judge. But there were volcanic eruptions – Etna erupted in Sicily, the Raikoke volcano in the Kuriles, Popocatepetel in Mexico and the last major volcanic eruption was in the Philippines in January 2020 – the Taal volcano woke up.

Salman Salehigudarz was again interviewed. I want to note that he is not interested in politics, there is no TV in his house and, as far as I understand, he does not know the face of politicians either. He made predictions from photographs provided to him by correspondents.

Salman spoke of Trump as a person who wants to strengthen his power “geographically” by all means. He spoke of Macron as a very emotional person, whose emotions are higher than calculation. About Merkel said that she is very balanced, with a stable psyche and always achieves her goals.

Russia Salman Salehigudarza predicted jumps up and down in the economy for the next 2 years. After these two years, it turns out, in 2024, Russia will rise sharply and become the most powerful power in the world. All countries will want to be “friends” with Russia. There will be a noticeable increase in spirituality.

Again Salman Salehigudarza remembered volcanoes. Now he predicted a large number of eruptions for the next 5 years, especially in the East. So, according to him, the Earth will react to the hostilities taking place there. “Dust, everything will be covered with dust.” Apparently, the prophet meant ashes when he spoke about it. Yellowstone, the most dangerous volcano, will not erupt in the coming years – Salehigudarza is sure of this.

As for the new coronavirus, Salman said that this killer virus in China, similar to volcanic eruptions, was sent down as a punishment for humanity for rash and wrong actions.

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