What will happen to Russia in 7 years? Vanga’s predictions, in the interpretation of an astrologer

.. the other day I wrote several articles about a recent (according to astrological standards , important and rare ) event, namely the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in CAPRICORN. links to the first and second part at the end. Clearly realizing that he did not fully reveal the essence of this phenomenon , he began to write another article … … at that moment on TV, they showed a talk show about WANGI’s predictions. My attention automatically switched, Vanga’s words were: about Ukraine and Russia, about the Rabbit, Gunpowder, Darkness (Tim – as the translator specified) and the Earth, the year 2027 was also clearly and repeatedly named.

According to Vanga, in 2027 there will be a unification of Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia and even Greece!?

I draw my conclusion and together with you I will try to figure out whether it is possible that the situation will develop as Vanga said? From the moment of today’s conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, 7 years will pass, which is 1/4 of the full cycle for Saturn. By 2027, Pluto will already pass into the sign of Russia – Aquarius, in addition, 14 years will pass from the moment Crimea joins Russia , which again can be considered 1/2 of the full cycle of the same Saturn. Why the cycles of Saturn are so important for Russia can be understood through a simple example: 1654 – the union of Ukraine and Russia, after 360 years (i.e. 30 – full cycles of Saturn) Crimea was annexed to Russia in 2014(mathematics 1654+360 = 2014). Given that Saturn (like Uranus) are the patrons of the sign AQUARIUS (Russia). You can say out loud that there will be reasons for the expansion of the Russian Empire in 2027 ! Further in 2027, Jupiter will be in VIRGO (who does not know Jupiter – giving (giving) and expanding opportunities) planet, in November 2027 OH – Jupiter, will bless today’s conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. It is difficult, as I can explain – … something comes from the past, something from the future …

What will happen to Russia in 7 years? Vanga's predictions, in the interpretation of an astrologer

I think WANGI’s predictions will come true ! (author’s version). As a person who knows astrology, I will say: it is in 2027 that between Uranus and Saturn (read Russia and Future Russia) there will be a “subtle and sensitive aspect” – 51.25 ‘°, which will primarily affect the Partner. … well, not to annex Australia to itself!?) ), RUSSIA will think (act, decide, act, etc.) approximately like this.

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