Wolf Messing about 2021: “fatal year” for Russia and the arrival of the “Savior”, his predictions

The memory of Wolf Messing is still alive. His abilities were called phenomenal and considered one of the most mysterious people of the 20th century. He had a mystical image, not only ordinary people showed interest in him, but Messing’s entourage included politicians and leaders of countries. After himself, he left a number of prophecies, and the role of Russia in his prophecies is one of the most key in the world.

However, many prominent people who are considered to have the gift of foreseeing the future spoke about the role of Russia. Edgar Cayce, Vanga, Nostradamus, and dozens of other people believed in the great future of Russia, which should take the place of the leader of spiritual development in the world, leading other countries, changing the path of development of human civilization.

A year ago, some media published Messing’s predictions for 2020-2021 on the pages of their publications, but they practically went unnoticed. The reason was in the events that still affect the whole world – a virus that began to spread at lightning speed across the planet.

But 2021 promises to be even more eventful, according to Messing’s prophecy. He called these events in 2021 fatal for Russia. So what is their essence and can they be fulfilled?

Wolf Messing about 2021: "fatal year" for Russia and the arrival of the "Savior", his predictions

The “fatal 2021” year and the arrival of the “Savior”, according to Messing, should concern not only Russia, but also the rest of the world, which can split into parts due to a global conflict.

Messing’s words contained information about the beginning of the conflict, which, according to the mystic, should begin at the southern borders of the country, moving into an active phase and the beginning of difficult relations between countries.

Some interpreters of the prophecies name three possible places where these events supposedly could begin. Crimea is one of those places that worries the leaders of European countries that do not recognize joining Russia.

Another place could be Donbass – a territory that is part of Ukraine, but does not recognize the country’s leadership, wanting to be an autonomous territory, building its own line of political and economic relations with the rest of the world.

Nagorno-Karabakh is called the third supposed point, because of which the world can be drawn into a military conflict, but these are just versions that can remain so without being fulfilled in reality.

Most supporters of the version, which is that the Crimea belongs to Russia, because. Western countries are not ready to accept this given, trying to challenge the territorial integrity of Russia, although it would be better to keep an eye on their own affairs, including those related to demography, because Europe’s population is rapidly declining.

He called the approximate period of confrontation 5 years, and warned that such pressure could provoke a series of crisis phenomena in the economy, which, in turn, would lead to a drop in the incomes of Russians. He was convinced that the country would be able to get out of a difficult situation, but not before 2025.

Wolf Messing about 2021: "fatal year" for Russia and the arrival of the "Savior", his predictions

Messing’s words about an unusual illness among the population, which will precede fatal events for the world, are also interesting for study. Thus, it turns out that Messing could have known about the virus, which began its march around the world from the Chinese city of Wuhan, but how?

Moreover, in the words of Messing about a difficult 2021, a certain mysterious person appeared, whom he called the “savior”. He should appear at the end of this year, leading the fight against the new world order that has come, but this prophecy is also criticized by skeptics who do not believe in such forecasts.

Allegedly, this person will be able to convince the world community that the path of peace is much better than a dangerous arms race and the threat of nuclear war. Russia’s new political course will receive such unprecedented support that other countries will want to join a coalition with it of their own free will. Also, the “savior” will introduce fairer laws and regulations.

It makes no sense to guess about the possibility of Messing to predict the true events for Russia and the world in 2021. Next year we will surely find out the role of Wolf Messing’s words for the world, but if there are no other problems for humanity and there will be time to analyze all the prophecies that exist for this year.

And recently I talked about the prediction of an Indian boy about events for the world in 2021. What does the 14-year-old teenager, who began to be called almost a prophet, predict?

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