Prophecies of Gordon-Michael Scallion

Gordon-Michael Scallion, like Edgar Cayce, the famous American seer. Only, unlike Casey, Scallion is not as famous outside the US. Although in his homeland, especially some time ago, Scallion was very popular. He wrote several books about the future of the Earth, and also made maps of our planet.

Scallion worked as an electronics engineer. In 1979, an accident happened to him, and he temporarily lost his voice. After that, a miraculous phenomenon happened to him in the hospital. The chamber was suddenly filled with fog, strange symbols similar to hieroglyphs, various formulas and hologram pictures began to appear from the fog. These pictures showed our planet, the continents on them moved and changed places with the oceans.

The Seer saw numerous pictures of the destruction that took place in different cities of America. Then an aircraft appeared in the sky, and Scallion heard a voice that said that at the moment he was traveling in time.

Then the voice disappeared, the paintings disappeared, and the voice returned to the engineer. Scallion consulted with psychiatrists, but they did not reveal any violations.

After some time, such visions resumed, and he decided to tell other people about them. It is difficult to say what exactly motivated Scallion, whether he wanted to warn humanity, or simply decided to gain popularity.

All visions about natural disasters that the seer visited can be divided into 3 parts. In the brightest of them, the prophet saw what would happen to the planet in the very near future. For example, Scallion predicts an earthquake that will happen in the near future in California. Due to the movement of the plates, as well as due to the convergence of the Moon’s orbit with the Earth’s orbit, low-frequency radiation will appear, which will adversely affect human health.

According to Scallion, changes on the planet will be critical for vast areas. So, according to him, the northern part of Europe will almost completely go under water.

In general, according to the prophet, serious changes will occur on almost all continents. It remains only to wait and hope that Scallion was mistaken and nothing like this will happen in the coming years.

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