Biblical Scripture about World War III. Nostradamus’ prediction

Experts say that the prophecy refers to the beginning of a third world war. The apocalypse will happen in the near future, it will lead to the death of every third person.

In Holy Scripture, John the Theologian prophesies the cause of the third world war. This is a conflict between Russia. China and the USA. (

The beginning of the conflict will be the unification of China and Russia. Beijing will stand on the same side with Russia and will support Moscow. This will not please the leader of the United States. The war will begin. Every third earthling will perish, prophesies in Holy Scripture, John the Theologian.

Nostradamus, a French pharmacist and alchemist, famous for his prophecies predicted that the third world war would begin in 2019 and last 27 years. Two powerful forces will unleash a war, this war will last more than a quarter of a century. There will also be severe floods in Europe, and a powerful earthquake will occur on the American-Canadian border.

Nostradamus also said that in 2019 people will come to an agreement on measures to combat climate change.

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