Predictions for the future of Europe Russia Ukraine and America until 2020

What will happen in the future? What will happen to the world, to my country, to my family and to me? What do the coming years have in store for us, what shocks can we expect and what should we prepare for?

Many questions of this kind trouble the minds and hearts of people living today. How to look into the future? And is it necessary? How to do it?

The most true and proven way is the analysis of prophecies and predictions. A prophecy is a message or group of messages containing information believed to have come from revelation or special inspiration, and usually contains a prediction of future events. Most often, prophecy refers to statements that are mentioned by prophets who are clairvoyant until the moment of the event. Unlike futuristic forecasts, which predict the future using logic, analysis of events and facts, and conclusions based on scientific methods, prophecies are associated mainly with supernatural revelations and abilities. You can be arbitrarily skeptical about predictions, but you cannot deny the fact that they come true.

Unlike false prophets and false soothsayers who use the gullibility of the townsfolk for profit, there are real, without any falsehood, prophets and soothsayers. History weeds out falsehood, highlighting real prophets and soothsayers. A prophet and soothsayer – in a general sense – is a person supposedly in contact with supernatural or divine forces, and serving as an intermediary between them and humanity, the herald of supernatural will (prophecy). Prophetic claims are found in many religious cultures. It is the visions and revelations that come “from above” that become the source of predictions and prophecies about the future. History and the natural course of events provide confirmation of the reliability of predictions, turning them into indisputable facts.

You can prove this statement with a simple example of Vanga’s prophecies.


“Fear, fear! American brothers will fall, pecked by iron birds. The wolves will howl from the bush, and innocent blood will spill like a river” (1989).

RESULT  It came true. In September 2001, the skyscrapers of the World Trade Center collapsed after a terrorist air attack on the United States.

INTERPRETATION   The collapsed skyscrapers were called “twins” or “brothers”. Planes crashed into them – “iron birds” – terrorists. But what’s with the bush? And despite the fact that in English he sounds like Bush. That is, the trouble dates back to the time of his presidency.

Such facts indicate that there were, are and will be extraordinary people, those whom the higher mind makes with its own mouth. And the revelations received by such people are nothing but a desire “from above” to convey to humanity a warning about what awaits them.

Michel Nostradamus is considered the most “authoritative” predictor . History has repeatedly confirmed the validity of his quatrains. Take, for example, a quatrain about the German conqueror and the world war. Nostradamus even gave a close surname. Prophecy: “Somewhere in Western Europe a child will be born into a family of poor people. He will captivate many with his speeches, and his fame will reach the eastern lands. Ferocious hungry beasts will cross the rivers, and most of the world will fight against the Hister” (Hitler).

Be that as it may, each person has the right to decide whether to believe him in the predictions of the great astrologer or not. In the future, everything will fall into place and the overall picture will become clear. According to Nostradamus, in the near future a freak (ugly baby) should be born. This will be a sign of the onset of dark days for all mankind. The beginning of darkness will come from the East. People in turbans will unleash a brutal war. Nostradamus wrote about the military conflict between two Arab countries. Rivers of blood will flow. Other states will not be able to stand aside and will also take part in the bloodshed. Subsequently, two worlds will clash in a deadly battle – Christian and Muslim. During the war, terrible weapons of mass destruction will be used. The weapon will be chemical. As a result, many peoples will massively migrate to the north. In addition to human cruelty and bloodlust, the people will also suffer from natural disasters. By the beginning of 2017, streams of water will be released to the ground. The rains will be so strong that for several months, without a break, the countries of Europe will be flooded. Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Great Britain will lose part of their territories – they will simply disappear under water. Judging by the quatrains of Nostradamus, the continents will almost completely empty, and the once prosperous cities will turn into ruins. And for some time Europe will be empty. Judging by the quatrains of Nostradamus, the continents will almost completely empty, and the once prosperous cities will turn into ruins. And for some time Europe will be empty. Judging by the quatrains of Nostradamus, the continents will almost completely empty, and the once prosperous cities will turn into ruins. And for some time Europe will be empty.

Prophecies and Predictions Shaping America’s Destiny 2016, 2017

The Bulgarian soothsayer spoke about America not only in relation to the September 11 attacks. There were also predictions in her words that a black President would be the last in US history. After it, the country will break up into many separate independent territories. We can observe something similar now. The election of Donald Trump as President split the country into states – supporters of Clinton and Trump. How this confrontation will end is unknown. But the riots are already hinting at a possible development of events in accordance with Vanga’s prophecies.

Edgar Cayce, the famous American mystic, spoke of a series of cataclysms that would shake the western part of the continent and bring many disasters and misfortunes.

Prophecies and predictions that determine the fate of Ukraine 2016, 2017

As for Ukraine, as a representative of the Slavic people, Vanga spoke with particular warmth about the Ukrainian people. Many of the fortuneteller’s statements about Ukraine come down to one statement: “Ukrainian people will be able and will live well, but only after long difficulties.” Or such a statement by Vanga, recorded by her au pair, as: “A country united at first will fall apart and brother will go against brother. But happiness will come in a new connection “

Prophecies and predictions that determine the fate of Russia 2017

Blessed is he who reads, and those who hear the words of prophecy, and keep what is written in it; for the time is at hand (Revelation 1:3)

The Monk Seraphim of Vyritsky, ranked among the saints, expounded his prophecies regarding the Russian state in poetic form.

A thunderstorm will pass over the Russian Land.

The Lord will forgive the Russian people their sins

And the Cross with Holy Divine Beauty

On God’s Temples will shine again.

Abodes will be opened again everywhere

And Faith in God will unite everyone

And the bell ringing of all our Holy Russia

From sinful sleep to salvation will awaken.

Dangerous hardships subside

Russia will defeat its enemies.

And the name of the Russian, Great People

Like thunder throughout the universe will rumble!

John of Kronstadt in 1908 said:

I foresee the resurrection of a powerful Russia, even stronger and more powerful. On the bones of the Martyrs, as on a strong foundation, a new Russia will be erected – according to the old model; strong in your Faith in Christ God and in the Holy Trinity! And it will be according to the testament of the Holy Prince Vladimir – as a single Church! The Russian people have ceased to understand what Russia is: it is the foot of the Throne of the Lord! A Russian person should understand this and thank God for being RUSSIAN!

Nostradamus predicted for Russia that it would suffer less from natural disasters. There will be a redistribution of spheres of influence and Russia will take its place among the great powers. Russia’s role in world politics will be reduced to the noble mission of a peacemaker. Nostradamus speaks about the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, under the sign of which Russia exists, about which the biblical books say “The Kingdom of God on Earth”.

Nostradamus gives the key: the prerequisites for the onset of the Golden Age, which will ripen exactly 33 years – the time between the birth of Christ and the Resurrection.

The prerequisites for the Golden Age emerged in Russia at the turn of 2002 and 2003. They will ripen exactly 33 years – the age of Christ), and finally the Golden Age in Russia will come in 2035.

Like no one else, Vanga talked a lot about Russia . “A new man under the sign of the New Teaching will appear in Russia, and he will rule Russia all his life … The new teaching will come from Russia – this is the most ancient and most true teaching – will spread throughout the world and the day will come when all religions in the world will disappear and be replaced this is the new philosophical teaching of the Fiery Bible.

And here are the words of St. Seraphim of Vyritsky, which can be reduced to the fact that our vast territories to the east of the Urals will become the object of the desires of states and peoples “who are cramped and hungry.” By all means, their forces will be directed to the development of these spaces of Siberia and the Far East.

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