Seer Anton Johanson predicted World War III in July-August (6 photos)

The famous Finnish seer, Anton Johansson, was born in the 19th century. During his life, he managed to predict many significant events for the whole world. It is noteworthy that all his prophecies came true. The only exceptions are a few that can become a reality this month.

First visions

Seer Anton Johanson predicted World War III in July-August (6 photos)

The soothsayer himself learned about his gift as a child. Anton’s first significant vision was a terrible dream: he had a dream about how his brothers drowned and remained at the bottom 40 km from home. He told his father about what happened, but in response he received only ridicule and a refusal to take everything seriously.

However, after a while, I had to remember about a terrible dream – Anton’s brothers went fishing, a strong storm began on the street, and they did not return. They were found already drowned in the very place that the young soothsayer had dreamed about earlier.

Fulfilled predictions

Despite the fear, Anton failed to get rid of his gift. Periodically, he heard strange voices or saw pictures in front of him, as if moving to another place. All of them eventually came true, and with amazing accuracy.

Johanson predicted several natural disasters and catastrophes:

  • the eruption of Mont Pelee (1902);
  • the San Francisco earthquake (1906);
  • the crash of the Titanic (1912);
  • volcanic eruption of Vesuvius (1944).

Anton was especially noted in his predictions about the First World War. In 1913, he warned the people that in a year a war would begin that would end in the defeat of Germany. In response, he was simply ridiculed, but after a few months they realized how much they were mistaken. The predictor even managed to tell about several major battles.

Johanson died in 1928, a little before the start of World War II, which he also warned people about. Moreover, he even managed to predict the death of Stalin, the formation of Israel and a number of other slightly less significant events.

World War III predictions

Seer Anton Johanson predicted World War III in July-August (6 photos)
The defense budget is growing in many countries every year.

Anton Johanson spoke about three global wars. The last of them should become the most severe and bring the most terrible consequences for the whole world. According to him, it should start in July or August. It is noteworthy that the predictor did not name the exact year when all this would happen.

At the start of the Third World War, all events will develop extremely rapidly. The first year will be accompanied by terrible cataclysms. In the spring or autumn, a strong hurricane is sure to pass, destroying North America. In parallel, a powerful volcano will begin to erupt, which will further complicate the situation.

During World War III, the balance of power will change. Russia will annex new territories that previously belonged to Turkey and Iran, and will also demonstrate true strength, rising above all of Europe. China will completely occupy the territory of India and expand.

The United States will not directly participate in hostilities and may even refuse to provide any assistance to European countries. Moreover, a civil war will begin on their territory, as a result of which the country will break up into 5 different states with their own special foundations.

Will it become reality

Johanson gave amazingly accurate predictions that always came true. Of course, any seer can be wrong. However, there is no doubt that at least part of what has been said should become a reality.

If you look closely, some are already beginning to come true. It is enough to pay attention to what is happening in the United States – there are very few left before real clashes and the collapse of the state.

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