A new clue to Vanga’s prophecy about Russia and Germany has been published

Unless the lazy one has heard of the clairvoyant and healer Vangelia from Bulgaria. In the common people she was called Vanga. Many of the woman’s predictions have not been solved so far.

There are many groups on the network that have united people from all over our planet with only one goal: to study and analyze the messages left by Vanga to descendants. In such a community, the great woman’s vision of the German Republic has recently been deciphered. We are talking about the following prediction: “The bird will fold its wings, the German will cut it into pieces, Russian blood will spill like a stream.”

Many researchers attributed these words of a woman to echoes of the past, supposedly Vanga saw the events of bygone years: World War II and the many millions of deaths of Soviet soldiers in battles with fascist invaders.

The fact that the speech of the prophetess still concerns not the past, but the future has become clear only now. Vanga’s words are more symbolic than it might seem at first glance. It is quite possible that the woman was talking about the so-called Nord Stream, and called Russian blood the gas that will be supplied via the North European Gas Pipeline from Russia to Germany.

In addition, some experts agree that the phrase “cut into pieces” in the prediction may well be associated with the name of the Chancellor of the German Republic, Gerhard Schroeder. After all, his last name is completely consonant with the name of office equipment for the destruction and crushing of sheets of paper.

It is still not clear what the clairvoyant wanted to convey to us, speaking of a bird that should fold its wings.

It is known for certain that none of Vanga’s predictions was documented, so believing in them or not is everyone’s personal choice. Despite the fact that the seer died many years ago, the controversy surrounding her name has not subsided to this day. The woman’s identity is shrouded in mystery. Many believe her predictions and try to decipher the unsolved prophecies. They believe that it was Vanga who foresaw the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the death of Joseph Stalin. Others call all this fiction, and the clairvoyant herself is only a commercial project, which was aimed at developing tourism in an unpopular direction at that time. In any case, it is known that many of the woman’s predictions were never destined to come true.

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