Predictions for 2020 for Russia and the world from Vera Lyon

Vera Leon made several predictions for 2020. We have combined them into one article, which we propose to read.

I would like to note that all the information is noticeably different from the predictions given by other clairvoyants and psychics.

For the whole world

From the beginning of the year, events around the world will develop rapidly, however, something that Vera Lyon cannot yet say will slow down the development of the processes that have begun. Most likely, the obstacle will arise in the second half of 2020 and it seems that it will not be possible to cope with it.

The clairvoyant saw the upcoming large-scale military conflict that will take place in a country where there are deserts. But no specific location was named.

For Russia

The year promises to be fertile, as it will be rich in rains. The ratio of land and ocean will noticeably change, water will advance.

Perhaps the emergence of a new type of weapon, which will not have analogues in the whole world.

The clairvoyant also announced that Russia may be on the verge of a real military conflict, but it will not come to the war itself. Where exactly the danger will come from, Lyon did not specify.

As for Crimea, there should be no critical situations around it.

Despite the predictions, our task is to create a healthy society and strive to do everything possible for a comfortable life. Although if we take into account the government, then the common people are beyond their powers.

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